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#1 Sat 14th Mar 2015 06:56 pm

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

James A Keating

I meant to put a link up to this guy's site ages ago, in tribute as much as anything, because it was while reading this page I found a link to a Montalk article and from there discovered Noble Realms - which of course eventually led to this forum. Despite initial appearances, the guy isn't just some knife nut and instead appears to be well versed in fringe issues, etc., and he uses this page to post links to anything from conspiracy info, paranormal 'goings on,' aliens, evidence of prehistoric cultures - pretty much anything alternative, fringe, off the beaten track, etc. I've found some pretty cool info on there over the years and if you can see past the martial arts stuff (if it's not your thing) then there are sometimes gems to be found.

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



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