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I felt it very important to bring this here right now Lorae.
I will send You a pm (I think I can still connect by email with You as I did when I was at ECETI)...

Simon is exposing some tremendous experiences and insights...unique and brave and timely in what He is doing at Avalon. Some of His direct experiences relate to Your experiences, imho. He is revealing some very hidden material... People are coming forward with Personal questions and speaking out...after His exposure of His experiences on the thread.

You have to be a member to read His is well worth it, imho...for anyone here at ND that is interested. … zQTqGOlcWc
Simon Parkes about Mantis Aliens, Reptiles and other aliens. … er-aliens.

Quote Posted by angelahedgehog (here)
    This is an absolutely brilliant post. I am not surprised by it, yet I've learned a lot of new stuff too.

    I have a couple of questions but first would like to give a bit of my background, I feel like I may have been contacted at points in my past (this lifetime) but before I ventured down this line of knowledge, I only had a couple of recollections - waking up with raised bumps in a geometric pattern on my back - I showed my hubby and he can confirm it, I've had dreams that felt too vivid and I had a crop circle shape on a window that was visible when there was condensation present - I took photos. So far I have shied away from this topic despite being avidly interested in the alternate media (understanding both sides gives you a better perspective on the game) ... But here I am now.

    So my questions are:
    1. How long ago was the embargo lifted? Does it matter?
    2. Is this whole paradigm with all the the ETSs outside of time and space doing what they do, affecting the events we experience in the 3D world we wake up to every day while we're alive?
    3. Is it like a great big role playing game - something like Risk or world of warcraft - using live bodies they can pull out of the game from time to time to make a system tweak here and there before returning the pawn, elf, bishop or rook to operating back in the real time world?
    4. The story of Genesis ... Adam, eve and the sergeant is this an allegory for DNA engineering? If so who is Adam, who is eve and does the serpent represent all reptilians?

    I have more, but they seem far too off the wall to ask. And I've have a chopper fly over my house twice today. I'm really not that threatening I know, it's probably just their flight path.

    Thank you for being so accessible in answering this information, I did wonder what your "mum" and "dad" thought about it. The story about your birth mum really touched me.


Simon Parkes about Mantis Aliens, Reptiles and other aliens.

    Hi Angela,
    Be brave. Who can say what is " off the wall" ?
    1) less than 1 year ago.
    2) they come into humans time and space in order to have influence, so yes.
    3) Yes except it aint no game to them, its a very serious situation that is being played out, but yes you have got a good handel on it.
    4) No. However genitics were altered and changed, the bible is quite close to what I have experienced. The Adam was the first viable male human, there after all males were called Adam, or the sons of Adam. The Eve was the first viable human female, there after all females were called the daughter or daughters of Eve. The serpant repsents the draconis reptilians but on youtube videos ( ancient aliens) they use the symbol to mean all reptilians. Humans in power on the earth took the symbol of the snake around the pole as a medical sign to remember the alteration of humans during medical experiments.
    My "mum" and "dad" will just have to live with it - they have tollerated me for 53 years, and when this body of mine dies and my soul goes into another human male body I will make friends with them all over again.
    All the best,
    Simon. … post591601

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