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#1 Fri 7th Jan 2011 02:37 pm

From: San Simon, AZ
Registered: Wed 25th Nov 2009

4-D Control Grid, 5-D

Posted by Gerard, my Aussie Matey, April 20, 2007 on

We found a new set of grid lines over the last few days which has gone
undetected which we have called the 4D grid.
It mimics the Hartman grid that runs north south, east west, and
seems t be around 7 metres apart.
Its crossing points are portals to entities and elementals and some
other unknowns.

We have found that the portals can be closed by using a Schumman gen
with the coil facing upwards(+up) that the portals can be closed.
Energetically his grid is life giving, but if the portals are closed
space clearing is increased.

More dowsing work needs to be done to learn more about this grid, of
whichl will keep you updated.


Posted April 22 by Gerard … ssage/8511

How we came about it was from a friend who was complaining about bing
attacked by entities coming from portals in her house.
We had corrected the fault line and other geostress in the house, but
the portals had nothing to do with the hartman curry grids.
So we dowsed the possibility of another grid.
We found that the portals were the crossings of the north south east
west grid lines which were around 7 metres apart.
All of the portals fell within these grids.
The grid lines were around 1 metre wide, big enough to get machinery
through, as Lorae pointed out to me.  [I'd told him about what we'd seen on Mt. Shasta. - L.]


It is interesting to note that only a device that contains a Scarab
coil will close these portals.Although l suspect that a SBB coil will
do the same.
Its got to do with the polarity and intensity of the coil that works.
l tested some devices that didn't contain(yes l actually do make stuff
without a
scarab coil, when l am feeling lazy)coils and they did not work.
Maybe the coils have some effect on UG inhabitants that use these
portals to come and go undetected.hhhmmm
Since shutting down the home portals life seems a bit more relaxed.
The younger ones who are more suseptable aren't so snappy and the
animals(dog and cats) seem calmer too.



The Scarab Ring, made with a Scarab Coil, works with the scalar waves
from the body and greatly (1,000x)enhances them. These waves (the
various colored rays) emit from the various chakra and are controlled
by the focus of the mind.
Here is some more info on this grid.
TPTB are well aware of this gridand use t to their advantage,our loss.
The regressive ets have been using it to facilitate abductions and
other nasty stuff.
They have been using it for remote viewing pruposes.
It does interract with the other know geopathic grids, but how l
haven't worked out yet.

l need a good RVer, Gerry,to see if by closing the portals in a
paticular location will block out any RVing.That will be interresting.

Thanks Lorae;-)

l had an chance to dowse a bedroom where the occupant had seen a ghost
twice in the last 3 weeks.
The spot in the bedroom where the ghost appeared happend to be exactly
where the 4D portal was!!
Good varification of what l am talking about.
Then again in another house where a ghost had been seen in a hallway
was another 4D portal.

Now l have found that where a turellic point and a portal occur at
the same spot, we have the ability to neutralize all fault lines,
curry and hartman and watervanes, and at the same time closing the 4D
grid portals!!!!
So l suppose we gotta give these new more powerful points a name.So
lets call them Greater Accupressure Points.
The extra benefit from this is an increase in Bovis by around Bu30000.
It has something to do with removing the negative energy created by
the emotional imprint left by the discarnate spirits.


From an old post of mine at: … =1&l=1

All the dimensions co-exist with 3D "reality". Have we moved into 5D?
Good question. Maybe partially... Look at the level of
consciousness of individuals; if they're still stuck "here", then they
have chosen 3D, and, conversely, if they seem more aware and have a
broader viewpoint, then it's possible that they've moved on to a
higher dimension.

Aside: I've thought for several years that some of our animals, birds
(and bees) have left this 3D world, partly because of human abuse.
It's no secret that the songbirds have declined by over 85% in the
last 30 years, and even the SHARKS are becoming more rare. Antelope
in the West are becoming scarce, when even back in the 80's they were
seen everywhere. Caused by pollution and habitat destruction?
Partly. I haven't read anything about plants disappearing, but that
doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Frogs are leaving, too. When the cetaceans disappear, the game is
almost over.

See, I believe that Earth is going through a kind of mitosis, but will
split into two very different entities, one still in 3D and another in
a higher dimension. The humans who refuse to raise their
consciousness (and almost all of them have had over 70,000
incarnations to learn the drill) will stay, by their choice, in 3D, in
the ruined 3D world we are now creating. Others, again, by choice,
will be found in the higher dimensional Earth. Even the Bible
mentions this - see there are many truths there, buried in the disinfo
put in place by our lizard-buddies.

So drink the "DAWN WATER" folks, and raise your consciousness! … p;#entry37

Even if this mitosis takes another 50 or 100 years to complete, Earth
is now moving into a part of space, or being hit with "rays" (oh, THAT
again...) which are of a higher frequency, for want of a better word.
Those who are not aligned with that higher rate will simply not
exist, at least in that particular "reality".

Back to the 3D world of the mitosis: This present world is, indeed, a
"prison planet" and has been in "lock-down" for tens of thousands of
years. This "lock down" could NOT have taken place unless the
consciousness of humanity was low enough to permit it.

Genetic manipulation? Maybe... But, consider that our very genetics
are such a mix of various ET critters, that maybe we were created by
manipulation? Just wondering. However, I DO NOT buy Sitchen's
proposal that we were created by the Anunnaki. Some maybe, but not
ALL of us. See:

And read Michael Harner concerning the reptilian claims to having been
our creators:
and my memories of dealing with these critters:

(Aside: I just watched the Alix Collier videos. He's about 99%
correct, which is a LOT more than you can say about other information
on the subject, Stewart Swerdlow, for one. )

So what will be different about "The New Heavens and the New Earth"?
All the Star Beings who volunteered to come here to help out, to be
the leaven for VERY soggy bread, will not be present in the 3D world
after the mitosis split. They've had enough. Some have incarnated
here thousands of times, and, for their trouble, were laughed at,
ignored, and usually tortured and killed, often by the very folks they
were trying to help.

Now, understand that we are ALL "star-beings", but the greater number,
perhaps, were put here to be given MANY last chances to learn to
behave themselves. It's not a simple scenario; souls here on Earth
now have often spent several VERY tough lifetimes on Saturn (I'm one)
or Uranus to learn to "shape up", so we're looking at things more
galactically than just from Earth perspective.

Aren't you glad you asked?


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#2 Fri 7th Jan 2011 03:36 pm

From: San Simon, AZ
Registered: Wed 25th Nov 2009

Re: 4-D Control Grid, 5-D

May 12, 2007 at … ssage/1041

Hanging out in the hot springs this morning, I did a "clearing"
(trying to make it rain). This spring is surrounded by trees and is
very beautiful.

Since I was trying to replicate what Wilhelm Reich had done with his
cloudbuster vis-a-vis the negative spacecraft, I thought to make the
trees into living cloudbusters. Immediately, they told me that that
was exactly what they've always done. I knew that trees create rain,
but I really had no idea of the protective work that they do for Earth
and us.

If you "look" at a tree, you see tremendous energy going up the trunk.
It looks somewhat like moving parallel lines. Then look at the
leaves and the crown; the aura, if that is what it is, goes out rather
a long way, somewhat in waves, a pale light, probably white, but
against the sky it looks very light blue.

So trees protect. Therefore, it's good practice to have large trees
surrounding a house.

So, PLANT A TREE! or trees! And thank trees for what they do for us.
Don't buy a cut Christmas Tree, buy a live one and plant it later.




#3 Fri 7th Jan 2011 04:18 pm

From: San Simon, AZ
Registered: Wed 25th Nov 2009

Re: 4-D Control Grid, 5-D

Posted by Gerard, … ssage/6711

From my resent research.
Lots of hospitals birthing wards and any other seem to have Cathy
grids running through them.
Thats so that the greys can make bogus contracts with us as newborns
to allow direct access to us through our entire life.
The Cathie grid seems to be a conduit for them.
If your unlucky enough to be one one your gonna have a disrupted life.
l have dowsed about 20 properties with Cathie grids through them and
its interesting the anomolies if have found.
Lots of abductions, some bleed through in either conscious or
And thats where the traumas can begin.
One a few days ago the poor woman living in her childhood home where
her childhood bedroom was over a crossing and had an antenna below.
Now cant stand to be in parts of the house where the grid runs for
more than a few seconds.
l saw her personality change from very pleasant to extremely agitated
when placed within the grid.
She was experiencing unconscious bleed through.
Lots and lots of breeder hens!
Another beautiful girl of 40, no kids, lived all her life in Cathie Grids.
Born, again, at a hospital host to the grid.

Your magnetic field polarity is thrown right out with the Grid.
If you think that EMR can do a good job at that then go see what the
Cathies do!!!
Everyone we see that is in it have their auras horribly messed with.
Some with big hole in the back probably to aid the hidden control by
whatever in 4D.

They are about 5 metres wide, just wide enough to get their transport
though also.
l think that the grid dimensions shown on Bruce's world map CD
represents the antennas, but the real grid is as small as the Benker
Grid and as large as around 1.5ks square.

Something else l realized, all earth magnetic grids are what were the
Crystal Grids.
l read a lot of stuff from people about the crystal grids, but knew
that none of them know what they were talking about.
The grids before they became screwed by EMR world wide, had a very
high negative ion resonance, like crystal, that is how they got their
name, probably from mythology, another form of bleed through.
The phone towers that are placed on the crossings are the perpetrators
of the positive ion polarity that they are now, everywhere.
There a good excuse especially after the embarrassment and attention
that the original rood top antennas attracted back in the sixties in
some New Zealand towns, of which do not exist ant more.

More to come on this, its big very very big;-)

Gerard … ssage/6443
Back a few weeks ago while on the Gold Coast l came upon a bloke doing
some strange rain making work using an energized plate set up on a
golf buggy.
He was walking this buggy around the ground in big figure of eights
around 50 revolutions, so to speak.
He was walking clockwise through north and counter clockwise through
south.Thats important.
What he was doing was creating a standing wave of energy that emanated
high into the atmosphere, similar to what a CB is supposed to do.
So that he didn't attract attention he was doing this work at 10
o'clock at night, and l don't blame him.
You could look pretty stupid if you did this down at the local park at
10 in the
It is best done between the new moon and full moon, not after the full

So today we finally got a chance to dowse/test its validity.
As far as effectiveness goes its about 150% more effective than any
Although it was only a temporary measure it had a much higher reach
than any CB can achieve.
It also was far more portable, and a hell of a lot cheaper.
The work being done back then by this bloke WAS responsible for all of
the rain that Queensland had during February.
The only problem was that this type of operation during the wet season
was probably too good.
Maybe he should have waited until June for

As far as Melbourne is concerned, it would be potentially disastrous
to do during the months of March, April, September and October.
But months from November through to the beginning of March would be of
most benefit.
Thats when the weather manipulation machine seems to do most of its

What would also make this operation even more efficient would be if it
were to be performed over a Cathie Grid line.
Which is responsible for our global warming, starting back in 1966,
not 1996, as those lying turds called the media have us believe.
We have found that if a section of the Cathie grid is harmonized back
to negative ion, then there is a big chance that its oxygen
destroying, weather manipulating abilities are greatly hampered.
Probably because it dissolves its ability to harbor 4D ET predators
secretly roaming about in a cloaked manner screwing with the elements.

If anyone fells up to the task l will have 300mm diameter disks
available for $40 each.

You just need a wheel barrow or some other type of carrying mechanism
to hold the disk in, a back yard and the energy to do the work.
In fact the whole process is even good for the bodies energy field
balance if you understand the benefits to our wellbeing of labyrinth
walking, and an understanding of mobius coils within the heart.




#4 Fri 7th Jan 2011 04:47 pm

From: San Simon, AZ
Registered: Wed 25th Nov 2009

Re: 4-D Control Grid, 5-D

July 4, 2007 at … ssage/1783

Re: earth pipes and gifting

BEST and most effective, white and violet ray with Scarab Ring boost.
This need be for less than 2 seconds. Leave the area immediately,
because it WILL be sensed...

DO NOT write about any of this work in e-mails or posts. These are
simply hypothetical suggestions.

Another idea, but you decide, don't write later, "Well, Lorae told me...":

Hint, oblelisk. BE VERY DISCRETE. Many hidden cameras. Another HHG
(made yourself WHILE IN INTEGRITY) would do some interesting things.
You need leave it there only 1/2 hour. BE ALERT. PAY ATTENTION. If
you can't do that, forget it. In other words, if you haven't the
ability to feel and think with all of the senses of an animal at
night, you probably shouldn't even be contemplating this stuff. When
a "little voice" in your head tells you to skedaddle, it's best that
you pay attention.

Ex: Three years ago, I was swimming in the ocean at Adelaide and
noticed many small boats and yachts kind of suddenly showing up just
beyond the breakers. They started moseying my way. I got the hell
out of the water. My swimming partner had to be signaled. Paranoia?
Mebe. But when your hair stands on end, your body is telling you
something. So easy to stage a simple boating/swimmer accident.

Another time, hiking up near the Bighorn Medicine wheel on a road
closed to the public, my "advisors" told me to get off the mountain
NOW. I took care of what I had to do (Yeah, one of my back-up plans
if accosted by gendarmes was to pretend to be peeing!), then rushed
through the snow back to my car. As I was pulling out of the parking
lot, a jeep painted in camo came roaring up (The place was already
closed for the evening.) with four very grim big tough-looking
military-type guys in it. I sensed that they were pretty angry and
"loaded for bear" (who me?). Old granny here in her old car
putt-putted right across in front of them and down the road. I DID
keep looking behind me, but no prob. Camped off near the river in a
remote area where it felt quite safe.

There's more...

I'm NOT advocating fear or paranoia, but rather, simple common-sense
alertness. Camping alone in a tent in the desert lands and all over
the West for three years, I learned quite well to know when I was
perfectly safe and when that was not the case.

Integrity: Dowsing above 200 on Dr. Hawkins' Scale of Consciousness
See next post



#5 Fri 7th Jan 2011 04:57 pm

From: San Simon, AZ
Registered: Wed 25th Nov 2009

Re: 4-D Control Grid, 5-D

And nearly every structure that has a height to width ratio of 2:1 or
greater is Solitron.
That means every tall building and war memorial structure in every
CBD is an Solitron.
And that is what should be gifted because the Solitrons create ley
lines the are bands of positive ion around 5 metres wide in 8
directions from the Solitron, and every tall building that happens to
fall on any of those leys become Solitrons too.
And that is what the gifting organization WAS all about.

BUT polyester resin and aluminium-dorganite, even epoxy and metals
will not change the leys from positive ion to negative.
No scararb coil will do it either.
Only non mental epoxy gens with 6d frequency infusion will have the
ablility to do it.

That is why those muffins in the are USELESS.

Positive ion bands by the way promote cancer growth.
So those man made structures are designed to kill us all, slowly.




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