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#1 Mon 24th Jun 2013 12:53 pm

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Ancient Egyptian Statue Moves On Its Own … _ref=false

"I noticed one day that it had turned around," curator Campbell Price, 29, told NDTV. "I thought it was strange because it is in a case and I am the only one who has a key."

Price told the Sun this week that "most Egyptologists are not superstitious people," and said when he first noticed the object had moved, his first instinct was to wonder who moved it.

“But the next time I looked, it was facing in another direction — and a day later had yet another orientation," he told the Sun this week.

Price returned the statue to its original position and set up a time-lapse video, which he says shows the statue moving without the help of humans.



#2 Wed 2nd Oct 2013 05:50 am

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Re: Ancient Egyptian Statue Moves On Its Own

Oh okay you see that so they say it acted as a substitute in the tomb in case something happened to the body. So following the line of reasoning where the mummy bodies were preserved for when the soul would return, apparently we're supposed to understand they something had happened to the body so that statue was the recipient of the returned soul.

And that's why he's turning around because he's probably not happy about being on display in a museum instead of in the body that was preserved for him.

Yea he's probably not happy about that at all.


What a weird coincidence. kapitulation



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