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#21 Wed 19th May 2010 11:33 am

From: Nova Scotia
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Re: Return to Innocence

Was lost and is now found.

If the heading / topic title is wrong please go into the first post and edit the title..

___________________________________________________________________ God put me here to accomplish certain things.
I am so far behind I will never die.



#22 Fri 21st May 2010 02:53 am

From: Denver
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Re: Return to Innocence

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#23 Sun 23rd May 2010 03:07 pm


Re: Return to Innocence

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#24 Mon 19th Jul 2010 01:37 am

From: Denver
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Re: Return to Innocence

Peter Gabriel

"Solsbury Hill"

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill
I could see the city light
Wind was blowing, time stood still
Eagle flew out of the night
He was something to observe
Came in close, I heard a voice
Standing stretching every nerve
Had to listen had no choice
I did not believe the information
just had to trust imagination
My heart going boom boom boom
"Son," he said "Grab your things,
I've come to take you home."

To keep in silence I resigned
My friends would think I was a nut
Turning water into wine
Open doors would soon be shut
So I went from day to day
Tho' my life was in a rut
'Til I thought of what I'd say
Which connection I should cut
I was feeling part of the scenery
I walked right out of the machinery
My heart going boom boom boom
"Hey" he said "Grab your things
I've come to take you home."

When illusion spins her net
I'm never where I want to be
And liberty she pirouettes
When I think that I am free
Watched by empty silhouettes
Who close their eyes but still can see
No one taught them etiquette
I will show another me
Today I don't need a replacement
I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant
My heart going boom boom boom
"Hey" I said "You can keep my things,
they've come to take me home."

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#25 Sun 1st Aug 2010 01:58 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Return to Innocence

[Lights_of_RA] Digest Number 1270

Posted by: Janis Gilbreath

Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:20 am (PDT)

Saul: This is a Wake-Up Call No-One Will Sleep Through

07/21/2010 by John Smallman

Saul speaks

Every day that you live in the illusion, you are moving closer to the
exhilarating moment of awakening. It is a moment that you cannot miss,
because you have arranged your whole schedule within the illusion
to ensure your presence in that moment.
Your alarm clock has been set, its batteries are new,
and when it sounds you will awaken.
This is a wake-up call that no one will sleep through!
And when you awaken you will be fresh — and filled
with an energy and enthusiasm for life so far beyond anything you have
experienced in the illusion that there are simply no words to describe it.

The state of full consciousness — into which you are soon to awaken
is the state of blissful exhilaration for which you have been longing and
searching, and of which you have only the faintest trace of a memory . . .
just enough to be sure, at the very deepest center of your being, that it
truly exists, that it is where you belong, and that it is where you are
going. When you are asleep and dreaming,
there is a part of you that knows that you are asleep,
and at times in your dream state you are also aware of being in a dream.
It is at the center of your true and perfect being (which
is at present “asleep” or unconscious) that this faint memory of Reality
resides. It has been with you always, during all your human lifetimes in
the illusion. It is there to ensure that you continue seeking your way
Home, until you succeed in doing so — and awaken.

In the illusion you are never alone;
you are always accompanied, encouraged,
and supported by your wise and loving guides.
So although you can dally there,
perhaps even wander aimlessly for a while,
you cannot become so disoriented that you are unable
to find your way Home.
You are truly taken care of
in the most compassionate and understanding fashion
so that no permanent harm can come to you.
All that you can experience in the illusion
are illusory events and situations that will not and cannot last.
You are in fact eternally protected and eternally safe.
So, focus on that truth,
as it will assist you in your awakening process.

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#26 Sun 1st Aug 2010 10:25 am

Registered: Sun 20th Jun 2010

Re: Return to Innocence

Sad KNow News.

There Is No ReTurn To INNOCENCE.

Innocence Was Found to Be At Fault For The Horrors of ReIncarceraiTion.

The Old MUST Be Made New.

The ReTURN Will Be Made New.

As SophisiTicated-Innocence.

Don't Expect The ImPossible.

BeCome The ImPossible.

The Two-Dualed-Into-One.

And They Are ALive Together Happily Ever After.

So far we've been talking about Wisdom as though it were only composed of the two aspects, Mind Power and Conscious Energy. The fact is that since every unity is also a duality, each of these aspects also has its own important positive and negative attributes.
("Journey Into A Strange Land," Eloise Franco, pg.94-95)


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#27 Mon 2nd Aug 2010 03:16 am

From: Denver
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Re: Return to Innocence

Note the Context of this Thread:

It‘s not about naiveté .......

or … 840#p32840

The Parasitic Factor:

Life feeding on Life - Awareness feeding on Awareness. And to the degree that it exists, The ALL, of this Set, has Cancer.

This is a set-up Doomed to Failure.

What works is Symbiosis and Empathy (Which is the Natural Realm of "loosh").

or … 907#p32907

Duality and predation (and validation of pain and suffering) are the water in this fish tank - It’s what we “know" as interpreted by the “mind" parasite which seems like “self".

It‘s About: … 653#p50653

In This Life, This Current State Of Awareness,

YOU Decide:

Is The Universe At Large:

malevolent and parasitic


Beneficent And Symbiotic

The Choice From This Zone:

The Pleroma IS(IS): Beneficent And Symbiotic And Innocent,

Able To Explore With Abandon,

The HoloDeck Of Experience .......

until: … 131#p58131

The Deep Journeys Of ReDiscovery Show:

So Much More


this limited, manipulated, distorted, lunasite zone

was raided by mindless parasites

nothing destroyed,

but the contents jumbled and hidden .......

A Plan Devised

A Trap Laid:

Exterminators And Synergizers Sent IN

Total Healing

Return To Innocence

Return To The Truth Of Who YOU Really Are

^^^^^^^   ^^^   ^ AVX, “The Old MUST Be Made New. ^   ^^^   ^^^^^^^

The ReTURN Will Be Made New.

As SophisiTicated-Innocence.

Don't Expect The ImPossible.

BeCome The ImPossible.

The Two-Dualed-Into-One.” … 125#p47125

The Shattered Self

Those Aspects Of Soul that have given up hope or even died.......

Somewhere, Somewhen An Elixir, So Potent And Rare, Was Prepared

Then:   Carried To All Levels And To ALL

The Blue Liquid Was Given.......

Deep, Healing Sleep And Dreaming

They Enter The Chamber And Gently Swaddle The Sleeper They Hold So Dear

Then, To A Clearing In A Beautiful Forest Of High Magic

The Sleeper Is Laid Upon A Stone Alter

Dawn Is Approaching

And As The Light Grows

The Swaddling Veil Begins To Dissolve.......

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#28 Sat 7th Aug 2010 02:15 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Return to Innocence

Sleeping In The Light

Do you have anything worth living for?

As Lorien lulls him to embrace death, this is the question Sheridan answers. Freed from the fear of death, Sheridan lets go, and Lorien in turn imbues Sheridan with a part of his own life force, returning Sheridan to life. Together they depart Z'ha'dum for Babylon 5, where Sheridan, presumed dead, arrives in time to prevent a rebellion among the alliance races. During the remnant of the Shadow War, Lorien becomes Sheridan's constant companion, serving as counselor, teacher, and ally. It is partly with Lorien's assistance that Sheridan is able to defeat the Vorlon ambassador Ulkesh after the Vorlon involvement in the Shadow War begins. Most critical, however, is Lorien's role in bringing about the end of the Shadow War in 2261, by providing a stage for Sheridan and Delenn to speak to both the Shadows and the Vorlons, and showing the alliance races the truth behind the war. In the end, beseeched by the Vorlons and the Shadows as if by children to their father, Lorien agrees to leave the galaxy with them and the remaining First Ones, ushering in a new era in the galaxy.

However, Lorien reappears a last time, in 2281, when Sheridan returns to Coriana 6 during the last hours of his life, as he was enjoined by Kosh to do. When he returns, he initiates contact with Sheridan asking four key questions:

    * Who are you? (The Vorlon Question)
    * What do you want? (The Shadow Question)
    * Why are you here? & Do you have anything worth living for?
       (Lorien's Questions)
    * Where are you going? (Techno Mage's Question)

Lorien's questions are the questions mankind and the younger races are to introduce to break the stalemate between the Vorlons and the Shadows. Though Lorien does not need these to be answered, he asks them nonetheless, likely as a welcome to Sheridan. As Lorien enters the ship, he explains to Sheridan that they had not forgotten him. Lorien remains with Sheridan as he dies, and it is believed that he took Sheridan back with him beyond the Rim, joining the many First Ones there, though whether Sheridan does so corporeally or as an energy being like Lorien is an open, un-answered question.

When Sheridan arrives at the Coriana system, he is very tired, and he knows the end is near. The computer warns him that his life signs are fading, and Sheridan tells the computer to shut down. As the ship shuts down, Lorien appears to Sheridan and tells him that the First Ones have not forgotten him, and that they have been waiting for him beyond the rim of the galaxy. Sheridan asks if he can come back, but Lorien tells him that his old life is over and that it is time to start a new journey.


Angels Return


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#29 Fri 15th Oct 2010 01:20 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Return to Innocence

Even as we are the mapmakers of the current and future age,

even as we engage in the midwifery of a world becoming new,

and even as we reach for our participation in the Great Work,

our connection to our heritage, our connection to Lemuria,

can be pivotal.

It is the land that imagination forgot, and it can be key to unlocking

what of ourselves we have forgotten.

Open your heart with this short excerpt, a gift.

(See Also:

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#30 Fri 26th Aug 2011 01:52 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: Return to Innocence … 42&p=2


“My partner makes fun and he makes a joke. He talks to the rug. He talks to the ceiling. [This is a reference to Lee, telling the audience earlier about his dialogue with a new hotel room almost every other day. He talks to the elements in the rooms]. Well, I'll tell you, the elements in here are talking to you right now. All of the things that you think are static and without life-force are part of the bigger picture. It may shock and surprise you to know that they are all in support of you. The trees that went into making the pieces and the parts of the wood here still have their interdimensional life-force. The fibers - even those pieces of what you would call inanimate metal - have a life-force. The air you breathe has interdimensional life within it, and all of these know the master who is inside you.”


WE've all heard rumors about what a Powerful Technique Gratitude can be.......

But by golly, ya sure can't fake it !!!

That's why some time back, it became pretty amazing when
Genuine, Heart Felt Gratitude started bubbling up, Spontaneously, of IT's Own Accord !!!

And it started to apply to almost Everything - Specifically, The Essence of those things.

That's why it was such a grin to read about what Lee was doing (noted in #16) because Exactly the same things have been happening this zone !!!
~~~~~~~   ~~~   ~

A large attitude shift started a number of years ago after reading, 'Kinship With All Life'.......

And NOW, IT's Spreading


Must be the Noocytes of LOVE

Bringing US Home To OURSELVES.......

See Also


Mesotes - Matrix of Animal Powers

The Gnostic Christos and the Interspecies Bond

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