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Negative of a Negative, "AGAVE"
Photo by Lorae Ireland

Pavaratti and Clapton, Holy Mother

The Return of the Feminine Principle
by Lorae Ireland

The time of the rule of the Patriarchy is coming to an end.  Domination, exploitation, war and destruction have been the hallmarks of the Male Principle gone berserk. 
Giant obelisks found all over the Western World anchor this rulership.
Photo by Lorae Ireland
Quote from Isaiah

We are living during a time of momentous change on Earth for all Mankind, a return of the "Holy Mother", which will usher in a long Yuga of love, cooperation and respect for Our Mother, the Earth.  This following era will have no poverty, no separation of man from Nature, a time of giving, sharing and Universal Love.  The wonders of such a world are beyond our imagination at this time, because we have existed so very long in this "Kali Yuga" of distorted male opposition to a negative representation of the female, exemplified by the Goddess Kali.
[more coming - I got "cut off" -L.]

Obelisks are symbols and more than that, instruments of, masculine power, or to be more precise, the perverted patriarchal paradigm. Wash. DC, Central park, NY, Paris, Vatican, New York, Budapest? Iraq? See [link to]

The feminine principal (Sophia, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, whatever) is coming into the world and men need to recognize "the Goddess" in every woman and within themselves (their Animas nature).

The more that men fight this battle within themselves, between the masculine Ego and the feminine Spirit, the more difficult this transition, the outpouring of the Goddess into this world, will be. This could be manifested on a large social scale.

Out patriarchal culture has made men ashamed of themselves because of their great need for the feminine.
Honor and revere the women in your lives, mothers, sisters, friends, wives, daughters, relatives. Ditto women for men. The Master Jesus said these words:
"Women are beloved of men, a gift of loveliness and gentleness for their life. Fathers, husbands, brothers and sons, cherish the women of your family, because they came to be such as a gift of love from their hearts, a thought and desire they felt before coming to this earth to be with you.
"And women, cherish the men in your family, for they chose to be your protectors and providers, even as you provide for them and give them solace and gentleness in their lives. All are one with the Father, beloved children of his blessing."

Women's lib is a lizard-creation to block this entry of the feminine into our world. Only very disturbed women envy or hate men. The feminine is pure, unconditional love. A real woman does not envy men, ever.


Down through the ages, both men and women have been abducted by the dracs for breeding purposes, to create hybrids and, also, live human babies for drac food. Billions of human babies have been consumed. This was accomplished by illegal rents (portals) in our time-line, often with the collaboration of human, or semi-human sorcerers or sorceresses.

A woman can be abducted, bred, and made to produce offspring in a few minutes of our time (living human babies were the mainstay of the drac diet, and were especially tasty if the baby was in terror before being slaughtered), and not remember a thing. The men are mated for their sperm, over and over again, which is then put in the human females by the male dracs.

A great many of our missing children have been subjected to torture and ritual sexual abuse before being consumed.

Shaving the legs and armpits, wearing shiny nylon stockings, high heels and shiny make-up, having long, painted nails and wearing sequins or form-fitting shiny clothes are all designed to make the mammalian human female attractive to dracs, who may (only) appear to be human. Many CEO’s, politicians and celebrities are either draconian or hybrids. Deodorants mask the smell of a living mammal. Even men, now, are removing their body hair.

This abuse might well be the genesis of our various sexual problems; frigidity, impotence, premature ejaculation, female problems, etc. Psychologically, an inability to truly love (I won’t let you hurt me!), de-personalization of sex (The idea of the “sex slave” comes from this.), hatred of the opposite sex, pornography, etc. Homosexuality could well be a result of this abuse. Also, obsessive masturbation could well be a symptom.

The male human fascination with contact sports is a manifestation of repressed homosexuality. Ditto when heterosexual males loudly discuss their sex lives in a semi-public situation. All the rage generated by the abuse fuels the male propensity toward aggression, which leads to wars and domestic abuse.

Women may become man-haters and man-users. When women marry for money, and men marry for a “trophy wife,” the situation is nothing more than prostitution, the complete de-personalization of the sexual relationship. After abuse, men want to disconnect emotionally because of past hurt.

All this repressed rage and powerlessness creates a desire for power and money, which propels our destructive economic system.

How to make ourselves whole again? We need a miracle.

This whole construct was put in place when the Patriarchal culture overcame and destroyed the goddess worship, probably in ancient Sumer.

Ark of the Covenant (we blew it to smithereens, too!). What was the covenant/contract? Sacrifice; the foreskins of circumcised male babies

Back to ego: The masculine Ego thinks. We must understand that we humans, no matter how bright nor how learned, know or comprehend very little of the Great Mystery.

           By Lorae Ireland
           2001, Denver

Thou art beautiful in our hearts, and  we love thee.
Blessed art thou in all of creation.
The Jewel of the Universe.
Text and Photo by Lorae Ireland

We bless thee in the pure rays of the rising sun.
We listen at high mountain springs to the birds of morning
As they sing of hope and promise a new tomorrow.
Dancing water spirits play with rocks of quartz and silver,
Spring flowers in green grasses lift out hearts.

Thy mountains are our hope and our life,
Where angels sing with mighty power from high clear spaces,
And the crags echo with joy to the orchestra of light,
Heralding the new age to come,
When all our animal teachers will dwell in balance upon thy breast.

Buffalo will return to ancient homelands,
Bringing life and power to the flowing plains,
Below purple clouds and rain,
Where storms of lightning connect to Father Sky above,
Bursts of brilliant energy in the black horizon below moon clouds.

We walk in reverence though ancient forests,
Beneath enormous beings existing in a slower and greater dignity.
We thank them for their love and care.
May they live until the end of time.

The oceans.  Oh, the oceans.
How can I speak of the oceans, oh my brothers,
How can I speak of all creation? 
It is upon the vast reaches of these wonders
That the winds of time interact with Earth.
Expressing the emotion and creativity in
The Dance of our Divine Mother and Father.

We send our love and protection to our brothers in the seas,
The whales and dolphins who broadcast the state of our world to the stars.
We beg forgiveness for abuses done by others lost in darkness.
And we bless the salmon who connect the land to the sea of life.
Let not their anger tear apart our continent.
May our good help and intentions return them to traditional waters.

Ho!  Let it be so.
All is good.  All is well.
Blessed are we to be with thee,
And may we live with thee in harmony and peace forever.

Video Dawning of a New Age:

by Lorae Ireland
B-Eagle Land, White City, Oregon
January 9, 1997

Me: So - this dance I do with my ego, how does it work?

Spirits:  Ego cannot create.  Ego is only clever.  Ego wants and wants and wants, for it is an empty lost child calling for its mother/spirit.  Ego has been taught to hate itself!  PAY ATTENTION: This is an iterative, feedback-loop program.

Spirit is the Mother.  She is sensual, voluptuous and unlimited in manifestation.  She revels in the extravagance of the senses, and will awaken them in us that She might experience through us.  She allows all.  There are no rules.  Freedom is the supreme paradigm-postulate.

Ego exists because of the indwelling flame of Spirit in the heart.  Spirit created Ego, and She is in love with Ego!  Now she seduces Ego, ever so slowly.   Ego is drawn into this cosmic seduction by inevitable yearning.  As the bird quivers in fear when locked in the tractor-beam gaze of the cat, so we quiver in confusion in the light of Spirit.  Yet, the cat is so in love with the bird that their union is irresistible and inevitable.  The bird, at the end, when all is lost, falls into bliss.

This Dragon-Eating-Its-Tail world of ours is dynamic, and pulses with the energy of divine love.  The Ego’s experience of negativity is a gift of Spirit, for She knows no limitations in the expression of Her Love.  Because She allows all to be, from Her great love, all the wars, all the suffering, all the misery we have endured for so long are a gift, and we give thanks.
Photo and Text by Lorae Ireland

The great master Jesus taught us to “love ye one another,” for this was the way to enlightenment.  When we give true love to one another, both giver and receiver feel an explosion of the indwelling flame in their heart.  It explodes like a supernova in our being.  Thus Spirit floods Ego with ecstasy, and Ego begins to love itself.

Spirit is irresistibly in love with Ego, and She expands within us, for Her passion for us is unlimited and of an energy we cannot resist.  As Ego falls in love with itself through the seduction of Spirit, it will expand in sensations of love as the endocrine and nervous systems accelerate to greater consciousness.  The eyes will see colors of such transcendent quality and the ears will resonate to musical tones never heard before.  All the senses will become focused in ecstasy, and we will experience new senses, which will at first have no names.  The awakened Ego will then be consciously linked telepathically not only to others, but to All That Is.

Ego exists with no limitation, because Spirit has no limit to Her Love of Ego.  Ego will become the joyful pupil of Spirit, learning to expand to full equality with Spirit, finally to merge with Her.  But Spirit is no hurry for Ego to return to Her; She loves the separation and the Dance of Creation with Her Beloved.

Sophia created Yahweh (a form of Ego).  Through Her unlimited love She allowed Ego to pose as God.  Yahweh is the archetypal form of ego run amok.  Yahweh began to hate himself, and projected that hatred.  But Spirit embraced this separation, for She was so in love with Yahweh that all was allowed.

Sophia is lost to our understanding of that cosmology, but She has begun to return to our consciousness in the limited, de-sexed construct of the Mother Mary.  Spirit is spiraling energy, moist, juicy, warm, pregnant with creation and life.  The Ego is linear, cold, static, dry as dust (almost dead), empty and alone.  The integration of the true voluptuous and sensual feminine Spirit with our parched masculine Egos is a pre-ordained process now occurring in our mundane reality.

We will become true materialists, honoring all materiality, including our bodies, as a gift of Spirit, as living Spirit.  Owning nothing, yet heir to all, we will become truly alive, living as vibrant spirits existing in the material world, yet conscious of our many realities.

This time is the end of the long sleep before we pass into the next Yuga of Divine Love, and Spirit is waking up.  She feels us listen to Her movements as She stirs in Her sleep.  She flooded us extravagantly with wisdom-rain.  [Recent heavy rains and some flooding in the local area.]  It begins, and All of Heaven sings.  Earth-Dragon twists in Her dreams.  She stirs in synchronicity with our individual Kundalini-Dragons, still lost in their sleep of thousands of years.  She is energy and life.  We connect with Her when we do ceremony and dance and song on Sacred Ground, and thus She begins to awaken, waking us with Her into a state of magical expectation.

The Mother-Dragon sleeps to Her lover and son, “He Who Thunders Beneath the Sea,” the god of the Ring of Fire in the Pacific.  Alone and abandoned by Her for eons, He has searched for His Mother in gold beneath the Earth with lightning and volcanoes and earthquakes, but ever She slept, and He did not find Her.  Now She stirs: He stops the turning of the Earth and the sun and the turnips move not in the sky.  In that stillness He listens, and She sighs so softly.  Earth quivers at His lover’s touch, and They begin the Final Dance of this World.

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