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#21 Sun 18th Nov 2012 02:48 am

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Re: Through a Dog's Eyes

hjarta SW hjarta

The Problem with God: The Tale of a Twisted Confession … confession

Considered snipping some o' the godz stuff to the P D Thread, but You kept minding to pop that Quiff.

The oft seen Icke, PKD, NR -------><------- ND, etc.
will not be ReScene here, nor band aids, nor smoke blown
in the direction of ones hiney.

But this from Transducer Will(Will)

The Top 10 things about time and space, that most people seem to forget

10. You chose to be here and you knew what you were doing.
9. There are no "tests" and you're not being judged.
8. Everyone's doing their best, with what they know.
7. You already have whatever you're looking for.
6. You are of the Divine, pure God, and so is everyone else.
5. Religion needs spirituality; spirituality does not need religion.
4. You're naturally inclined to succeed - at everything you do.
3. You happen to life, life does not happen to you.
2. Order, healing, and love belie every moment of chaos, pain, and fear.
1. Following your heart is the best way to help others.

The truth shall set you free
The Universe

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#22 Mon 19th Nov 2012 09:07 pm

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Re: Through a Dog's Eyes

The truth shall set you free. Thank you again SA. I especially like 9. There are no "tests" and you're not being judged. We are all our own harshest critics are we not?

Meaning of the Hermit
A robed man or monk carrying a lantern, sometimes in hand, sometimes hanging off a staff. A barren landscape.
Basic Tarot Story

After a long and busy lifetime, building, creating, loving, hating, fighting, compromising, failing, succeeding, the Fool feels a profound need to retreat. In a small, rustic home deep in the woods, he hides, reading, cleaning, organizing, resting or just thinking. But every night at dusk he heads out, traveling across the bare, autumnal landscape. He carries only a staff and a lantern.

It is during these restless walks from dusk till dawn, peering at and examining whatever takes his fancy, that he sees things he's missed during his lifetime. His lantern illuminates animals and insects that only come out at night, flowers and plants that only bloom by moon or star light.

As these secret corners of the world are illuminated and explored by him, he feels that he is also illuminating hidden areas of his mind. In a way, he has become the Fool again. As in the beginning, he goes wherever inspiration leads him. Back then, however, his staff rested on his shoulder, carrying unseen his pack. The Fool was like the pack: wrapped up, unknown. The Hermit's staff leans out before him now, not behind. And it carries a lantern, not a pack. The Hermit is like the lantern, illuminated from within by all he is, capable of penetrating the darkness.

She’s embodying both Death (butterflies of transformation) and The Hermit and taking her inner child along on the labyrinth path to heart healing. Watch the video and you’ll know what I mean.

Four stages of initiation into self-love are clearly present in this video:

    Change – Divine forces strike (The Tower) and the building (illusion) begins to crumble
    Trial by Fear – Facing the Minotaur-like monsters that dwell in the labyrinth (The Devil) = Facing one’s deepest fear. In this case it is the fear that the self is somehow not enough and that she needs another to complete her
    Integrating the Lesson – Shining the Hermit’s lantern to find the way out and looking to the past (Katy as a child) to understand how she ended up there in the first place
    Awakening (Judgment/Pluto) – Smashing the illusion (the Knight in Shining Armor) and releasing the butterflies of rebirth  (Death/Scorpio)

The fifth stage – Service – is evident in how Katy Perry inspires others to push through their fears through her art. … r_embedded

HOPE is the thing with feathers   
That perches in the soul,   
And sings the tune without the words,   
And never stops at all        Emily Dickinson



#23 Tue 18th Dec 2012 10:00 am

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Re: Through a Dog's Eyes … ories.html

Dogs Make Sandy Hook Students Smile

Some much-needed smiles were brought to the children of Newtown, Conn., by way of seven dogs especially trained to comfort survivors in the wake of a disaster.

Seeing the dogs led to some of the town's children smiling for the first time since Friday's murderous rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School, said Tim Hetzner of the Lutheran Church Charities

The dogs, mostly golden retrievers, "bring some relief" to children, and put "a smile on their face, kind of like a teddy bear, but a live one," Hetzner told ABC News.

Hetzner, who has taken dogs to New York and New Jersey after superstorm Sandy hit in October and to Joplin, Mo., following a devastating tornado, said the animals are "like a counselor" meting out "trusting unconditional love."

Hetzner says his organization begins training dogs as puppies when they are about five and half weeks old. It takes a year to train the dogs, making them calm enough to work with the public in post-disaster situations.

Some of the dogs were stationed outside an interfaith memorial service on Sunday night, at which President Obama spoke, eulogizing the 20 children and seven adults killed in a massacre executed by Adam Lanza, 20 last Friday.

According to the Lutheran Church Charities website the seven dogs in Newtown are: Abbie, Chewie, Luther, Ruthie, Barnabas, Hannah and Portage. Each of the dog's has its own Facebook page. … 48400.html

Text of Eulogy for 6-year-old Newtown victim

This is so beautiful! I know that my animal loves are in heaven helping these babies. My heart goes out to these families.

You were a little boy whose life force had all the gravitational pull of a celestial body. You were light and love, mischief and pranks. You adored your family with every fiber of your 6-year-old being. We are all of us elevated in our humanity by having known you. A little maverick, who didn't always want to do his schoolwork or clean up his toys, when practicing his ninja moves or Super Mario on the Wii seemed far more important.

HOPE is the thing with feathers   
That perches in the soul,   
And sings the tune without the words,   
And never stops at all        Emily Dickinson



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