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Brown's Implications Of Turbo-Change

Bringing here from elsewhere...March 15th Announcement Coming!
Courtney Brown's Implications Postings - One Liner Summaries
#1 : ET's appear to have interfered with humans

#2 : Earth is run like a Prison Planet

#3 : Control is surrendered through our beliefs

#4 : Free will can return when people realise they have been manipulated

#5 : Memories are suppressed to keep us imprisoned

#6 : We all have some memories from "elsewhere"

#7 : Star Wars power comes from the memories it invokes in us

#8 : The best place to hide information is in plain sight, protected by ridicule

#9 : Control over the masses is maintained by authorizing what information is accepted as "real"

#10 : Many people stay passive victims, while awaiting change, not leading it

#11 : To change elites, and create a better world, a society must only change it's collective consciousness

#12 : RV shows that consciousness extends throughout all of time and space and does not die

#13 : ET's have intervened in human affairs to cause changes in our beliefs

#14 : The Big Announcement will come on March 15th

#15 : Revolution and a new era can come without violence, through new beliefs among the masses

#16 : Leadership of a country always reflects consciousness of the people; new ideas can change leadership

#17 : Action reflects a change in thinking, without it, there may be no change

"Let Your Spirit Soar!"



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