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THE DILEMMA OF EVIL - Creator God Aton/Hatonn … 1380482173


Creator God Aton/Hatonn

It is important for you ones to know what is going on about you and further, WHY the workers of the evil coalition must work so hard at “winning”.

Those energy forms from the higher dimensions, who have been “placed” on your planet cannot move into a higher dimensional existence without throwing off of the evil.  They are simply not allowed in the Universal realms.  They are dense, low frequency beings who cannot survive the high frequency vibrations of a higher dimension.  In other words, they are isolated and bound to a third, or lower, dimension.   Oh yes, they can have “invisible” energy form but they cannot bear the compression of high frequency.

The desire, therefore, is to pull as many soul energies into density as possible, gain control of the planet politically and economically and kill off the overpopulation and free up lands and resources—hopefully to maintain enough balance to prevent the pole shifting.

Backup plan, for they do not expect the above plan to be successful, is to have a placement prepared in a third dimensionally secure place to “ride-out” the period of  time of earth shift.

From Chapter 13, “The Cry of the Phoenix”, Journal #11.



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