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I'd better post this now while my computer is still working, however slowly; got a virus that AVG can't get rid of.
By Lorae Ireland

First in a Series:
(1) Dawn Water
(2) The Rays, a Tutorial
(3) How to Stop Chemtrails

In 1991, I began to drink and cook with this water.  At the same time, I was working on another book, and in that book, had written that pure water blessed with the rays of the rising sun would purify. Fasting, meditating and drinking this special water would bit by bit raise the vibration (cell by cell) of the body and mind to clear the consciousness, lifting the whole personality to a state of listening to God. In some ways, it's like tuning a radio to the proper frequency. Anyone can do this.

As I collected the rocks for the medicine wheel, it seemed efficient and logical to get pure spring water from all four vortices at the same time, then to mix it in a single container. Every morning I treated this water in a clear glass jug with the first rays of the rising sun, using my hands to charge it with the White Light of the Father and programming it to give me the Christ Consciousness. I drank that water all throughout each day.

Almost immediately, I began receiving clear and precise information, but it came all at once. I always first made contact with my personal core group of instructors, whom I call Spirit Teachers, but there also were several groups of teachers from different levels. Sometimes they would connect me to the "great computer in the sky" for the vortex information itself. This impersonal source seemed to be impatient with my slow human mind and its inability to process large amounts of material all at once. Aligning my mental energies to such perfect intensity led me to become dissociated and dissatisfied with my life down here. At the same time, my false ego retaliated with overwhelming emotions of confusion and doubt, trying to get me to return to my former mind-state, and I wondered if I had gone mad.

Nevertheless, as if to emphasize the validity of the transformation, Spirit Teachers sent me a polyphonic four-voice cantata in Ab minor in the baroque style of the Bach family. I wrote that one morning while drinking coffee out on the deck. Using an ink pen, I made no mistakes, and went in to the piano only once or twice to confirm that a note was what I had heard. Given my thin musical background of playing a mediocre clarinet in school band thirty years ago, I had to admit that I was experiencing something more than a deranged imagination.

Then my Teachers told me to look for a configuration of stars on a Forest Service map of the Klamath National Forest. After getting that map, I marked all the larger mountains with red dots. I stayed up quite late that night trying to see the pattern of the stars but finally went to bed in defeat. However, the next morning I immediately "followed the dots," bringing out a series of stars within stars, described on page 62.

For the next three months, I put my conscious, logical, thinking mind on hold, and would look and look at the maps, forgetting myself and losing track of time. I have a somewhat photographic memory, so I believe that I was taking pictures to put in my mind. Then I'd sleep. The following morning, compelled to draw lines from various points to other points, I saw patterns; patterns of triangles, spokes of wheels and vortices occurring along straight lines. Unknown vortices became evident when many lines crossed at exactly the same spot on the map. Some of this latter type, which I call "derived vortices," are obviously large and powerful because of the many important ley lines intersecting at these places.

During this mentally fuzzy, but in other ways alert period of time, in an absolute frenzy of discovery, I saw that there was a unifying organization to many of the vortices of the West. Other separate, superimposed systems involved different vortices. The next few months I existed in a meditating and half-conscious state which alternated with the logical, awake state. The latter consciousness was used for the hours and hours of tedious and precise work drawing the lines, trying to compensate for the curvature of the earth and the lack of correlation of maps of different scales--all done on my too-small kitchen table. In the following pages, I have written in two states of consciousness; one mystical and the other the normal logical waking state. I decided to mix these two voices because it was exactly this state of being in two minds that produced the material for this book.

During that summer, strange paranormal events manifested--my horse was killed by lightning, and, as more peculiar events happened, I felt disconnected from my former safe life. Enormous stress came to the surface in my family, and I finally left my home with only my car, my dog, some camping gear and $200. Within a few months, my whole life had blown up into a puff of nothing. It's been almost three years since all of this, and I'm still trying to regain my balance. However, in spite of all the upset to my life, I would never want to return to my original frame of reference. My view of the universe is broader now. I've been shown a tiny glimpse, but there is much more to be understood. I hope that the following information on ley lines and vortices will encourage others more knowledgeable than I to further investigation.

My Teachers say that it's been many millennia since humans on this continent have been aware of some of this information, and the time has come for it to be known again. I want to be of service to Those in the Light, as was He, the Christed One, who is now, soon, in this time of enormous change, both geologic and in the affairs of man. to come again to this Earth, to this new Holy Land in the American West.

It opened my awareness, and in the course of a few months I wrote my unpublished books, I Remember Isha, Sacred Ground: Ley Lines and Voritces of the American West and A Tale of Turquoise.

Understand that up until that point, I had been "Ms Scientific" and had had no interest and certainly no belief in "The Spiritual", which I then considered to be nonsense.  Soon after starting to drink and cook with this water, my comfortable middle-class life was blown to dust and I began to travel, driving about the West camping out of my car and later, a trip to Israel to Engedi.  So, a disclaimer here: Drinking and cooking with this water may create drastic changes in your life. 


I get water from mountain springs and charge it in the rays of the rising sun. Spring water has some very special qualities and is the best water you can use. (Read Masaro Emoto's book, Messages from Water - see below.) However, if you can't find a spring, use the purest water you can find (right now I use tap water), but don't use distilled water, because it's not a good thing to drink.It leaches minerals from the body and teeth. Water is the universal solvent, remember.

You can charge quite a few gallons of water in one sunrise, because each one takes only a few seconds.

Use clear glass (plastic will do in a pinch) gallon jugs of water, removing the metal caps and putting the jugs where the sun will hit them. (Don't set the jugs on metal or concrete, because that would "short out" the energy.) At the moment the rising sun changes from orange to yellow - the full orb won't be in view yet -  the rays clear the water of past programming; that is, the water is "re-formatted" by the sun.

At the same time, I charge (re-program) the water with my hands, holding each hand near, but not touching the jugs, one hand on each side, with the sun's rays coming from a right angle to the plane of my hands and the jugs. My hands don't block the sunlight from the jug.  If you need to raise the jug to be hit by the sunlight, you can hold the jug with one hand and use the other for charging.

At that moment, say: "I charge this water with the Light of the Sun to bring me the Christ-Consciousness." As the water is charged, you might feel a slight warmth coming from the jugs to your hands.

In order to work with the rays URL=
you absolutely must raise your consciousness, and for that I drink this “Dawn Water:

Sometimes I leave this water sitting in sunlight all day long, just because. (I almost started a fire once, so be careful here!)  And now I’m thinking that swirling the water in a clock-wise direction (looking down on it) is a further addition.  However, I haven’t tried this yet. (2006)

This “Christ-Consciousness" is the high mental state of the Christos, which has nothing to do with the Christian religion. (This is how to raise your frequencies in order to communicate with our benevolent - they are not ALL benevolent!) Space Brothers.)

For those who are put off by the religious connotations, you can quite likely  accomplish the same result by calling to your High Self to bless the water or substitute “Cosmic Consciousness???, but I have no idea what the results would be.  When my Spirit Teachers give me information, I follow their directions exactly.  Who am I, with my flawed human consciousness, to improve upon those teachings?

Using this blessed water gradually raises the frequency of the cells of the body to that approaching pure light.

Disclaimer: You will change your life by drinking this water all day, every day, and using it in cooking. Even the worst of us can become Christed using this simple method. Disease organisms will not choose to be near a person operating at this higher frequency. You may notice that you drop a lot of bad habits, and no longer can stand to be near an operating TV. Food preferences may become more organic and vegetarian. Some friends or family may break ties with you. It's possible that you will completely change your way of living. Some folks have reported needing but a few hours of sleep.  Also, long-suppressed emotional issues will come to the fore and have to be dealt with.

Some may begin to "see", that is, to become clairvoyant, seeing through the veils of Illusion.  This happened to me almost immediately after beginning to drink this water.  I would "see" politicians and celebrities on TV morph right in front of my eyes into a sort of lizard being.  I told only one friend about this (naturally).  Five years later she phoned me to tell me that someone else knew about the Reptilians.  That someone was David Icke.

(A regression session soon after my terrifying look at the TV critters:  We were actually trying to find out why I was so concerned with Mary Queen of Scots, because I thought that I had been one of her servants.  We did go into that, and it turned out that the regressionist had been Elizabeth I!  There's another book coming about THAT one...  We weren't looking for information about the Reptilians, but it certain came up, actually at the very beginning of the session. )

Blessing bodies of water, oceans, lakes, springs, rivers and city reservoirs, in the rays of the rising sun will change our world. When I bless the ocean, I say, "I charge this water with the White Light of the Sun to bring the Christ-Consciousness to this world."

You can also program this water for healing by changing the words to "I charge this water with the White Light of the Sun to heal me (or whomever) from (disease or condition)." And, I've found that plants watered with this really thrive. Drinking and cooking with this water every day is an excellent preparation for using the rays from the chakras and the Scarab Ring. This water will never lose its charge.

You can dilute dawn water one part to six parts with uncharged water. The resulting mix won't be quite the same, but it will do the job. You can't use this mixture to create another batch; sorry, you'll have to get up with the sun! big_smile


To me, these photos taken by Masuro Emoto illustrate what we are doing when we bless water.

scroll down and click on:
"For the water crystal photos of water samples before/after the July 25 Ceremony???, click … rystal.htm … re=related


I’ve noticed that when I make ice cubes from this charged water, little thin spikes  about one-inch high form at the top of them.

It’s possible that charging water in the light of the rising sun gives it coherence.


I’ve recently (2006) discovered the work of Viktor Schauberger.  Swirling this water after charging might be a good idea.  I’m still thinking about this… … 9502040048 … re=related

Reprinted here by permission.

A post from the STA forum
Surfing the Apocalypse Forum

Q: I have been drinking nothing but distilled water for years -
with the rationale that all impurities would be removed.

Just curious what your opinion on distilled water is.

Water is the universal solvent.

Viktor Schauberger's work breaks water down to three basic stages of development. Immature water is distilled water. Rain water is water distilled by nature. It falls to the ground and sinks into the water table, dissolving minerals from the soil and rock strata as it goes... becoming adolescent. As it reaches its ideal energetic temperature, in the aquifer, of 4 degrees Celsius it begins to push its way upward, if possible through granite or limestone mountains, to issue forth as fully developed, mature mountain spring water... but it is still not fully vested in the natural energetics until it has tumbled several hundred meters down the vortice inducing rocky bed of the stream. At this point it is at the optimal stage for healing beneficial human consumption. Schauberger states that water harvested at this point and stored in breathable, usually terra cotta or wooden casks, in a cool place... and preferably in a container that is the shape of an egg or amphora, will continue a type of motion, in the container, that retains all of the natural energetics. He spent years demonstrating the validity of these hypotheses. He was big on the need for the drinking water to be fully blessed with the naturally acquired minerals of the earth for optimal health.

Given this, we now have people like Dr Mercola, and many others, coming forward with questions about the wisdom of drinking only distilled water. … _water.htm … ater_2.htm

Then you have the opinion of Dr Weil, whom I have found to promote some rather dubious positions to other health related subjects, and to quite possibly be a mouthpiece for big pharma. He seems to find no problem whatsoever with drinking distilled water, and assumes a rather quackbuster approach:

Personally, I think that somewhere between these two views lies a truth that each of us have to discover for ourselves. I think that distilled water DOES removed essential minerals from the body, as well as other possibly harmful substances. To what degree of severity to our health, I do not know. If you have a diet rich in BALANCED natural mineral sources, or regularly supplement same, this might be an inconsequential loss. On the other hand, if your diet is already deficient in these essentials, exclusive DW consumption might create a nutritional tipping point in one's physiology.

I think that DW is possibly the only way one can avoid ingesting fluoride and chlorine, as it seems that filtering and reverse osmosis does not affect these substances already in solution. I have never been able to find out if DW gets fluoride compounds removed completely, but at least it is far cleaner than what comes from the tap. Also, knowing that the skin, during bathing and showering, absorbs almost as much fluoride and chlorine as drinking does, it would seem that a large home distillation process might be required to actually eliminate these toxins from their presence in the body.

If you have been consuming distilled water for years, with no chronic health problems, I see no reason to discontinue its use.

Here is a brief biographical overview of Viktor Schaubereger, with a list of the better published translations of his material:

I recently acquired a PDF file of Schauberger's, The Water Wizard. I have not yet read it, but have skimmed enough of it to know that it is a good one. It is written by Callum Coats, who, in my opinion, has done the best work with Schauberger's writings. The definitive work is Coats', Living Energies, which I highly recommend...

Another recent study on the properties of water was performed by Dr Rustrum Roy, at the Material Sciences Labs of Penn State University. It is where awakening mainstream science meets Masuro Emoto's theories of the concepts of the molecular awareness of water. This is a peer reviewed paper. It can be read here:

Perhaps we are now becoming aware that we don't even know what we don't know about water. This is a step in the right direction. Maybe science will go back to the work of people like Schauberger and rediscover what knowledge has been there all along.[/SIZE]

Reprinted by permission:

Re: "Dawn Water"

The principle of "Dawn" was scientifically proven by Don Carlson, the inventor of Sonic Bloom. Early in his research he discovered that the bird-song of the dawn and actual sunrise is different than that of the remainder of the day. The plants respond to these special songs by opening their stoma and "inhaling" the dew of the pre-sunrise.

Vivaldi captured it in his "Spring" in his suite of the Four Seasons. Carlson eventually synthesized it into a mechanical "chirp" that is used in conjunction with his special foiliant spray fertelizer.

Merely adding to Loray's solid logic.

Philip N. Ledoux


Human hands glow, but fingernails release the most light, according to a recent study that found all parts of the hand emit detectable levels of light.

The findings support prior research that suggested most living things, including plants, release light. Since disease and illness appear to affect the strength and pattern of the glow, the discovery might lead to less-invasive ways of diagnosing patients.

Mitsuo Hiramatsu, a scientist at the Central Research Laboratory at Hamamatsu Photonics in Japan, who led the research, told Discovery News that the hands are not the only parts of the body that shine light by releasing photons, or tiny, energized increments of light.

Not only the hands, but also the forehead and bottoms of our feet emit photons," Hiramatsu said, and added that in terms of hands "the presence of photons means that our hands are producing light all of the time...

Sit in a hot springs or pool, relax and change your focus a bit, then observe your hands and feet. You may see a blue/purple glow extending about about 1/3 inch from them, especially the ends of the fingers and toes.


Somehow, I think that  "Dawn Water", raw foods and light are related:

...Biophotons and Food

Another important aspect of raw foods is the energetic aspect. Without light there is no health. We are human photocells whose ultimate biological nutrient is sunlight.
Dr. Johanna Budwig from Germany has stated that live foods are electron rich and act as high-powered electron donors and as solar resonance fields in the body to attract, store, and conduct the sun's energy in our body. The greater your store of light energy, the greater the power our overall electromagnetic field, and consequently the more energy is available for healing and the maintenance of
optimal health.

What Are Biophotons?

Biophotons are characterized by an extremely high degree of order and can be described as a type of biological laser light which is capable of interference and appears to be responsible for many effects which ordinary incoherent light could not achieve.

Its high coherency lends the biophoton wave the capability of creating
order and transmitting information while chaotic, incoherent light
simply transmits energy...


Side note:

I never did like that rotten old plagiarist blowhard Edison, but after reading several biographies of N. Tessla, I knew why.

The cancer risk has to do with artificial lights and disruption of melatonin production. My hunch is to go a step further, which is not to stay up much past sundown. For millions of years, our ancient bodies were exposed to only firelight after sundown, and probably not too much of that.

All those months I spend camping in the desert (with no lantern, thank you), I noticed that the state of my nerves got better and better. There were many factors, especially the lack of ELF waves (I was in a canyon, where cell phones wouldn't work), but it's likely that the lack of artificial lighting was one of them.


The negative ET's and their "human" lackeys are desperate right now and will resort to any outrage; they intend to take as many of us as they can down with them. Their time is almost up, due to the change and raising of energies coming in. Either Earth is passing through them or they're coming from space, but even the scientists are taking notice.

Richard Hoagland wrote a fairly decent article about the changes occurring in our Solar System at:

The lower vibrations simply will not be able to exist in these higher energies.

In 2003, Daniel Sheehan gave a talk (to a select group from Harvard Business School yet!) warning of these new and higher energies coming in. The gist of his talk was that we must raise our consciousnesses to the point where we can communicate with the highly evolved and benevolent Space Beings
(See )

and also to be able to survive these new conditions. He had been chief counsel for the Jesuits, so he most likely knew what he was talking about. Recall that the Vatican has a new telescope on Mt. Graham in Arizona, directly wired to the offices in Rome. Something is up, I'd say...

(Read Father Malichi Martin who was offed, not surprisingly;
Art Bell interview:

about "The Lucifer Project"

and Paul LaViolette]

These higher "frequencies" will be deadly to our lizard buddies, as well as to all "humans" who do not exist above about 230 or so on Dr. Hawkins' "Scale of Consciousness". "Power vs. Force: The Hidden
Determinants of Human Behavior" by David Hawkins

Getting above that 200 level isn't all that difficult; simply behaving ourselves and being kind to each other will do the trick. (The original "Christian" teachings...)

The Earth is moving into a section of space where the energies are higher, and, at the same time we're regularly getting smacked with GRB's of great intensity. (Maybe that's why the Earth is heating up from the inside?). We, all of us, absolutely MUST adapt to that higher vibration or we're toast. It's that simple. That's why you will see me constantly writing on the theme of making fundamental internal change.

Furthermore, we wouldn't have the lizards destroying us right now if we were, as a group, more enlightened. It won't do any good to "fight" them if we ourselves stay mired in Earth Consciousness (below 200 on Dr. Hawkins' scale ). All that will happen is that we will get more of the same, around and around again. Those who resist this idea can rant and rave all they like; it's just how it is, and their concepts of staying right where they're at won't change anything. Consider the dinosaurs..

Also, think of the enormous efforts the Lizards are putting out to drag and keep the populace at a lower level of functioning. They are using Fear, Rage and Despair at this time. Why not? It's always worked before. It's possible that their greatest concern is that we will start rising, rather than dropping down below the 200 level, which is where they can control us


This is from my unpublished book, I Remember Isha,  an account of my memory from that time, 2,000 years ago. Isha is the one known as [Y)Ishuah, or the Christed One. He did not originate this treatment of water; the Essenes at Engedi on the Dead Sea had been doing this for a very long time. … 6&st=0


Out of season, a steady warm rain was falling. In the misty evening, Isha began:

“Water. Water and light. The very raindrops are wonders of color, energy and light. A gift. Like all our Father’s gifts, they fall equally upon all. There is no judgment, no good, no bad. ALL ARE. And by being, all exists in love, because love is the very source of creation.

"Through the medium of water and light, the Father reminds us of His presence through the rainbow and the sunset, glorious depictions of His ever-present love. Love your Heavenly Father, the Creator of All, and you, His Children. Let your soul feel His Love, flooding your being with liquid energy and all the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow that appears so unexpectedly and magically in the mountain mists is a reminder to you of your relationship to God. It is a bridge to Heaven, the glorious colors lifting your consciousness to Him.

“Water is but a step down from quartz, and is liquid light. Light is of the Father, and water imbues this world with His Creativity and Love, existing in all life, crystals, ice, oceans, the clouds, the lakes and streams.

“All life on this world exists in a form of water, because water is of the essence of the Father, the essence of His pure love and creativity. Water contains all knowledge, and, when locked in its infinite12 crystalline form, holds that knowledge. The crystalline form [ice] is so varied because knowledge is infinite. This form can compress information and preserve it for tens of thousands of years.

“Drink the pure, sparkling waters of a high mountain spring. At such times, know that Mother Earth is speaking to you, imparting wisdom, which can be consciously accessed, merely by desire, imagination and faith. From the depths of the Earth this water comes, imbued with this World and its history, its present and its future. Drink. Drink in a state of reverent purity—and know God. Listen to the small birds who gather at such a spring. Your Elder Brothers do speak to you and guide you so.

“Look at the still clear water of a pool from such a spring. Such wonders, such wisdom, so transparent, so beautiful, as are our true selves, beings of glorious, pure light. Know yourself. Look into the deep wonders of such a pool and know that you are viewing yourself, a being of light and song.

“The oceans. Oh, the oceans. How can I speak of the oceans, oh, my brothers, how can I speak of all creation? It is upon the vast reaches of these wonders that the winds of time interact with Earth through the mediation of water, expressing the activity of the Father. All who have been upon these waters can attest to the life and emotion sensed there. The seas most directly express the great power and creativity of the interaction between our Heavenly Mother and Father.???

Isha taught methods of reaching the state of true communion with God, or opening the door to the Christ. He said that the first major step was the very desire to accomplish this; then to pray and meditate in a state of child-like simplicity combined with the physical efforts of fasting and drinking the pure blessed water, described below.

Isha usually spoke until dawn, and the men left in the first light of morning. Isha did not need much sleep, but we let Him have undisturbed rest. I also needed little sleep. I was a hyperactive child, but when Isha spoke, I became attentive and listened carefully. He knew that I was recording His words in my little brain. I, of course, unconditionally agreed with everything he said because I had not cluttered my consciousness with adult ideas.


The mornings were Isha’s time for reflection and to be with His family. Upon arising in mid-morning, He always drank pure fresh water that had been exposed to the first rays of the rising sun and charged with prayer by His Mother. This purified Him, giving Him protection and power. He then went to bathe and meditate. He and His Mother taught me to listen to the birds and to feel the love of the trees. He began the day with a meditation while listening to the birds sing to Him.

The house was situated near a pure spring. Isha taught that a house should never be too close to the source of drinking water, because the water, being receptive, would not be pristine, but would take on the thoughts and words of the people living in the house.

Much of His private teaching concerned purification, that is, methods of clearing a space in the consciousness for the entry of the Christ and adjusting the molecules of the body for this higher vibration. He taught a simple and effective procedure for all people, and this was to fast with prayer, asking for clarity while drinking very pure water, then to meditate in silence. Wait. Wait and listen in childlike simplicity and faith. The Christ will come.

Isha emphasized that drinking this blessed water was absolutely necessary for spiritual growth.14 This procedure was to be done daily, if possible, fasting through the morning, meditating and drinking this sun-treated and sun-charged pure clear water. Weekly, one day for fasting and meditation in a nature spot was a wonderful refreshment for our hungry souls.

He taught that fasting was to be undertaken with an attitude of enjoyment, to be done only if you felt it was good for you and if you liked the feeling of your mind and body after a fast. It was never to be done with an attitude of penance or punishment, because anything conducted in a negative mind-state would not produce a positive result.

12 The six-sided snowflake is infinite in its manifestation. Quartz is hexagonal, also, and the Master spoke of the relationship of water, quartz and light.

14 I believe that when Isha told the woman that he had water to drink that she knew not of, He was speaking of this charged water. Also, John 4:14 mentions this water. Incidentally, He did not teach the ceremony of Communion, drinking the blood of the sacrifice (because He never taught that He would be a sacrifice). This practice preceded Christianity and was ritual cannibalism and thoroughly pagan.

The Essenes:

Committed to the serious and important work of creating writings and translations, the Family, as the Essenes called themselves, were an elect group of disciplined scholars and mystics who had gone through years of training before coming out to this sanctuary on the Dead Sea. They had an ordered, comfortable rhythm to living; going to bed with the sun and getting up with it all year long, sleeping more in the winter and less in the summer.

They ate unleavened bread, fresh sprouts, lentils and other grains, kefir, cheeses and fruits. The brother or sister who prepared the food for the day was considered special because that person was performing one of the holiest of functions. Blessing food was not a tedious act so I didn’t have to suffer through long prayers before eating. As in every other facet of their lives, the Brothers and Sisters acted with elegant simplicity, briefly and silently charging the food with the Light of the Father from the palms of their hands. They believed that the body was light; therefore, it must be fed with light.

They placed a particular emphasis on pure clear drinking water, treating it with sunlight, words and hands. I learned from them that this pure water would be more effective if exposed to the very first rays of the rising sun and blessed at that moment by putting one or both hands palm open to the water as it was poured in the sunlight, saying, “I charge this water with the Light of the Father.??? After the water was charged, one could feel heat from it out to about six inches. At that point, the water was programmed with prayer to give healing, abundance, love, and/or spiritual evolvement.

They believed that fasting, meditating and drinking this special water would bit by bit raise the vibration, cell by cell, of the body and mind, clearing the consciousness and lifting the whole personality to a state of listening to God. This water, charged with the enormous energy of the white light of the Father, when drunk daily, fasting with reverence and faith, reversed aging, disease, and all worldly afflictions. It changed the very atoms of the body, increasing the energy of all the bodies, approximating the pure light of our being, somewhat like tuning a radio to the proper frequency.  And anyone, even the worst of us, could do this.

As at home, we bathed every day and wore immaculately clean simple white clothing. And, like Isha and His Mother, the Essenes communicated silently with each other. Everyday chores were performed as a sacrament, and no one personally owned anything, which gave all great freedom. Early morning, noon and sunset were times of prayer and meditation. The phases of the moon were observed with ceremonies and prayers, the full and new moon being the most important. Throughout all the days I heard gongs, bells and the beautiful singing of my brothers and sisters. Living with these people was magical.

They grew their food in various hidden gardens, orchards and vineyards secreted about the huge rocks on the alluvial plain below the buildings. In these places springs bubbling out of the ground watered olives, figs, nuts, grapes and other fruits. I enjoyed watching the herd of milk goats. Studious young men loudly reciting and singing sacred verses watched over those conceited pampered ladies as they wandered about the grassy slopes.

Back then, 2,000 years ago, glass was rare, so they treated the water while pouring it. After reading some of Viktor Shauberger, I'm wondering if that might be a more effective way of charging the water. However, it would take longer, that's for sure.


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The water should be stored away from concrete or metal.  Even sitting on a layer of carpet will insulate it.  Wood is a good insulater, and pieces of 2X4 (found in abundance at any construction site) work great.

I use both glass and plastic, but gradually am replacing the plastic with glass - I lost all my glass containers a year ago in a move, so had to start over.  The water gets a stronger charge in clear glass.  You could probably transport it in plastic, then store in glass (preferred).  If you leave it to sit in the sun, use only glass, of course.  I use up my charged water within about six days, so it's never stored very long.

But should it matter, though, if the sunlight is partially obscured from the treeline, smog, clouds, fog, etc.? That is, a case where some sunlight reaches the jar, but at about 50% or less of the intensity it should otherwise have? Such days are rather common here, unlike out in the desert.

It probably matters, but we live in an imperfect world and have to make the best of situations.  Do it anyway.  Hmm, I wonder if this water treatment routine has been used by spiritual groups for a long time?  Think of all the desert or high mountain places for spiritual centers.  Tee hee, maybe that's why the Mayans built their pyramids, to get a good bead on the rising sun in the jungle!

About 2 years ago I broke a 1 gallon jug just by using a copper wand to stir it in a clockwise spin. (I was a bit to 'vigorous' stirring that day. wink.gif )

In 1991, I had been (carefully) putting fairly large quartz crystals in the jugs before charging the water.  I don't really know what happened, but one day, just as I charged the water, the jug shattered with a bang!  I gave up on that project, but there's probably something to be experimented with there...

Speaking of experimentation, here's an idea: Put the water in colored glass and leave in bright sunlight for an hour or more.  Drinking this could have various effects, depending upon the color.  Many are doing research with color and sound.  Hmm, playing Gregorian Chants at the water is another idea.  Gregorian Chants use the Solfeggio Scale, banned by the Church, which is what caught my attention.

As to the blessed water never losing its charge; that didn't come from me, understand.  I don't know what to make of that statement, myself.  Obviously, if the water sits too long it's not going to taste particularly good nor be ok to use.  Maybe I didn't "get" the whole message.  Certainly, water blessed in it's wild state, say a tumbling mountain stream, will carry those charged molecules all the way to the ocean.  But stored in plastic in a house?  Different situation.  Use common sense here.

It does, however, seem to have some anti-bacterial properties, because it's a great cure-all for ailments.  I've been drinking and cooking with this water almost exclusively for the last five years or so and have not had so much as a cold.  (But I do have good genetics for that - I never saw either of my parents ever sick, and they both lived well into their nineties.) Try it on your pets too, but use different words while charging it, of course.

Keep in mind that water is receptive.  If you drink bottled water, that water has taken on everthing that it has been near.  And think of tap water running through the mains of a city!  Barf!   

Recall all the stories in the bible of traveling holy men meeting the women of the village at the well; the wells were the meeting-place and centers of gossip, but the water itself carried messages back with it to the homes.  Information probably spread through a town then faster than now with our radio, TV and internet!

Therefore, the best water you can get is pure spring water from a high mountain place.  But even tap water can be "cleared" or re-formatted in the rays of the rising sun.  Then the spoken words and hand, or hands, re-program it.

This charged water can probably be used as "Holy Water", to sprinkle about for various reasons.  I haven't a garden now, but if I did, I'd sprinkle one part with this water and leave a base sample alone, to see if there was a difference in plant growth, bugs, diseases, taste and storage life of the produce.




#3 Sat 12th Dec 2009 08:33 am

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Discussion from the Yahoo Unveiling forum at  :

Some folks are placing the water where the early sun can hit it, but blessing it later in the day.  The first rays of the sun CLEAR the water of past programming.

You ARE blessing the water when you do it later in the day, and it does have a physical effect on the matrix of the water.

HOWEVER, when you charge it USING YOUR HANDS AND VOICE IN THE RAYS OF THE RISING SUN you give it that well-known "punch" or power that many have noticed.  Also, this "sun" blessing locks in that particular programming in the water structure and no other can be received.

Some other questions came up.  They were discussing meditation, and I got the impression that they felt that I thought that Dawn Water should replace meditation or was superior to it.  NOT AT ALL!  Many of the ancient spiritual practices are tried and true and should certainly be used.

What is unique about Dawn Water is that a perfectly non-spiritually-inclined person can drink it and it will have a powerful effect on that person, no other work needed.  It seems to affect the consciousness via the cells of the body, almost a mechanical effect, very straightforward and direct.

Hmm, think of what a little Dawn Water in the water cooler or coffee at an office could do to improve the working atmosphere! big_smile



#4 Sat 12th Dec 2009 08:38 am

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June 12, 2007

You can dilute dawn water one part to six parts with uncharged water. The resulting mix won't be quite the same, but it will do the job. You can't use this mixture to create another batch; sorry, you'll have to get up with the sun. big_smile

September 14, 2007

I discovered this morning that if you use BOTH HANDS to charge the water the effect is more powerful. Also, when the full orb of the sun is visible, there's more of a "charge".



#5 Sat 12th Dec 2009 08:39 am

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You charge the water with full focus and involvement (it takes only a second or two) with NO thought of results. Being results-oriented takes your mind from NOW into the imagined future. Don't worry if you can't feel the warmth from the charged water, it's
quite subtle. Sensitivity will increase with time.

It's possible that drinking and cooking with this water, which opens the consciousness, discarding all the layers and layers of programming, may bring you detailed memories of past lives. Others doing the Dawn Water thing have reported intense re-experiences. It happened to me and what a shock! Best to already be fairly tolerant and forgiving, because it might be that what you see of yourself requires a LOT!

Many times, my past mind-set was arrogant, so I very quickly recognize that in others. In other words, if you have been a SOB, you very much understand others playing that role now. These memories are barely below normal consciousness, and, in my life at least, I've noticed many bleed-throughs; time isn't linear, so that's not surprising. About past lives: Those people (your past selves) you remember may have quite different personalities from your present one. What you're doing, I think, is connecting to a kind of high-soul that oversees  it's creations, the various personalities that were its involvement in life. Don't get hung up on these memories, because your main focus, of course, is YOU, NOW, and you, now, are not these personalities, but it's nice to have some understanding of your background.

Other suppressed abilities may begin to be noticed: Clairvoyance, perfect pitch, ability to project or bi-locate, etc. We all have many talents, but our cultural upbringing, the Matrix-Programming, has taught us that they don't exist and suppressed them. The physical senses become more acute, especially smell. Artistic, musical, mathematical talents or others may surface. In other words, you will, over time, become more authentically yourself.



#6 Sat 12th Dec 2009 08:56 am

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Water APA … water+apa#

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#7 Sat 13th Feb 2010 08:49 pm

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Dawn Water raises the frequencies of the cells of the body.

Here's some info on biophotons: … rview.aspx

Your Body Craves Biophotons

Enzymes are very important, but the primary reason for making sure you get plenty of raw food in your diet is due to what’s called ‘biophotons.’ It’s a term you may not have heard of before, but in Europe, Germany in particular, there’s significant research in this area.

Biophotons are the smallest physical units of light, which are stored in, and used by all biological organisms – including your body. Vital sun energy finds its way into your cells via the food you eat, in the form of these biophotons.

They contain important information, which controls complex vital processes in your body. The biophotons have the power to order and regulate, and, in doing so, to elevate the organism – in this case, your physical body -- to a higher oscillation or order.

This is manifested as a feeling of vitality and well-being.

Every living organism emits biophotons or low-level luminescence (light with a wavelength between 200 and 800 nanometers). It is thought that the higher the level of light energy a cell emits, the greater its vitality and the potential for the transfer of that energy to the individual which consumes it.

The more light a food is able to store, the more nutritious it is. Naturally grown fresh vegetables, for example, and sun-ripened fruits, are rich in light energy. The capacity to store biophotons is therefore a measure of the quality of your food.

Now, the DNA inside each of your body’s cells vibrates at a frequency of several billion hertz (which is unfortunately the same range at which modern cell phone communication systems also work). The vibration is created through the coil-like contraction and extension of your DNA -- which occurs several billion times per second -- and each time it contracts, it squeezes out one single biophoton; a light particle. 

All the biophotons emitted from your body communicate with each other in a highly structured light field that surrounds your body. This light field also regulates the activity of your metabolic enzymes.

For more in-depth information about how this works, I recommend you view the video clip of my interview with Dr. Klinghardt. … art-2.aspx



#8 Thu 18th Feb 2010 02:12 am

Eternally Evolving
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So I've been meaning to try this, but I am just more of a night owl than an early bird.  Would leaving the jugs out at night when I go to bed (and leaving an intention) then using the water in the morning (probably a few hours past sunrise) still be effective?  Or should I just woman up and wake up earlier?



#9 Thu 18th Feb 2010 02:14 pm

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EerieElle wrote:

So I've been meaning to try this, but I am just more of a night owl than an early bird.  Would leaving the jugs out at night when I go to bed (and leaving an intention) then using the water in the morning (probably a few hours past sunrise) still be effective?  Or should I just woman up and wake up earlier?

If you just leave the water out, waiting for the sun to hit it, you'll get nothing more than sun-treated water, similar to sun tea.  Nice, but it will not have the "punch" of Dawn Water.

Sorry, ya gotta get up with the sun.  I treat about 12 gallon-jugs at one session, so this lasts us about 10 days.

You can dilute Dawn Water six-to-one, but you can only do that once; that is, you have to have one part water treated with hands, words and intention in the rays of the just-risingsun.

AmerIndian medicine people treated water this way (pouring it, I suppose) to create medicine when they couldn't get the herbs they needed at the time.  No, I don't know what they said...  So there's something very special about the rays of the just-rising sun.  Someday, maybe we'll understand.

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I wanted to thank you for this thread long ago and mention that I've found these concepts particularly helpful to me through the last 10 days or so of being really sick, the worst part of which was eased by the basic premise of which I could remember from skimming this thread some four months ago. I lost 10 hard earned pounds, but I worked so much through my system emotionally, it was intense to say the least, and the 'thread' tying me to the physical was thinner than ever.   I had also wanted to comment on your chemtrails info because I had started speaking out about them last year or so, but hadn't noticed the dis/reappearing orbs until you mentioned it. I tried to do a post, but can't seem to post pics anymore? Anywho, a long time ago when the battle was beginning I remember hearing very clearly to hold on to the knowing theat for whatever 'evil' forces their were, you'd better believe their was an equally matched counterforce on guard, and now feels more linked to the grandmothers I read earlier here today. I've felt right on track with that for weeks.. On sidenote nightterror is no longer for me, the last few nights it's just the peace of mind of knowing that everything is exactly on track and it's simply up to me to trust my mother nature to carry my essence through the waters of her change. I sense there has been much negotiation of late and it looks like it's all right up my alley again afterall. I had personally felt like my standards had been raised significantly and I wasn't willing to accept any more suffering in the old sense of doing so, that we simply deserve better, but for tonigh, I guess I shall try to rest, trying to do ten things as always, trying to catch up to myself, much love as always.. … 2010a.html



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