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#1 Sun 16th Jan 2011 11:47 am

From: San Simon, AZ
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What Do We Want?

May 16, 2002  more thoughts

Social organization - sexual pairing, families.  What do we want?

We want love, acceptance and encouragement from others.  Do we need life-long commitments for this?  Of course not.  People change, therefore, relationships change.  Marriages used to last 20 years, then the  partners died.  Well, we live longer now.  Not to make it into a tragedy, but, as the partners change, evolve, get older, wiser, whatever, the original partnerships loses its "glue," which is very ok.  So now, we're trying to develop a new way.  Not promiscuity, not loveless arrangements, but a new paradigm created by those of similar interests getting together to imagine our future.

In a great majority, the young in our culture cannot do this because they have been corrupted by the reptilian programming.  We, the elders, are those who still remember the pristine times of our youth, and have some idea of a better reality.  We must put all that we are into this creation.  Whatever we imagine, will be the reality of our next world.  Not to say that wise ones of the younger generation cannot give great wisdom, but, as a whole, it's up to us.  The younger ones need our encouragement and love.

No matter what the organizational structure, if the heart of man is not good, it (the structure) will be subverted.  It all comes down to the state of the human heart.  That is all and all.

We need to live together in groups of like mind for a common goal, that is, the good of the group, its community and other affiliations.  What is the good?
1)food, shelter, security, health care, water.  The basic necessities of physical life.
2)Clean air, quiet, green space, wild places and the right to be in them.
3)From 1 and 2, the means, physical and otherwise, to develop the concepts of improvisation, imagination, excitement, love, art, music and all creativity.  In other words, the means and the time to playfully create, including our living spaces and gardens.

My present ego is fed up with this reality.  Did "I" create this?

No, but you chose to come here to help those who had made that choice.

Well, I hate it.  And I don't see how I'm helping anyone.

Yes you are, yes you are.

Ok.  Well, I don't have any choice, because when I came here I agreed to have no way out - part of the contract.  But, if, indeed, I'm helping (in what way I do not know) others trapped here, then I'm very happy to be of service.



#2 Mon 17th Jan 2011 01:45 am

Tom Paine
Tom Paine
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Re: What Do We Want?

Good stuff, lorae.
Without our perspective, our rememberance of the way things were and could have been,
the young have nothing but the diseased programming of the controllers to guide them.

I keep going back to Jackson Browne's words from Our Lady of the Well:

"Across my home has grown the shadow
of a cruel and senseless hand,
Though in some strong hearts the loving remains.."



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