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#1 Sat 9th Nov 2013 11:44 am

From: San Simon, AZ
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Fukushima, the worst is yet to come (hoping not)

Yep, it's a really awful and terrifying situation, no matter who or what caused it. … ls/5357344

Check out John Hutchison's work involving frequencies to eliminate radiation.
Quote by his wife:

As some of you know, John Hutchison has been working with Life Ray (a nonprofit) on the southern coast of Oregon. He previously worked on the Star Wars program under president Reagan. Now, he has created a type of frequency shield that intercepts airborne radioactive contamination, and the frequencies work on the subatomic level to quickly "bring the
radio isotope to rest". Rest means that it is no longer active, no longer radioactive.

We have repeatedly posted proof on the internet , that this technology works. As well, as radiation levels skyrocket in the USA, we remain here, on the southern coast of Oregon, at 8 to 10 CPM (alpha, beta and gamma)

For the last couple months, there has been a small team of dedicated people working towards creating a "virtual lab" inside a computer. By using a computer and some simple components they developed, they are close to GIVING this technology to EVERYONE in the world.

We decided to POST ON THE INTERNET all of the work that has been done towards this goal.

YOU are invited to SEE and READ what is happening with this work.


some videos:

Carla is John  big_smile :



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