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Journal written while downloading the Isha Book

Grandpa Joseph:  I am here, and I am trying to listen.  Please speak to me.1

Hello little one!  (Not so little now, but that is how I do remember thee.)  I am gathering my notes, so to speak.  Where do you want to begin?

The words we speak

Ah, as you were studying this morning.2  Excellent!

First, a question:  Does it matter that the words are in English?

Sometimes not, where meaning is all that is required, but, in other cases, a certain euphony is necessary, in which case, one must use the original language.

How about the Lord's Prayer?

Better in Hebrew, but your translation isn't too hot.  Keep looking.  However, in most cases, English is fine.  To bring about manifestation of one of us, the original words are more efficacious.

I do so want to see you, here, now.

We know.  Application is the key.  We have given you hints already.

Should I get involved with this Hurtok?  He's awfully expensive.

If you can learn with no money, good.  If not, not so good.  You say so yourself.


Are we ready for the words of the Master?

Are you?
Probably not.  I never am, but let's try anyway.

The Words We Speak

First, we must understand that the gift of language is holy, a sacred ability given to us by our Father.
Because such an ability comes from Him, we should know that our words do, indeed carry mighty power, the power of creation.

Think of the joy we bring our Father when we call His Name and speak to Him.  Compare this to the happiness a parent feels when the baby child first calls "dada" or "mama."  A recognition, a bond, happens at that time, and there is great joy.

So, call to your Father, and know Him as your own, as He knows you as His child.  Call to your Heavenly Mother, and recognize that She is here about thee as the world that nurtures thee.  Call them!  Recognize them, and create Joy!

There are others, whom you know of as Elohim, Masters and Angels.  Call them!  Recognize them.  And bring great joy to our hearts.

With application and practice, even from the mindless repetition of a prayer or mantra, the bond will be strengthened between us.

Know that the time is coming when men and angels will sing as one.  Many times, we and the angels do sing with thee now.

Your voice is a marvelous instrument of power, a direct link from your mind and soul to the universe.  Because you are children of God, you, also, create worlds with your voice.  Be aware of who your are!
The use of voice can, indeed, create your world about you.  Be aware!  Know thy power!  Call upon the Father to co-create with you, using His infinite knowing and love.

Know that many of the old masters used the voice to powerful effect.  So may you also, as a co-creator with God.  Greater miracles than of Moshe and Elihu will be yours.  Know this.

We will close with these words of love and power:


Gramps--you decide the next subject.  I'll try to be here at this time tomorrow.

Can you be awake that early?

For you, you bet!

I love you and miss you.

Let us begin:

Light contains information.  Light is created from the WORD.  Light is energy.  Light and matter come from the HOLY WORD.

Light is composed of color, and color is composed of sound.  All begins with the creative WORD.  When you sing, you create color and light in the other world, which is manifested in this world as all that is.
Your voice comes back to you as your life and experiences.  These, in turn, influence your thoughts, which form your voice sounds, which create color and light, which is expressed in this world as all that is.
The use of breath, imagination, desire and will, expressed in the outbreath, creates all.  This outbreath, when combined with conscious thought desiring expression (voice) is more powerfully creative than breath alone.

When your thoughts are attuned to the higher glories, your outbreath is combined with ours, and is even more powerful still.  Thus, prayers sung in that state of mind do create a vortex of radiance about that physical location which lingers for tens of thousands of years.3

With conscious desire and consistent application, your very life can create a radiance upon this Earth which will not soon be forgotten.

The Earth is the embodiment of your Heavenly Mother.  As you create a radiance of love from the Father by living your very lives in a state of conscious grace, you are a bridge from the Father to the Mother, a trinity:  A trinity created by your very desire that it be so.

Sing!  Sing with the angelic choir, as they sing every day and moment of your lives, uplifting you to your very existence.

This singing of this angelic choir is most directly impinged upon your world into precious gems, quartz crystals, and all crystalline matrices.  These matrices have been concentrated in certain areas of your world by this singing from above, and are known to you as sacred ground.4

Your world is a marvel, a marvel of conscious thought expressed through sound, to color, to light, to crystalline matter, ever changing, yet retaining a beautiful mathematical organization, seen through the inner eye as rainbows of scintillating color.

That is enough for now.
OK.  I have some questions:
1.  Where is Gramps?
I'm here, but thought that it would be better for you to get this information directly from the source, so I just "plugged you in," or connected you.

I understand.  Thanks.  Much less likely that mistranslations happen.  Please help keep my mined tuned.

For you, my dear, it is not difficult.  It will, of course, come easier with practice.

Now, another question:  If this world is a construct of beautiful crystalline energies created from color and sound, why is it not as delightful as that other world that we bounce back and forth from?

Because of a frequency.  There are many frequencies (of sound) impinging upon your earth at this time.  You, yourselves, can create, with our help, the beautiful pure frequencies that will purify your world.  You must know that you have the power to do so; then, you must have the desire that it be so.  Ask for us to sing with thee!  And all will be as it was so long ago for you.
It's all a matter of pure sound frequency.


"Be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect."  Matt. 5:4,5.

Your very imperfections are a manifestation of the perfection of the Creator.  (That is:  The very imperfections of our lives and existence are an expression of perfection.  Thus; the above Bible verse does not mean what it seems to mean.  We are not required to be perfect in the sense of our ordinary understanding of perfection, which is of something static, fixed, complete and flawless.)

These perceived imperfections are your doorway, your path to the Christ of your being, opening your soul to the true glorious perfection that you are, beloved children of the Father.

By the action of this doorway, you proceed on your way to eternal light.  This doorway leads you, step by step, out of one consciousness into the next.  This perfection, this perfection of being, that contains all that is, is movement, creative energy, the Father's love expressing through you. (Thus, the perfection of the Creator is expressed through our human imperfections, because it is those very imperfections that make possible the action of change, of God's creativity working through us in our ordinary lives; and God's creativity is part of His perfection.  Our imperfections are the doorway to actions and change.)

Perfection is, indeed, creative energy, ever moving, ever expanding, as light flows in glowing colors from a revolving crystal.  You are that light, expressing the creativity of the essence of your being by the very activity of your life, as you create perceived imperfection from your present perceived imperfection, ever revolving, ever evolving up the spiral of time and space.

Our sense of imperfection is only perceived to be so.  Our very imperfections are perfect, because they are the doorway for change; for God to express himself through us.

  Know that you are perfect as you are, and that your everyday life, with all it's perceived tribulations, is an expression of the infinite creativity (love) of the Father.



Water is a step down from quartz.  Frequencies can be imparted to water with sound and light, thus water can be programmed.  It can hold information in much the same way as quartz.  When frozen in its crystalline form, it can hold information for thousands of years.

Light also contains information.  Light is created from the WORD.  Light is energy.  Matter, as you know it is energy.  All comes from the holy WORD.  Do not think of the sound of the WORD as the vibration of air molecules.  Sound is vibration, but the sound of which we speak is from the other world which underlies yours.

Light, as well as sound, can penetrate the veil between these worlds.  There are many, many kinds of light.  We will speak here of frequency.  The white light of the Father is a purifying frequency.  Your world is now being flooded with this white light, which you would describe as being etheric in nature.  This is a high, pure frequency.  Your whole world is being tuned!  Slowly, but not too slowly.  You all feel the increase in energy.  There will be physical expressions of this increase. 

Much rigidity, trapped in an lower frequency, will cease to be.  Many paradigms associated with this lower frequency will also disappear.  You may experience this change as confusion in your minds.  Expect this, and do not feel that you have to establish a coherent order, or paradigm during this time of rapid change.


Me:  why does the color red seem to be so much more intense than the other colors?

Red is of the sunset and sunrise.  Red is creative energy.  You think of your first chakra as red.  The love of the Father is creative energy.  Red is very different in its character from blue and yellow.  Red flowers are a good example of the intensity and energy of Red.

Me:  why is Red anger?  What is anger?

Anger is expectation.  Expectation with the opposite manifestation. 
Outrage is anger.  Outrage is the emotion felt when something is happening that creates resentment.

What is resentment?  Being Forced to give.

Now, if Red is creative energy, which is expansive giving, why is Red anger brought about from forced giving?

Freedom is a right.  A basic right embodied in Cosmic Law.  Abridgment of Freedom is a crime against that law.  Force of any sort is a crime against the cosmic law of freedom.

The Red of anger is the creative force working (showing) through the abridgment of a basic cosmic law.

Me:  What are some of the other laws?

Freedom is paramount.  All others derive from that one.

Thus, anger is energy.  Energy released in bursts.  Creative energy forced to express.  This explains the disharmony of anger and its intensity.

Anger cannot, by its very nature, be suppressed.  In most cases, it is an expression of Forced Creativity.  Remember, the Law of Free Will is paramount.  Force, or coercion of any sort, will produce anger, the energy of creativity used in an improper way.

Me:  What can we do about all the force and coercion in this world?  The anger has built for eons.

Yes.  Aren't you a bit tired of it all?  It will cease when mankind sees that coercion leads to anger which leads to improper action, which creates improper reaction, which creates anger, and on and on.  We will not save you from your stupidity.  You must ask us for release from this endless, pointless cycle of non-creative energy (anger).  Are you tired yet?  There is not way out.

Winning over your adversary leads to his experience of anger, which will come back to you in further provocation from him, which you will react to with anger and another provocation.  Endless stupidity.  Ask us for release from the grip of this cycle.  We are eager to help you.

Me:  Can you release us?

YES, just ask.  It's very simple.

Me:  I have trouble with true forgiveness.

We know.  Ask for the gift of forgiveness.  You must desire to be free of this wheel, this endless cycle (karma).
There are other cycles for you to experience, which are more difficult, but such is your path.
Know that you are children of the Father, and he desires for you to become one with him.

Me:  So--if we get free of this cycle of anger, we'll not be in a blissful state, but will go on to further, more difficult cycles?

You will feel a great deal more blissful than you do at the moment; but, yes, there is much further learning for you, dear ones.  We do so want to assist thee.  ASK.

You, Lorae, have been trapped in anger.  We are eager to release thee, for thy heart is filled with much love.  This love needs to be expressed in a greater way than present.  You're making some progress, but you still resonate with anger when you are near someone that is possessed by that emotion.

Me:  Doesn't love negate anger?

Not really.  Love is creative energy.  Anger is mis-expressed creative energy.

Me:  What negates anger?

The desire not to experience it.

Me:  I can't help experiencing it, but do not like it.  How can I not experience it when interacting with an angry person?

Forgive yourself for creating their anger in the first place.  Ask us for help to leave this cycle.  By forgiving yourself, you will automatically forgive them.

Me:  Have we become trapped in anger from boredom and loneliness?

YES.  A way to interact with others, which seems to satisfy the emptiness of boredom and loneliness.  My, My.  Amazing isn't it?  We don't know why you continue, because it is not at all satisfying.  Again, Aren't you tired yet?

Me:  Yes.  After so many thousands of years and thousands of lives.  Yes.

Let us begin:
Your day-to-day life is more important than you realize.  Your thoughts, your desires, your emotions, your words, your actions do create worlds upon worlds.  Know this.

Your conscious mind was given to you for the purpose of discernment.  Logic is to be used in the correct perspective.  That is, the soul must turn to God upon awakening in the morning, and a time of listening and dedication of service to the will of God is the way; the way to orient the self in the world for the day to come.

The conscious, discerning, logical mind is the tool of the soul, to be used to effect the purpose of the day received in the morning meditation.  Remember, the relationship of the soul to the Father is primary, and the conscious mind is the tool, in service to that relationship.  If this correct balance is maintained, all else follows in Divine Order.

The conscious mind cannot hear the words of the Father.  It can only carry out the directives for service for that day, but the open, child-like soul hears the Father, and is one with Him.

Remember, if the relationship of the mind and soul is reversed, with the mind setting the course and the soul feeling, asking the way for that directive, great inharmony results.  One must listen with the soul to the Father, then, when the guidance is given, the mind is the tool to effect that purpose.

It is best that the soul ask the Father each day for the task of that particular day.  Do not plan your day from the anxieties of the conscious mind.  This is contrary to the relationship of God to His children.
Many feel that they will establish this rapport with the Father at a later time, when various temporal considerations are resolved.  This is backward, and contrary.  These worldly concerns are never resolved with the mind.  When the mind is used for direction and guidance, the usual course is the creation of greater and greater complexity, until the situation appears hopelessly sliding on a downward spiral to death and despair.  This is, in fact, the case.

At some point, the pain becomes so great that the childlike soul cries to its Father: and He is there.  He is always with thee, but thou hast free will, and do not always listen.  The Christ of our being is at all times one with God.  Our soul has only to ask, and this Christ enters our being.

Seek, and ye shall find.  Ask, and all will be given.  The Christ of thy being stands at the door and knocks.  Open that door, and He will enter thy being, flooding thy soul with love, a glorious energy, blinding in its intensity, lifting thee up to the heavens.  Thou art more magnificent than angels, a heavenly being of light and knowing.

Good Morning!
Let us begin:
The light of world is the Lord, and the Lord is the light of thy life.  All life is sustained by this light, the light of constant creation.  Look at the rainbow, and see thy Father in his direct manifestation.

The clear radiance of ice crystals in the pure winter sun is the Lord of creation showing himself directly in this world.  the glory of the sunrise and sunset are thy Father speaking to thee.   Look beyond the confused, selfish and fear-driven world of man.  know thy true Master, for He loves thee greatly.

What love do you feel and receive from the world of man?  Is this world to be the focus of your soul, of you, a child of the Creator?  Heaven surrounds thee always, and thy very existence is upheld every moment by the love of your Father in Heaven.

Honor thy father and thy mother.  Honor thy earthly father and mother, for they are your parents, a part of you.  To honor thy parents is to honor thyself.  As you honor thy earthly parents, so much more must you honor thy heavenly Father and Mother, for you are, indeed, part of them, and they a part of you.  Respect thy heavenly Mother, as you experience her, the Earth you live on.  Love thy heavenly Father, the Creator of All, and you, His children.  Let thy soul feel His Love, flooding thy being with liquid energy and all the colors of the rainbow.

As you walk through the forest, know that the trees do surround thee with love, as you return that love to them.  This creates a song in the higher realms, sung by the angels, which bathes your world in glowing light.

Yet, in even greater measure, do you create such music when you extend the hand of loving compassion to another of my children, your brother or sister.  This giving in loving care to each other is the highest expression of your humanity.  No learning, no accomplishment, no wealth, no prestige; is of any worth compared to this.  The gift of loving care to each other does produce heaven on earth:  The world that was meant to be and soon will come.


Know ye that all of heaven is focused upon thee!  Yes, I do come through the portals of the stars to thee.  Awake!  The time is at hand.  You are my child, and I will speak to thee!

Know that I love thee with infinite love.  You are, indeed, beloved.  Do not despair, but know that you are being sustained by my love.  The fact of your very being is proof of that love.  Accept!

Put yourselves in quiet meditation and listen!  Hear the heavenly choir sing of your glory!  Know who you are, my beloved child, and I surround and fill thee with the golden light of my love.

It is by your very effort, your very desire, that you become aware of your oneness with Me.  Always know that you are one with Me.  Have the desire and put forth the effort to perceive that oneness.  We have never been separated.  The loneliness you feel is the illusion of the activity of your ego, a part of your being that you have chosen to know and master in this cycle.

The time is now at hand to cease the preoccupation with ego, a fascinating aspect, an ability to separate from Me.  You have now experienced that separation in all its manifestations.  Return, now my child, to your home, your true being:  A triumphant ascent up the stairs of heaven, while all the angels herald thee with golden trumpets, and all your teachers walk beside thee in loving joy.

You need not leave your present illusion to make that journey.  Come!  Now!  Be with me, because I, also, long for thee, as you long for me.  Come!  I call thee NOW!

Grandpa - are you there?

Yes, my dear.  There are many of us who are about thee always.  You are greatly beloved and cherished.

I'm not enjoying myself down here at all.  It seems as though I'm in one of the higher hells rather than earth, which was meant to be so free.

We know.  That is because of the frequency distortion occurring now in your time; this end time of many great cycles.  We have told you this would be so.  Keep your consciousness focused on us as you pass through this difficult area.

I find myself taken over by evil emotions very easily now and then, especially when I have had to associate with unpleasant persons.  I know that the feelings are not mine, because I can wash them off in the shower.  However, it's most upsetting to experience.

Do not take them seriously.  You are correct in that they are not your own demons.  Say the Lord's Prayer and tell them to leave.  Ask us to help you.  All are being besieged at this time by demonic beings.

Feel the beautiful, pure golden white light of Our Lord about thee.  See it.  It has a liquid quality.


Know that God created this world, and it is His.  Do not give dominion to Lucifer.  His rule is based on falsity and not-being.  You are free to chose your master.  Know that, indeed, the ways of evil lead to death, but the desire to be with the Father leads to creative joyous immortality.

Pull the Light of the Father down to you.  Do this by focusing your attention on Him, and desiring that you exist in consciousness of His Love.

Imagination, desire and effort are your great creative tools.  Breathe out your cry for oneness with your Father.  Rise above your carnal mind (ego).  It is not your true being.  Now that you understand it, let it settle back into a subordinate position, for it is merely a tool, not your ruler.

This conception of reality held by the carnal mind (self) is false, and is so false as to be classed as accepting the rule of Lucifer, the ultimate false one.  He always lies, as does your carnal mind (ego).  Always.

Ego shuns truth.  Ego means to destroy your very being.  You are not your ego.  Leave that consciousness.  Return to your true self, which is a child of God.  All of heaven awaits thee.

To return to the Father, know that to do so is very simple.  Your very desire and effort will bring you closer to Him.  No chants, fasting or ceremonies are needed.  These practices, however, if performed with intention and faith, will lead thee in the way.  Any effort to be at one with your Creator will bring good effect, because He has given thee freedom to chose, but eagerly awaits thy return to Him.

Know that you are free.  Do not accept enslavement.  All of God's children are free, and were created in freedom, for the express purpose of experiencing freedom.

Any illusion of coercion is the perception of the ego; that falsity which so recognizes its master, the fallen one.  All limitation is the perception of this false master, the ego-self, which you have chosen to rule you for all-too-long.

It's time is coming to an end.  Know that it will try every deceit to get you to save it.  It is terrified of the annihilation it faces, and is capable of any outrage at this time.  Focus on God, and know that He is your creator, as your ego and its projections create havoc about thee.

Know that your greatness creates the world you see about thee:  Therefore, this internal battle of the ego and the Christ-self will manifest in the outward world.  Thus, to ask for the triumph of the Christ-Self within is to bring, indeed, the Prince of Peace to the world.

Before meditating on world Peace, spend some time activating the thymus chakra, to facilitate the entry of the Christ.  This is the door to perfect joy, immunity, regeneration and everlasting life.  As you are within, so your outward world will reflect to thee.

Do not be discouraged if this effect is not immediately perceived.  Know that your intention to receive the Christ-Consciousness is registered in the causal world concomitantly as you meditate.  Then due to the various frequency modulations, it is only later that you will see the outward results of your inward efforts.
This activity, the conscious application of the desire to be at one with the Father ( the state of Christ-Consciousness) is the most powerful spiritual practice that you can do.  In fact, it is the only spiritual activity that your soul desires.

The one you call the Christed One dedicated his whole life to bring this teaching to you.
You are to return to the Father, and He calls thee now!

11/22/92  A Prayer:

Glory, glory to God in the highest heaven.  Our eyes are ever upon thee, the Creator of All.  We do feel thy love, and do know that we are thy children.  Give us to live our lives in reflection of  thee, that our souls will mirror thy radiance to this world and beyond.

Give us to hear the angels sing of the grandeur of your being.  May we sing with the joy of angels and feel the energy of their wings as they minister to us.  May we smell the fragrance of heaven and may our bodies pulse with the ecstasy of the heavenly light.  Lift our awareness to thy glory, that we may be one with thee, true beings of the heavens, true children of God.

Give us to know the joy and love of the heavenly host, who are in this room tonight.  We say "Welcome!"
Open our minds, hearts and souls to the glory of your presence.  Give us to bring the memory of this glory back to our earthly life, that we may show by our very life that God is in His Heaven, an All is Holy.
Help us understand that which we need to know for the coming days ahead, and guide us in service, which we have pledged to thee.

11/22/92, a talk for Circle :
Sirius and the Coming Astrological Year
By Lorae Ireland

Let's begin with Sirius, because, for us, that is , indeed, where it all began.  To find Sirius in the night sky, just drop down from the SE star in Orion to the brightest star in the sky.  It's the brightest for this reason:  It is our prime spirituality.

In Ancient Egypt, Sirius was associated with Isis, and the rising of Sirius was the beginning of their year.  Sirius is the "Dog Star," and the appearance of Sirius comes in the "Dog Days of Summer."

Speaking of Dogs, the Dogon people of Africa, who live south of Timbuktu have know for thousands of years about aspects of the Sirius system that can only be discovered with modern telescopes.  They know of a companion star of Sirius, called Sirius B.  This is what is called a white dwarf, and is invisible to the naked eye and most telescopes.  This star is very dense, and has a 50-year elliptical orbit about Sirius.  The Dogon call this star "Po Tolo" (smallest seed), and know that it is white, dense, and has a 50-year elliptical orbit bout Sirius.

Read "The Sirius Mystery" for more detail.  As a footnote:  that book is fine, except that the author comes to erroneous conclusion that the space visitors from Sirius (Nomos) were fish-like beings.  They were men wearing scuba gear, for pete's sake.  (They placed our dolphins and whales here to serve as living communication-computer centers for them.)

Another book to read is "The 12th Planet."  This author goes very deeply into the civilization of ancient Summer, or Ur, where Abraham came from.  There, they called the fishy-looking fellows from space "Oannes."  This author feels that there is some unknown planet of our solar system with an elliptical orbit about the sun, that every so many thousand years returns near the sun and disturbs the comets and our Earth.

The paleontologists/ geologists at Berkeley, I believe, have a theory about the extinction of the dinosaurs.  This time period is marked by a dark clay layer at the top of the Cretaceous(?) strata all over the world.  They once thought that a meteor might have crashed into the earth, creating clouds of dust and instant winter everywhere.  Now, they think that there might be dark companion to our sun with a huge elliptical orbit, and when it comes near our solar system, it disturbs a cloud of comets on the outskirts, sending them toward Earth and creating catastrophe.

I am trying to show you that what has been spoken of by the "nutty fringe" is now being seriously considered by the scientific community.  Even that Doggon Sirius B.

Back to Sirius:  Remember, it represents our prime spiritual relationship.  The Dogon spoke of a savior coming from Sirius every 2000 years, and dying on a cross.

Now, esoterically, Sirius is the Star of Initiation, and represents the Son aspect of the Holy Trinity.  ("Initiation of Planet Earth," Planet Earth Magazine, November, 1992.)  Our earth has, in the last three years, aligned consecutively with Uranus/Sirius, Neptune/Sirius and Saturn/ Sirius.

Here is some of the symbolism of these planets:

Saturn is the Lord of Discipline, which reveals old thought forms.

Neptune represents mystical consciousness, sensitivity and idealism.  Neptune is the cosmic Christ-Consciousness (the age of Pisces attests to this)

Uranus fuses spirit and matter.  It rules the Aquarian age of the Water Carrier.  It brings about sudden changes of life patterns and alters consciousness.

Now, our Earth aligned with Saturn and Sirius in April, 1989.  Think back in your own life to that time.  The next alignment with Saturn and Sirius was December, 1989:  Old thought patterns being brought to the surface to be transmuted by the violet light of the Christ.

Then, Neptune, ruler of our watery unconscious, aligned with Earth and Sirius in March 1990, June, 1990 and December 1990.  Finally a strongly exact station in September 1991 and October 1991.

Lastly, Uranus, the Revolutionary Planet, aligned with Sirius and Earth in January, 1992 and September, 1992.

See, there has been a gradual process going on here.  "The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine."

Another Sirius note:  The US was founded on July 4, 1776, with its Cancer sun aligned with Sirius.  It was no accident that our founding fathers were Masons and gave us our flag and money to remind us that fact.  This country was meant to bring the higher realities of Freedom, Equality, Justice and Fraternity to the world.  The French blew it with the guillotine in their revolution, so the Hierarchy passed the torch to the new United States.  Literally.  The torch and the Statue of Liberty came from France.

All of these alignments with Sirius have been opening our consciousness, step by step.  Now:  1993 will be a fabulous year.  Uranus and Neptune will make three exact conjunctions with each other on February 3, August 20 and October 24 in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.  These conjunctions will move so slightly in orb that, for most purposes, we can consider the whole year as being a time of this great conjunction.  This will affect every human on this earth, every plant, every animal and even the geology of the Earth itself.

The love energies of Sirius will be penetrating our being, because this conjunction will open our chakras.  This coming year will cause thousands, or maybe millions of people, to open to the Christ-Consciousness, no matter what their religion.

Wednesday before last, at our Prayer for World Peace, Dorothy Collins mentioned the Thymus chakra.  This chakra is about three inches below the clavicle and is clear aquamarine in color.  The thymus, as you know, is the gland of childhood, shutting down its functioning at about age twelve. 

Remember Isha saying, "Be like a little child?"  Well, the thymus chakra is the Door to the Christ, the door to eternity.  Meditate on this center of Joy, spinning the aquamarine color, opening yourself to regeneration, perfect immunity, and everlasting life.  (The Lazarus tapes have a wonderful one on revitalizing the chakras.  I recommend it.)

Back to this Uranus-Neptune conjunction:  Uranus is cold, dry, airy, electromagnetic.  It rules sudden change, technology, genius, humanitarianism, progressive thought, electronics, communication and space flight.  It is NOT sentimental.  IS logical and open-minded.

Neptune is cold, wet, receptive.  It rules inner feelings, hidden secrets, institutions, idealism, mysticism, imagination, liquids, alcohol and drugs.

This Conjunction occurs every 170 years.  It can be stupendous!  The last such conjunction was in 1818-1823.  This led to the development of the locomotive, the telegraph, and the industrial revolution.  This was the beginning of the electronic age, and our whole modern world.

Uranus is the Ecstatic Vision of Infinite Consciousness received through higher Mind.  Neptune is Intuition of the Divine received as feeling in heart and soul.  They light our path in the development of true culture.

The Full moon, January 8, 1993 at 4:38 am will be important for this country.  The sun will be conjunct Uranus and Neptune and opposite the moon. 

Read "The Jupiter Effect Reconsidered."  This book was written by a couple of guys from NASA.  They speak of the effect of the large outer planets when they coincide with the moon and sun, leading to volcanoes and earthquakes.  The astrologers would say that this might produce upheavals related to religion.  Also, this Uranus-Neptune conjunction will lead to "The hidden coming to light via electronic communication.  Since this will happen in the US second house of money, expect finance revelations.  The sun will be rising and the moon setting over Washington, DC.

The conjunction February 3 will be followed by an eclipse in 8 degrees of Cancer February 15, 1993.  This could be an interesting time, to say the least.

On a positive note, remember that this is the union of the Ecstatic Vision of Infinite Consciousness received through the higher mind with Intuition of the Divine received as feeling in heart and soul.  A whole new culture will be created from this, and we will experience the beginning of it.

Also, Jupiter will be in Libra all of 1993.  This will lead to a flourishing of the arts, greater spiritual values expressed in relationships and true justice surfacing in our national expressions all over the world.
These are exciting times to be alive, and we, here on the Western Coast of the US, are living in one of the most important areas of the world.  When you meditate, open yourselves to the enormous creative energy from our old home in the stars, the magnificence of Sirius."



I AM here.  Listen:  You must listen until the end of your days, for God is in His Heaven and all is Holy.
why?  To learn to hear the trees as they speak to thee, to feel the rocks tell thee of the history of your earth.  To float as a water (sprite-molecule) down the stream, experiencing the complete joy of pure energy expressing itself in matter.

I am in matter.  It is not pleasant.  I want out.  Matter is lovely; it's very nice, but I do not feel good.  Kinesthetic- body feedback is not pleasant.  What is wrong?

VIBRATION.  You are being bombarded with frequency control.  It will drive all of you to drugs or alcohol.

I ask now for your help.  Help us!  Help us!  This beautiful world feels uncomfortable.  No Joy.  Help!  I thought it was only I who felt this way--that my body-mind frequencies were out of adjustment.

NO, ALL ARE.  Frequency control very strong right now to stave off rebellion.  The authorities are clinging with violent methods and in desperation to their disappearing power.  Their time is finished.  This is and end game, and you, dear humans, are the prize.  It is well that you ask for our help, for, by cosmic law, we cannot interfere without permission.  WE ARE HERE AND WE DO LOVE THEE.  Do not despair.  Have no fear.  We are by thy side at all times.  LISTEN:  We have sent thee hawks (angels) and many other birds as a sign.  Look for signs in the skys.

Birds fly in front of my windshield all the time when I am driving.  Then they alight on a tree or fence alongside the road and watch me drive by.  That evening, she photographed the straight half-double rainbows we saw in the north.  On the horizon, two astonishingly bright the heavens were speaking to us. 

In late May of 1993, while driving along highway 238 in Southern Oregon near the turnoff for the little Applegate, I noticed two large lenticular formations above and to the south.  They were connected by a thick brilliant rainbow as wide as the clouds.  We stopped to watch them, and another vehicle also pulled over.  A contrail beneath them put them above 60,000 feet.  The "clouds" and the rainbow-connection dissipatedKnow that all is well. 

The dragon is to reign no more.  He will be returned to primal matter.  We will no longer permit him to oppress humans.

What of those humans who have asked to be one with the dragons?

That is a complicated question, not given to simple answers.  All will decide their own treatment.  There is no judgment.  All are fee to choose.

what of the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune? 

A new civilization with completely different paradigms.

How?  Tell me.

You, yourself will create.  There are many paths of reality to follow.  We do not know which you will choose.  You are the power, the glory and the expression of the magnificence of the Creator.

Me?  Ridiculous.  I'm an idiot.

That is because of the frequency control.  We will disrupt it soon.  ASK!

I ask that all controls by the dragon be lifted from humankind now!

The stars in the Marble Mountain Wilderness:  ARE THE KEY TO LIBERATION

If so, I ask for your protection.

We have always been with thee.

Thank you.

How are they the key?

They are our portal for transportation and communication.  You, also, can leave the Earth through this portal. 

I can't leave yet.  I pledged that I would stay.

We know.

But--communication I can do.  Should I go there next summer?

Your son will do that.

In June of 1993, I had we been doing some vortex work as I made my way down the coast.  First, I had stopped at Newport, Oregon at nthe mouth of the   River.  Second, Susy, myn big doggie, and I had spent a couple of hours on the furthermost point of Cape Blanco.  The last two stops were at the mouth of Hunter Creek below Gold Beach and near all the huge rock heads in the ocean viewed from the sign saying "Pistol River Post Office."  At the viewpoint for Rainbow rock above Brookings I saw a rainbow ending at a rock.  Driving on, the complete rainbow moved ahead of me until I turned off to go inland.

All of creation (matter) is but frequency of energy of sound.  Sound is created from thought.
Your world was not created eons ago, as you think.  It is re-created every moment, every now that you experience.  You, also, create this world surrounding you by your thoughts and breath.

There are frequencies of thought, of being.  Frequencies have four dimensions, just as the matter that you experience.  Thse dimensions are intensity, velocity (in time), amplitude (in space) and quality.  This last is difficult to convey to you.  Know, however, that a new physics is being developed, which may explain this better.  As to quality:  compare the frequency of a plant to that of a bird.  A rock.  Basalt to crystal.  The water of the ocean waves breaking to the water of a still pond.  Infinitely different, although classifiable into catagories, catagories of templates from the invisible world expressed in this.

There is a library in your world, a libray of hexagon crystals, a record of all that has been and the various realities that may be.  This library is the crystaline form of water.  Water is receptive, and holds information.  Ice holds information in unchaging form through many ages.  Much can be learned from the study of ancient ice.

There was a time, on your planet, long ago, when knowledge was simply drunk.  You still speak of "thirsting for knowledge."  You will experience this way of learning again.

Now, Lorea, would like you to think again of the vortices and ley lines of the Earth.  Now think of the heavens.  Thik of communication.  Think of portals.  Thik of templates.  We are trying to some difficult (different) concepts across to you.

What do you imagine a vortex is in terms of frequency?

  Intense.  Each has a different velocity and amplitude and quality, but all are intense to varying degrees.  They have color and sound.  We now instruments capable of sensing this color and sound, along with the obvious electromagnetic phomomona.  Others will do this work.

The frequencies from space come to this Earth at the vortices.  There are many different systems, each with its own particular grid (not necessarily in a square or rectangular pattern.)

Sacred ground is portals for communication and frequency from space and from Earth to space.
Can we affect this frequency? 

It depends upon the number system that you use and the number system being used at that portal.

Shall I call vortexes Portals?


What about ley lines?

Lines of communication.  They have length and distance, but zero width.  A portal has amplitude, frequency, intensity and quality, that is, the energies at the portal have those characteristics.  Same with lines of communication.

Can lines of communication be disrupted? 


Can it be changed?






Has this been consciously done lately/


Is this part of the "War of the Worlds between good and evil in this part of our galaxy?


Should I be careful? 

You never are, so why ask?

We live in a 4-dimension reality, not 3

About affecting the information passing through portals:
Singing sacred sounds will be effective.  You may be surprised at the results.  Placing you own crystals at the sprigs is excellent.  Good.

March 8, 1993
By the authority of my Divine Father, I AM the power to claim this mountain as the domain of its creator, God Most High.
May all Devas, Angels, Archangels, Masters and Elohim reclaim God's dominion over this mountain and its Lady, that Her Face be no longer marked with tears of sadness, but rather, tears of joy for the return of Her Children to the Shrine of Our Lord.
The time is now at hand for the forces of Light to claim dominion over this Mountain and this Earth.  The contamination of the dark ones is now at an end, and I AM the authority to decree NOW that all darkness, all mis-expressed energy be no more a part of our reality.  I AM the authority to ask for the protection and service of the Mighty Archangel Michael to cleanse, purify and re-vitalize this mountain, this Sacred Mount Shasta, embodiment of the Spiral of Life.  We, as Children of the Creator, do claim this world and ourselves for our Father NOW and FOREVER, that we may experience our true reality on our Mother Earth as a glorious expression of the creativity of our Father in Heaven.

I AM the desire for Archangels Michael and Gabrielle to again return to their embodiment on the Mount Shasta, that it be a Light for the World.  May all humankind come here in reverence and joy, to commune with All Beings in the White Light of the Father, and may all sincere seekers come to this Sacred Place with welcome, that they might know of their true identity, glorious Children of Light, Children of the Most High.  All are welcome and greatly loved.
May this mountain be always a Light for the World, a place for all to come to experience the great brilliance of their true divinity and immortality as brothers and sisters of the Christ.  Drink of the water flowing from the breast of Akaska, the Lady of the Mountain, that you may become aware of the birds, thy Elder Brothers, who do speak to thee of they true being.  Listen!  Listen!  And be at peace.

Notes for Isha book:  Family:  The Essenes were my family and my original family was the group that gathered at Zeb's well.  At that time, we did not consider the nuclear group of father, mother & children a family, as we do now.

Mary & Jesus:  Miriam & Issa were physically, mentally & spiritually perfect.  They were both implants from our space brothers (from Sirius).  They hardly needed to eat food at all.  Seemed to live on water and air.

The old testament idea of a vengeful, jealous (psychotic) God is false.  Our true Father in Heaven is the expression of pure love.  We all know and understand this.  Jahweh was an impostor-space being, and most definitely was not God!  The serpent in the Garden of Eden was a teacher who helped liberate the first earth-people from slavery to this impostor.  The early Knostic writings teach this, and that is why those writings were opposed and suppressed by the early Christian Church, which by then had been co-opted by the forces of the Evil One(Jaweh).

As to lizards (dragons) and snakes:  The Brotherhood of the Snake (Christ) is pure and good.  Lizards (dragons) have always been the evil adversary of the Snake Brotherhood.  You cannot negotiate with a lizard, because pure evil wants to feed on your suffering.  It absolutely has to create this suffering in order for it to survive.  Know this.

The early writings have been deliberately confused as to the identity of the dragon and its good opponent, the Snake.  Guess who mixed things up?  Evil Always corrupts the language so that communication becomes garbled.  They especially like to create the situation where a positive statement is twisted to their ends.  The TWIST is their specialty.  BE AWARE!

Know, also, that wherever a light-being of the Snake Brotherhood attempts to create an anchor of light on Earth, the lizard (Luciferian--again, ask yourself who benefits from the doctrine that Lucifer is an immortal light-being who is only here as a teacher.) forces will be immediately drawn to that light and its energy.  They will not attempt to put it out, but rather, will use human envy, fear and desire for power to insert their human underlings in positions of control in that light anchor.  You will observe this happening over and over.  For instance, someone will establish a good institution with high aspirations & goals.

At first, only the good is attracted, increasing the light.  Because of its intensity, this light comes to the attention of the dark forces, and they proceed to descend on it en masse.  They love to ensnare humans in deceit, confusion, complexity and lies.  Therefore, for some time, this same institution will appear to be of the light and for forces of good, pulling in more human light-beings.  However, in actuality, the lizards will have already gained control behind the scenes (They flourish in secrecy and darkness.), and will use the energy of the good-hearted humans to their pleasure.  Eventually, the organization becomes so corrupt that all can see.  At that time, the lizards abandon it and move on to better feeding. 

They must feed off the energy of the light-beings.  They have no light nor life of their own.  They especially have a feast in situations of suffering.  War and torture feed them greatly.  They are not immortal, as are we, and are in a constant pressure to live by feeding off the suffering of humans.  They enjoy your hatred.  You have observed lizards in human form absolutely glow from the hatred of their employees or others in their power.  DO NOT FEED THEM WITH YOUR HATE.  It makes them stronger.

Here is their credo, in the words of a demon:  "Fight, screw, rule the world."  They do not live life after life as you do.  They have only one life, and they behave with a complete lack of morality in that one.  Until (maybe never) they learn or desire to possess a code of ethics, they will remain soulless and mortal.  In a sense, they are quite pathetic, and are masters at eliciting our sympathy.  Do not give them any credence.  Their every word is a lie!  They will torture and kill you as soon as they no longer need you.  Know this.  Do not feel sorry for them.  Be aware that every time someone tries to get you to feel sorry for them, they are quite likely a lizard dragging you into their snare.  They absolutely must have your energy, because, being creatures of complete darkness and cold, they have none of their own.  BE AWARE!

This does not mean, however, that you are not to assist your human brothers and sisters on the Earth Plane.  Discrimination is needed.  In general, those who publicly plead for sympathy are not what they seem to be.  Those who suffer privately need your love and help.  Do not become hard-hearted and cruel simply because lizards are begging you for mercy.  Develop discrimination.  Always help your brother or sister in distress.  This is the highest expression of your humanity.  You know this. 
We all are but temporary residents on this Earth.  In truth, we own nothing, and all that we have to use is by the grace of the Earth Mother and Our Heavenly Father.  DO NOT FORGET.  THIS IS IMPORTANT:  Ownership of physicality is fraudulent.

Issa book:  Isha never claimed to be the Messiah.  Never.  The Bible claims this, but I believe this assertion was inserted into Christianity much as the Mithraic ideas of Virgin birth, being born at Christmas, etc.
As to His resurrection:  Yes, I saw Him after the crucifixion, and He was very much alive.  However, Lazarus was alive after he purportedly died also.  At the time, seeing Issa when He was supposed to be dead did not surprise me.  He had always taught that death was nothing--we didn't really die, so no reason to give it much importance.

Issa was basically a Jewish reformer, that is, He was trying to lead the Jewish nation and priesthood back to its original purpose, which was to be "A Light unto the World."  Jews were not to keep themselves separate other than to keep alive their mission to the world.  In many ways, enlightened Jews of all nationalities have done this, especially in the realms of theology and human rights.  These ideas have in many cases been at odds with orthodox Jewish religion at the time.

Issa was a "New Age" teacher two thousand years ago.  Many of the tenets of the present New Age movement are identical to His teachings then.  For instance; That we are co-creators with God.  That we can heal ourselves.  That God intends for us to have "great increase."  That we can communicate directly with Our Father in Heaven--we only have to listen.  He taught that a practice of fasting, drinking blessed water, and meditation would align the consciousness to the Heavenly Host.  He taught that all mankind is the children of God, and greatly beloved by Him.

He was crucified because the main result of His teachings was to focus the attention on God, not human authorities, whom He considered impostors and charlatans.  He never said that He was some kind of substitute sacrifice to a psychotic God who wanted to punish us for our sins.  His "Father in Heaven" was only love.  Issa did not dwell on sin and guilt--the priests owed their very position to that perverted doctrine.


Evil can not create.  Evil can only destroy.  Only good can create.  Be create, I mean to bring into manifestation something new, that has not existed before.  True creativity in humans is developed and demonstrated when a person aligns his consciousness with the higher realms of infinite knowledge.  Geniuses down through history have spoken of this alignment.  Descarte, Tessla, Mozart, to name a few, spoke of being in a mind state of receptivity for new information. to be given to them and for them to communicate that information to their fellow man.

As to a statement such as "What about the atomic bomb?  That was evil."  The existence of the physics of the atom has always been.  The men who undertook to understand this were truly creative, listening the information available from the higher realms.  The use to which this knowledge was put is another matter.  One cannot say that the invention of the wheel was evil because it led to the use of war chariots.
And God created the world by speaking.  From the void of nothingness, all was created by thought and voice.

Never in the Holy Books of any religion is Evil given credit for the ability to create.  Evil is sly, and quick to appropriate and use the creations of the Good, but Evil can only copy.  True creativity is beyond its capabilities because, in order to create, the mind must be in harmony with God's LOVE, which is infinite creativity, ever expanding.  Evil, but its very nature, cannot ever harmonize with God's Love.  Evil hates and abhors love.  Love destroys Evil.  Love is creativity. 

Evil likes to use the fruits of creativity, but Evil can only dissipate that energy.  Evil cannot tap into it directly because pure Love destroys Evil.   Evil is in a desperate position:  Because each demon has only one life and is not immortal; to sustain that life, Evil must feed off the energy of the Light (being pure darkness, it is devoid of energy of its own), it is in a constant state of anxiety for existence, always looking ahead for the bit of light-energy to feed from.

Now, because this world at this time is in the sad state of apparent complete control by Evil, Evil has convinced almost all Earth-People that Evil is the source of the very existence.  In actuality, God created them and the world they live in, and God, and God only, which is pure Goodness and Love expressed in infinite creativity, sustains their very day to day and minute to minute existence.  Evil lies.  Evil always lies.  Evil is incapable of speaking Truth.  (This is true of that saboteur within us, our false egos, also.)

In fact, Evil uses the fears and terrors of the false ego to control and use us to feed Evil.  Evil must have the energy of the Good in order to exist.  Evil can actually expand if fed the emotions of terror, hatred, jealousy and despair, so Evil is constantly manipulating mankind to produce those emotions.

Mankind now lives in the illusion of separation from its creator, God.  This separation is the function of the false ego, which also has the goal of complete annihilation of humans.  We do, indeed, harbor a saboteur within us.

This is exactly the same goal of Evil.  Now, if Evil needs humans in order for it to exist, how can Evil exist without them?  Evil is jealous of the relationship of humans to God.  Evil, being basically unintelligent, thinks that by eliminating humans, Evil can receive all of Gods love and energy now lavished on His human children.  Evil intends to use all that energy to usurp God.  Evil desires only power, but does not understand the responsibilities of power, and has no desire to ever do so.

Is the plan to destroy our souls, but retain our bodies for Evil to dwell within?  Or to possess our souls through terror, jealousy, hatred and despair?  Evil does very well as long as a Child of God lives in the illusion that Evil is all-powerful and that Evil rules the world.

What is the relationship of our false ego to Evil?  Let's compare:
FALSE EGO                          EVIL
always lies                               always lies
consumed by jealousy          consumed by jealousy
incapable of love                  incapable of love   
desires power               incapable of giving
feels inferior               feels inferior
is fearful                               is fearful
capable of any outrage        capable of any outrage
denies God               denies God

Therefore, our false egos are easily used and controlled by the larger Evil that appears to exist.  Now, can this large Evil manifest in this world other than through humans?

Yes--unseen demons which can possess animals and matter.

Why do humans have this weakness?  Why are humans here?  What in the hell is going on?

INITIATION.  only until you are tired of it, then you can let it go. 

I'm TIRED OF IT.  but I can't seem to let it go.  I don't like it here.  Goddammit, let me OUT! 

Be careful what you ask for...

OK.  Not yet.  Sorry.  Strike that.

So--we must eliminate the false ego within ourselves or we're dead ducks.  We have been led to believe that this false ego is our very being, that it is us.  When, in fact, it is something alien with us that will destroy us.  Help!  I'm confused!

No, you're not.  You're only beginning to think.

Did Evil insert the false ego in us?  Or did we foolishly request it?  What?  How did something so destructive get within our very being and consciousness?  Are we humans basically flawed, but too good to throw away?  Are we only useful as slave labor in a penal colony?  Is our very flaw, the false ego, what is used to control us?  To be born again.  Does that mean that we must, somehow, divest ourselves of the false ego in order to claim our true divinity as children of the Most High?  Do people drink and take drugs to escape the torture of the false ego?  What is this saboteur within?  Why is it there?  Where did it come from?  What is its relationship to the larger Evil?

Think of the lizards.  At one time, you pursued them with a single minded desire to destroy.  They ran to the edge of the universe and settled on the Earth. 

"Yeah (my old warrior self speaking), Well this little paradise that they polluted with their presence was created by the people from the Sirius system, and we didn't make it for those assholes to destroy."
"I don't especially want to annihilate them, but you'd think they could find some place in the universe where they could go so that our paths would never cross."

They chose Earth because it was on the outskirts.  Because they are outlaws who adhere to no laws, they are not welcome in the universe anywhere.  They came to Earth because it has been for the last few million years in a free-will zone.  It's soon to pass out of that zone, and the frequencies alone will eliminate the lizards.  They hate you humans, and want to pull as many of you as possible with them to oblivion.  They, truly, are facing complete death, and are therefore, capable of any outrage.

So what's new?

They are telling you humans that your time is up, but it's their time that is finished, not yours.  You are immortal.  This false-ego business was just a a silly stupid little game that you played.  Got burnt a bit, didn't you?  Was it fun?

Is there a difference between Star Humans and Earth Humans?

Both have the same consciousness, but to different degrees.  The proportions of earth and star-consciousness is the key.  For all intents and purposes, there isn't much difference.  The earth humans are more adapted to this planet, but have the same star-consciousness that you do.  It's a matter of proportions.  All has it's uses.

To overcome the false ego, lift your eyes to the higher glories.  There is no place for the vibration of the false ego when you raise your consciousness to us.  Therefore, the false ego cannot, by its very nature, create.  It can only abrogate and claim as its own that which came from union with the higher glories.

At what age does a child develop this false ego?

When it realizes its true lonely position in the world.  The terror of that awareness brings in the False Ego.  Which, by the way, feeds on terror; it certainly doesn't ameliorate it.

Is Western Man, by the nature of his individualism and alienation, more prone to the rule of the false ego?

No, groups in their terror are easily dominated by a group False Ego.

My God, why are in such a predicament?  Why?

There is no "why" my dear.  You are what and where you are because that is the game you have chosen to play.  You are the cause.  We look at your behavior in bemusement.

I'm sure.  Well, I'll tell you:  We do not feel at all powerful or in control.  It seems that everything controls us.

As long as you let it, yes.

OK Tell me how to help my conscious mind escape from this felling of helplessness, oppression and terror.


There's no virtue in poverty.  It's your dream.  Enjoy it.  Give yourself some ease and pleasure.

That's it!  We don't trust each other, so we only feel safe when "self-sufficient" which is not only impossible, but lonely and undesirable.  Even the old-time farm families helped each other.  Today's alienated (in more senses of the word than one) city-dweller views his neighbor as his rival.  Our economic and socio-political situation is uncomfortable and untenable.  change is inevitable  What will happen?

Massive unemployment
Earth changes
Collapse of governments (good riddance)
Groups of like-minded people banding together for survival  (already happening).  Those with high spiritual and ethical values will do best.

So--we don't need money now.  won't do us any good in the near future anyway--might as well learn to live without it. 

However, you do need to make contact with spiritual groups who are not lizards.

Now there's a task.  I haven't met a whole lot of people in this life that I like very much. 

Well, they didn't like you either, so there.

We will be forced to re-connect with each other, like or no like.

What about my writing?

Do it NOW.  You haven't got as much time as you think.

The new world:  No one will work more than ten hours per week.  Machines and computers now provide us with our comforts, they will do more in the future.  Travel, medical care, housing, food and communication will be, for all intents and purposes, free.  Mankind will have been cleansed of the will to power.  Love and caring--true affection, will be the dominant emotions.  All else will evolve from that.  The lizard-critters (Evil) will be gone, gone, gone forever.  Forget that nonsense of them coming back in a thousand years.  Guess who inserted that in the Bible?



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Thank you for that, it was very encouraging after a challenging weekend. it time for the new world yet?? applause

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