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#1 Mon 30th Apr 2012 08:45 am

~ zynox ~
Germinating Seed
From: Turn Around, Behind U! ;)
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transformative prose

a few pieces of prose i wrote in moments of some inner alchemy, reflecting upon and re-framing my experiences ...

static embrace

the world flows by
whistling and howling
so many interconnected
threads of others' emotions
weaving the tapestry of lives

time has ceased for me
leaving reality interrupted
as i squat and embrace static
releasing attachments and bonds

what remains
without a story
static embraced
essential potential
incendiary passions
an artist's own canvas
with infinite opportunity
to imagine in expressions
inspired within the embrace
of static's white noise
and silence's calm
static's peace
& stillness

key, always, in all ways

in all ways
remains true
without throttle
across the soulscapes
within realm of dreams
the surreal defining solid
with reality burned away
each word holds sway
delivered in our play
& each key may
open the way
every day
to say

Dualistic Excursions

it has been a beautiful journey,
feeling my deepest essence,
innocent and giving,
experiencing moments,
of remarkable shared love,
of pure relation and connection,
as two hearts and souls merge into one,
the entire universe an interconnected web,
of empathic majesty and amazing grace,
bringing the joy of celebrations,
uniting you and me to we,
till darkness enfolds me,
shadowing my core,
feeling the weight of wounds,
it becomes a bittersweet journey.

escape velocity

my spirit seeks
to flee the bounds
of this vehicle encasement

beyond momentary disassociations
i've wandered the spaces beyond often
and seek to become consciousness untethered

often i recognize all that it would really require
would be my unified agreement to depart
and without pain or intensity i'd vanish

so there must be some purpose
to refrain from reaching
escape velocity

reality surf

"Life begins beyond our comfort zone"
is were i swim, and as i live there,
that zone continues to expand,
becoming the wave front,
pushing me ever further,
outward and onward ...

i do encounter a lot of wild currents,
and crash into stuff a lot, so please forgive me,
if we bounce off each other out here ...

beyond tidal flows,
on the crest of waves,
propelled beyond comfort,
ejected into the vast unknown ...

journey sometimes experienced,
on the turmoil and chaotic side,
others upon wondrous glide,
in breadth on this ride ...

integrated differentiation


from polarity
she integrates
the differentials
into fused being

blending separateness
painting on one canvas
the energetic spirit's energy
into her beautiful self
with artist's way
& child's play
she may

drawings on the slate

moment by moment
we become a new we
shaped and annealed
in pure alchemy to be

releasing the questions
with answers not found
accepting the past
as walked ground

in this present we find
the fabrications of mind
scribing a unique story
imaginatively unbounded

reality is pliable
with creativity reliable
in the web of connectivity
we've encountered receptivity

with love beyond story
two hearts sweetly blend
to explore their multiverses
to experience growth without end
to share mutual reflections
to connect, love & bend
to love and to be
warmly, loved

her touch, lingers

i feel her essence flow
across my heart and mind
beyond distance, time and choices
her touch remains as a subtle caress

from her touch i'm annealed
in heartsong's transformations
sweetly impacted and inspired
weaving anew from the strands
she unraveled as she excavated

she embraced life
she smiled and laughed
she illuminated landscapes
with her presence and her touch
with her presence and her touch
she reflected my essence
she nurtured my soul
she colored my life

her touch remains as perfect reflection
her touch remains as beautiful colour
her touch remains as essential love
her touch remains deeply scribed

she will remain a presence and impact
she will continue to spread her touch
in the web of our interconnections
through the gifts she shared
gently, lovingly, with me
with her passions
with her grace

her touch, lingers

painted essence

she imagined
herself in passions
she intended to experience

she intended
herself in vibrant hues
she intended to embrace

she raised
her brush to canvas
and emerged in colours

she reflected
upon herself & creation
and smiled in the bliss of being

the forest awaits

venturing within
in active pursuit
stalking the sensations

all senses alert and engaged
leading to feeling the essence
of the energy and consciousness

the forest welcomes
with soft crunching underfoot
inviting each step forward and deeper

the forest welcomes
with light streaming through
illuminating the path to the heart

the forest welcomes
with a symphony of nature's instruments
caressing to the core with resonant vibrations

the forest welcomes
with aromas alight in delight
signaling cycles of life and decay

the forest welcomes
with a composite of tastes
blending sweetness, tartness and bitters

the forest welcomes
open to explorations
sharing its potential


in a multiplayer game within overlapping (individually interpreted) virtual realities, the range of our creations are constrained within the decision spaces that are dependent upon those we intersect with ...

many (or most/all?) of our experiences of joy versus pain are the direct results from having the awareness of this and the grace to navigate well, bringing our imagined creations into our present moment accordingly, with sensitivity to the cascading impacts ...

many of my communication challenges have been my failure to fully grasp this phenomenon ...

the state of happiness or sadness is influenced by our alignments and magnitude of our intended focused alignment, beyond many (or most?) of our situational factors (which are strongly associated with the result of our past choices) ...

i'd lost touch with the focused nurturing of my own alignment, accepting my perceptions of the world as just the way they were ... discounting that they are the product of my own free will to choose to embrace the positive and focus my primary energy and consciousness in that direction ...

may we each tend our inner landscapes reflectively, no one else may do this for us, they may only support our efforts when we are mutually aligned ...

in your reflections

i experience the majesty of your depths,
within the intricacies and subtle nuances.

each of your multifaceted reflections,
are an adventure in relation and excavation.

as i am touched,
as i am challenged,
as i am sweetly impacted,
as i find myself further,
in response to you.

my emotions stir, arise and flow,
baby, just wanted you to know,
you succor, nurture and glow,
and i continually grow,
in your reflections ...
with appreciation.

... balance ...

so many attractions and distractions
as we navigate, glide and ride the tide

bridging the seams of our dreams
reflecting and projecting our emotions in motions

as we prance through the pages of our stages
pulsing in & out of the equilibrium
symmetrically to proportion
dissolving distortion

an enticingly
exotic & erotic dance ...

Much Love,




#2 Mon 30th Apr 2012 09:24 pm

Eternally Evolving
From: here, now.
Registered: Mon 2nd Nov 2009

Re: transformative prose

There are many beautiful pieces here.  I love how some of them have a kind of sine-wave alignment to the length.



#3 Tue 1st May 2012 02:27 am

From: Denver
Registered: Thu 31st Jan 2008

Re: transformative prose




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