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#1 Thu 2nd Dec 2010 12:02 pm

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Montalk Article

'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



#2 Thu 2nd Dec 2010 01:32 pm

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#3 Thu 2nd Dec 2010 03:23 pm

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Re: Montalk Article

Thanks Sencha!

I'd like to highlight the statements that particularly appealed to me.

Corrupted Demiurge causing imbalance, it only makes sense that an equal and opposite force would be introduced by the Logos at some point to help restore balance.

In other words, Christ is “tech support” for a reality gone awry.
the other of spiritually liberation and awakening

Fundamentalists who try to reconcile the wrathful, jealous, tribal side of this chimera with the universal, loving, and compassionate side suffer a dissociative split that manifests as paying lip service to the spiritual teachings of Christ while allowing ego to express the jealous and wrathful side of Yahweh.
This is how the true Christ is kept out of Christianity, how intellectual arrogance leads to self-imprisonment through rejection of better ideas, and why the majority of humanity sees Matrix values as strength and Spiritual values as weakness. There has been an inversion between reality and illusion, truth and lies.

thinking intelligently and creatively toward paradigm shifting conclusions.

When one is filled with the genuine Holy Spirit, and not its Luciferic counterfeit that only induces hysteria, one is filled with the impulse of the Logos and becomes Christ-like in the sense of being repurposed toward the correction of the timeline. This infusion of Logoic energy activates the higher intellect and reorients the astral body to the divine impulse of spiritual love and the best of all possible futures. Through Gnostic revelation, wisdom, and love, one becomes a willing agent of the Universal self-correction mechanism. That is the true meaning of baptism, not the Ahrimanic ritual done in Churches, but the pouring of Logoic energy from above.

I would like someone to help me understand the next paragraph because I don't quite understand what he is saying, but, I am always looking for ways to get out of the mess. Too much time is spent on what everyone knows is happening in the Matrix, this website, that website, okay, we got it!!!!!!  Can't we do better than bomb shelters, buying gold, and predicting the next horrible thing to happen.  The people who tell us to wake-up are just perpetuating the same fear based mentality

To get out of this mess, genuine dualities must be seen as separate and distinct, false dualities as one and the same. The inverse is what allows the Adversary’s agenda to propagate.

I've implemented the inverse many times to shake people our of their binary thinking and most people react with anger. Most people are stuck in the ain't it awful doomsday thoughtforms and act in accordance with the emotional energies and conscious programming that they complain about.  Is there a special sapien school in which an individual can save himself from the lethargic destiny of humanity and eventually reach the world of the Hermeticists, magicians, or awakened men. (women)?????  I would like to think there was a center to attend with a new pipeline to god but have'nt we seen enough of those already?

There aren't that many newly revealed truths here as far as I am concerned. Does good old fashion reason have to be myth based?  I like Montalk, always have, but ,isn't he a mere mortal trying to figure out the same mess we're in as everyone else?  I like it best when he sticks to reason. I would like to see him on the Elliot Spitzer show.

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#4 Thu 2nd Dec 2010 11:48 pm


Re: Montalk Article

This article was great. I'm definitely going to check out the gnostic handbook, and the stellar man. A very interesting take on the Mosaic story indeed.

I don't know if there's a way to S.O.S. to the Infinite Whatchamacallit without getting intercepted by nasties. I suppose the Moses story that montalk quoted is a good example of that. Moses thought he'd get the red phone up to god, but got a big nasty instead. sad

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#5 Fri 3rd Dec 2010 10:55 am

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Re: Montalk Article

I would like someone to help me understand the next paragraph...

- Well Voici, I finally managed to get time to print the article off today and intend re-reading it again this evening. I pretty much skimmed it yesterday, as reading long articles online does my head in and often gives me eye ache; so I'll try to let it sink in properly later on and then, if my fatigued Friday eve brain is up to it, I'll also try to make sense of that paragraph - and many others.

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'Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world' - T’ien Yiheng.



#6 Sat 4th Dec 2010 05:47 am

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Re: Montalk Article

I really, really enjoyed reading this, Montalk is the deepest thinker I have ever been exposed to. I will have to read it over and over to see if more of it will seep into my brain. But wow thanks everyone for posting and I have myriads of questions. But remarkable reading.

HOPE is the thing with feathers   
That perches in the soul,   
And sings the tune without the words,   
And never stops at all        Emily Dickinson



#7 Sat 4th Dec 2010 06:49 am

From: Ardoise Nova Scotia
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Re: Montalk Article

I was born again thirty years ago.  The first thing that God told me to do was to stay out of the churches and put down the bible.  And yes I know how that sounds.
Twenty years later God told me to fast and return to church.  For the twenty years I did not know that when I was born again it was the Holy Spirit that filled me, so I told folks
it was Gods love that filled me.  I will tell you that it is something one never forgets, or ever gets over, it has been over 30 years but it is like yesterday to me. Love filled me in a manner in which I could feel my cells filling, really I felt my cells filling with love, and when it  had filled me it came out of me and into the room I was in.. and filled the room.

Since that time I have moved in one directions,  I quit drinking, I quit smoking, I no longer eat meat, or any product that causes pain and suffer to an animal or a person.
I have cleaned my language and my mind..

When  God told me to fast I did not know what fasting was, and the only fast I had ever heard of was the fast Jesus did in the desert, the forty day fast. So I did that fast.
Folks said oh you will get will be so tired,  for the first twenty days I had to execise two hours a day to burn off the excess energy. It was a wonderful blessing. I am fasting now for Advent, I am doing the Daniel fast.. veggies and water..

Was I surprised, you bet, I hated God, that evil piece of garbage from the bible who killed children and stoned folks.. and God was not a fan of mine either.  My thing was that God did not exist, and if he did he certianly did not deserve any worship as he was a evil nasty piece of work. I saw folks who believed as easily lead astray, folks who needed to believe in something.  Rubes if you will..I had preached against God for all of my life.  I was a heavy reader as a child and went to church with my parents.. I was shocked folks liked this God, he was a killer who said Thou Shalt Not Kill.. to a child this was not right.. and so began my journey to bring this God down.. but in the end.. I cried out to him to save me.. and he did. But you have no idea how stubborn I was, how much I had to see and live to reach the point where I cried out to him.  My last words before I did was my curseing him,  and shaking my fist at the sky and saying Look what you have I sure knew who to blame.. even while I was saying that there was no God.

That is my story of the Holy Spirit..



#8 Sat 4th Dec 2010 07:00 am

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Re: Montalk Article

Welcome to ND, Sharon : )  Wishing You Well!

YOU made the Connection...YOU were Meant to...YOU Responded...YOUR Way : )

And You went with Prompting to Action in a Selfless, Loving Way...That is All of It...YOU are Changing the World!

I Honor You!


...editing this in because of Voici's post #9...Hi Voici, Wishing You Well!

You do not know me , just some tidbits...

-I am non-religious

-Unconditional Love with Wisdom

-There is a Creator that does NOT gender...just IS...Great Source, Great Spirit...
We are breaking away from 3d negatively influenced man-made control...shift IS here...
WE must(by choice) Act Selflessly(Wisely) and We Will get Higher Help...Extensions of Us...Descendants, Ancestors...ALL different Higher Spiritual Connections involved...nowso in time(as we know it) more than ever.  Creator(Source) is way beyond all of this and experiences everything through Us in some way.

-We are IN a unique Time of Change like no other, ever...WE can help influence this Change at many, many levels in a very Good Way...and many on Earth have chosen to step up and do so, NOW!
I had a wild and wonderful awakening 1/2007...on a Native American Hill in MA that was a burial ground and ceremony hill of the Nipmuc.  I have been living 'unattached' from society(as we know it) for the last four years working with different people and groups that are helping these changes unfold...these people and groups have NO affiliation with any one belief other than that we are very powerful spiritual beings and we simply help these changing times unfold each in our own selfless way.

-You say God...I say Prompting...and simply self-processing that Prompting wisely and acting on it selflessly.

...that should be enough : )

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"Let Your Spirit Soar!"



#9 Sat 4th Dec 2010 09:55 am

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Re: Montalk Article

When a person accepts religious doctrine as absolute truth they stop questioning and stop searching for the actual truth. This limits how spiritual a person can be because the more we learn and know about nature and our surroundings the closer we are able to become with universe. Assuming the answers builds separation between yourself and the world but discovering the answers builds connection. Some may feel that learning how things work removes the possibility of spiritualism just as it can kill a good magic trick but this is not the case. Take evolutionary biology and genetics for example. Through new studies in these fields we have learned that all of life consists of the same 4 base pairs in our DNA and the only thing that makes us different is the order and combination of our DNA. We now know that humans are not separated from all other life as the Bible claims but rather that we are all connected sharing the same building blocks of life as apes, birds and even flowers. This connectedness towards everything is very similar to the ancient Japanese spiritual belief that all of life is weaved together by a single spiritual force.  The difference between non-religious and the religious is that the non-religious feels no need to pretend to understand the mysteries of life and no need to create gods or religions to explain them.

from:  God Told Me To Do It (and I almost died.)



#10 Sun 5th Dec 2010 03:45 am

From: Denver
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Re: Montalk Article

As You So Eloquently Discern

WE Have God

For Some:

God / Goddess / ALL THAT IS

Those Genuine Creators

From Source

Those Empaths Like YOU

and we gots us god

and a slew of godz,


and the lunasites noted per #8 and #13

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