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#1 Sun 5th Oct 2008 07:04 pm

Registered: Wed 18th Jun 2008

What are interesting movies?

I mean music or movies that has profound meanings and disclose a lot of metaphysical truths.

I'll start


some Pink Floyd


Fight club
The Cube
2001 Space odyssey
The Truman Show
The Matrix
Donny Darko
Dark City

I think all the ones I mentioned are so obvious that I don't need any explanation.  But I am sure there are a lot of interesting things out there.



#2 Sun 5th Oct 2008 07:54 pm

Registered: Fri 4th Apr 2008

Re: What are interesting movies?

The movie "Into The Wild" is really awesome.  I recommend it to everyone.



#3 Mon 6th Oct 2008 03:37 am

From: Nova Scotia
Registered: Fri 25th Jan 2008

Re: What are interesting movies?

For me, Stargate, the movie and TV series
V for Vendetta
The fountain
Lord of the Rings trilogy


The Doors
Gustav Holst
Constance Demby

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#4 Mon 6th Oct 2008 04:58 am

Paragon Paradigm Parabolist
From: Where am I? Where I AM.
Registered: Tue 26th Feb 2008

Re: What are interesting movies?

I've gotten into a funk funk over the past two years after starting with Parliament Funkadelic (and even meeting George Clinton!). The music has a ton of energy, a certain heaviness and just exudes positivity - I can't stand the radio so searching for gems in the rough has been a lot of fun and I'd love to share some findings. Thankfully people have been uploading music crates full of rare albums for others to find and enjoy.

The Purpose - Dustcracks, Bugs and Roaches

Eddy Senay - Zambezi … y_zambezi/

JJ Barnes - You Owe It to Yourself

Carl Sherlock Holmes - Black Bag … black_bag/

Southern Energy Ensemble - Energy

Dorothy Ashby - Windmills of Your Mind … your_mind/

Remember I Said Tomorrow - Swamp Dogg

Spirit of Atlanta - Buttermilk Bottom … lk_bottom/

William S. Fischer - Patience is Virtue

Mel Brown - Chunk a Funk … nk_a_funk/

Black Merda - Cynthy-Ruth

African Music Machine - A Girl in France … in_france/

Purple Image - Living in the Ghetto

Lee Moses - California Dreaming … _dreaming/

The Propositions - Africana

Overton Berry Trio - Hey Jude … _hey_jude/

Sorry about the big list, but it was pretty hard to narrow down... movies are a whole 'nother can of worms!  Both in one thread?!  That's loco!  I'll narrow down a good list later on...

oh and for some group I just found recently that isn't funk, Dr. Dog - My Old Ways - great lyrics and fun video!

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#5 Sat 1st Nov 2008 06:01 pm

Would-be Shaman
Registered: Fri 22nd Feb 2008

Re: What are interesting movies?


Tool - particularly albums Lateralus and Aenima

Within Temptation


Immortal Technique


The Fountain

The Last Mimzy

Life Force

The Island

The Machinist

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The Exorcism of Family Rose

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#6 Mon 3rd Nov 2008 02:32 am

Registered: Wed 18th Jun 2008

Re: What are interesting movies?

I just watched Gattaca which was recommended to me by a friend and very interesting.  It definitely is a movie with deeper meanings and spiritual metaphors.  The final scene symbolizes ascension.  The final quote says "For someone who was never meant for this world, I must confess I'm suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Of course, they say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star. Maybe I'm not leaving... maybe I'm going home. "



#7 Wed 5th Nov 2008 12:39 pm

Registered: Tue 4th Nov 2008

Re: What are interesting movies?

Loving it. Seems 'Into the wild.' is a favourite here. It certainly is an insightful story.
Can't say much, must contain plot.
Strikes me, a photo, is happy,enlightened and prepared, perhaps.

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#8 Thu 27th Nov 2008 11:04 am

From: ∞
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Re: What are interesting movies?

Who here loves Jim Henson movies? I think the man was a pure genius and of the greatest imaginations ever smile
Especially The Dark Crystal. That movie was so brilliantly written and the puppet designs are so beautiful ^_^



#9 Wed 3rd Dec 2008 01:28 pm

Trouble Shooter
From: ...a booth in the midwest
Registered: Tue 29th Jul 2008

Re: What are interesting movies?

Yes, I watched "The Dark Crystal" after a recommendation on a similar thread on NR. It really is very, VERY symbollic, and would whole-heartedly recommend it!

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#10 Sat 27th Dec 2008 10:59 pm

From: 0xffffffff
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Re: What are interesting movies?

Adding a couple movies to the list:

Both are about AI/The Game, heh actually those are also movie names too hehe...

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