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#1 Mon 28th Oct 2013 01:29 am

From: imagination
Registered: Mon 3rd Nov 2008

NR chat room issue

Hi friends,

I would like to bring to your attention that the NR chat room is infested with script kiddies who exploit IRC channels to gain access to personal computers.  I've been observing the place for a while and I allowed them to attack my "honeypot" setup.  They were successful at the entry and set up back doors for later entries.  If you have no idea about such stuff you will not be able to notice the attack.   Just thought I'd mention it.




#2 Mon 28th Oct 2013 01:09 pm

From: England
Registered: Sat 26th Jan 2008

Re: NR chat room issue

Thanks for the warning. Never been on NR's chat, but will bear 'script kiddies' in mind if I ever get tempted. I'm not familiar with that term but looking it up while using the library internet cafe probably ain't the best idea...

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#3 Thu 12th Dec 2013 02:50 pm

Registered: Mon 4th Feb 2008

Re: NR chat room issue

observing the place for a while

How long / what time period?

allowed them to attack my 'honeypot' setup

How did you 'allow' them to 'attack'?

▶ Can you give details as to the nature of the attack (profile)?
▶ Are you referring to those on the Chat4All IRC Network or specific users of the #noblerealms chatroom, and with the latter, can you give proof?

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