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The Classic Si-Fi Movie They Live Was A Documentary … e-was.html

The Classic Si-Fi Movie “They Live” Was A Documentary


Vatic Note:  Well, what can I say.  With all the insanity going on, this is just  another smiggen of it that has to be dealt with in the interests of truth and disclosure.  We did a 6 part series on Dulce and I live only about 50 miles from there on the Archuleta Mesa and know a lot about the area and the tribe that lives there.  In part 1, I included two different sources for the information, the first part is above the videos and includes them,  The second part from a different souce is after the videos, and both are very interesting indeed. 

This movie and the Dulce series, I am going to attempt in 3 parts to put these together.  They tie in very well.  Remember also, that I told you about my experience with seeing Bush Sr. begin to lose his shape shifting when he ran against Clinton and yelled at the POW's and MIA families during his talk in 1990.
This below might explain Bush Sr need to take Halcion that was banned every where else in the world.   

Am I saying this is true?  NO,  am I saying its NOT TRUE? NO!  What I am saying is "these days we don't know anything anymore".  The very best any of us can do is take something that is credible and speculate based on as much evidence as we have at the time.  Remember our motto.... keep an open mind,  and question everything including me, whatever I put up as well as questioning those you trust even less. Then do the research yourselves. 

Let me give you some anomolies to work with that I had to consider in putting this up.

1.  We have said many times, these people doing all this are either "crazy insane" or "not human", which is actually very true.  If anyone on lower economic levels were to do what these people have done, its sure they would be either in jail or in an insane asylum or a victim of the death penalty.  You do realize these people have committed mass murder and genocide, right?   I doubt anyone can argue with that.
2.  Geoengineering has been going with our atmosphere now for about 30 years. 
3.   There is an acknowledged and proven program of systematic depopulation going on, here, here and here.
4.  Lets also not forget that these INSANE ONES own the movie industry and tell us in advance what they intend to do.  Watch the movie the arrival and see how close it matches what you are about to see and hear.
5.   Remember, "Live Free or Die", is definitely a disinfo agent, but remember they always use truth and the try to direct you where they want you to go with it. So gleen out the truth and discard the rest.

Parts 2 and 3 move into a very indepth report on Dulce that was not covered in our 6 part series earlier in the year.  Its an interview with a whistleblower who worked there and gives great insight to Dulce and what is real and what is not.  Does this tie into the next two parts?  Try to remember what you read and saw so you can judge how close to a documentary this is.   You read and decide.   

‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper Drops Bombshell: “They Live” Was A Documentary - Part 1 … 51910.html
by Live Free or Die,  Before its News, Sept 27, 2013

Former wrestling superstar ‘Rowdy Roddy Piper’ has dropped a bombshell via Twitter,  the movie ‘They Live’ was a documentary. “They Live” was a John Carpenter 1988 film that starred Piper as a drifter who fended off an alien invasion and according to recent ‘Rowdy Roddy’ tweets, the movie was not science fiction but actually a documentary.



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Re: The Classic Si-Fi Movie They Live Was A Documentary

Solstice, you still knocking around? It's been a while.

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



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