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#1 Sat 15th Dec 2012 10:55 am

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And a child was born........

I am sure that all have heard of the horrendous tragedy here in the US of the school shooting. A child was so full of pain that he killed himself after killing his mother and 26 other innocent souls. The horror and pain is reverberating around the world. And the angels weep................

Most of us knew that this year would be hard, but I for one had no inkling that it would be this hard, I seem to weep endlessly. My heart is raw from all the sadness and misery. And then I remember..... Away in a manger, a child is born. And now I understand why so many noble animals offer their lives to bring comfort to us.

That child is our hearts. And it hurts to be born. May we all find comfort with each other and not be afraid to offer our hands and our hearts to each other. Please offer your love at no cost to everyone you meet today. We can all make a difference.

Love to all and may we all understand what is really important in this life and may it be born in this world.

Nativity by children helped by LoveLightRomania, who had no sanitation, education or hope. …

Published on Dec 15, 2012

This Nativity film represents the potential in children who live a feral life. In September 2010, a project was launched by Love Light Romania, to give one of these communities hope for the future. The children from Jacodu Children's Project were forgotten, not entitled to basic rights and had no hope.

They themselves prove, that with support, they can have a better life. The amazing progress they have made in that short time, shows the success, with dedication and commitment, we can help them make of their lives. The participants of this film are very proud to share, through The Nativity Story, how with support they are enjoying a new life.

Projects understanding the feral way of life in poor family communities in Romania and asking why? .....instead of judgement, alongside education, will help the children to survive in a more productive community. Where they have life opportunities their parents have not had and cycles of poverty will be broken.

The feral children in Romania today, if not discriminated against, but accepted and encouraged, can rise from the ashes of poverty and leave a legacy of prosperity.

To find out more about the Jacodu Children's Project and how you can help please contact

And a little child shall lead them: … 06012.html

Two young sisters from Texas are leading a movement to change the world -- and not in the figurative sense.

If you put them together, Isabelle and Katherine Adams wouldn't be old enough to drive a car. Yet these girls have managed, in the last 13 months, to reach across the oceans and make life immeasurably better for villagers they've never met, in lands far, far away from their own home in Dallas.

"This entire project has been orchestrated, I think, divinely," Mrs. Adams says. "The most incredible things have happened. Every day when they're leaving the house, I'm like 'something amazing is going to happen today,' and it does. I just feel like every day the whole universe is conspiring to help us -- that God's hand is just in all of this."

HOPE is the thing with feathers   
That perches in the soul,   
And sings the tune without the words,   
And never stops at all        Emily Dickinson



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