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#1 Tue 16th Jun 2015 03:40 pm

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Where is mind in nature?

This is not new and I hope has no been posted already. … ign=buffer

All Searching for the Mind posts describe intelligent behavior in nature that is difficult to explain using theories that only allow for random interactions between molecules—that is, without mind. Intelligent behavior in nature can be observed in, at least, 6 orders of magnitude from the size of a human being down to the size of cells, and an unknown number of orders of magnitude larger if we include interactions with other people and society (the entire earth would be 7 more orders of magnitude). Many different posts demonstrate recent scientific findings that implicate mind interacting with matter in the human brain, in animals, plants and cells—both microbes and human cells. Viruses, which are basically only a strand of DNA or RNA, also demonstrate complex intelligent behavior. Critical questions include where is mind in nature and what form could it take?

Most of the data for posts were discovered in the months before they were written. The vast complexity of molecular and cellular behavior is just now being uncovered. As a result, generation old dogmas, which currently dominate science, are rapidly being undermined and a new paradigm is needed. The notion that random molecular movement and “emergence” from this can explain subjective experience is a bankrupt theory. The word “emergence” is used when the mechanism is not understood.

This post will break with the website format of only referring to scientific data. It will first summarize important discoveries that infer mind interacts with matter and then offer a speculation about a possible mechanism. 

This is just the introduction.  The rest of the article is at the link.

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Re: Where is mind in nature?

Hi Val - so happy to see your name on here. Love this topic. We "humans" are really a zillion different living organisms all engaged in "life". It just keeps on getting more remarkable the more we understand.
Lucy - On the Purpose of Life 1

A short clip from motion picture Lucy starring Scarlett Johansson. In it her character with Morgan Freeman's discuss the purpose of life. The clip is part of series of clips from the film used in the blog entry "Counting Lessons with Lucy" ( which discusses concepts put forward in the film in relation to a the poem by Janet Martin called 'Counting Lessons'

Clipped by This Way South (

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