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From: San Simon, AZ
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Take Out the Matrix

By Lorae Ireland

As I understand how things work, ONE (even slightly) enlightened person can have a positive effect FAR greater than thousands of others.

Therefore, it behoves us to work on ourselves, connecting and integrating "The Shadow" in order to get some kind of  hold on our False Egos which we've come to believe IS us. However, in fact, it's "The Saboteur Within".

We've been taught since childhood to repress our shadow, to hide it, not only from others but from ourselves. So, in a sense, we're walking zombies, mostly asleep and unaware, "False Egos" working to create our own demise as a species.

"The Shadow":

"The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made  conscious, it happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of  his  inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict  and be  torn into opposing halves."

That is, our False Egos are an artificially-created mechanism/reaction to the repression of "The Shadow.  Our False Egos (the result of "Matrix-Programming", what's considered sane in the context of the consensus reality), due to the cultural programming, actually CREATE and keep these lizard-critters (Illuminati, TPTB) here in our world to torment and destroy us.

The "False Ego":

Think about it, the great spiritual teachers (Jesus, Buddha, etc.) taught us to  understand that our False Egos are NOT our true selves. (Of course, the "lizards" got in there and mucked things up, of course!   - See below -  Can't blame them..)

The Shadow can be symbolized by Pluto: "Pluto/Scorpio is the subconscious, the hidden mysteries, the strong violent undercurrents of our collective and individual psyches." … hp?t=77004
The Plutonian energies/effects (or whatever you want to call them), will be affecting the United States very strongly for several years ongoing from now.

Due to the enormous power of the U.S., we as a people will either begin to see clearly and understand ourselves, or we will project our (unintegrated, unprocessed) hidden Plutonian energies out on our world, to come back in force upon us.

So we've got a choice, we can do it the easy way, or we can do it the hard way, which well might end as all the Yugas before us - all the extremely ancient great civilizations - in complete physical destruction.

Again, this little matter of becoming acquainted with ourselves, the whole enchalada, and seeing the False Ego for what it is (a COMPLETELY ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT) does NOT require a group effort. Each one of us has the capability to "Be What We Can Be", and each one of us, by making the effort to truely connect with spirit, can make a GREAT difference. 

So  we don't become completely "Enlightened", each person who attempts that leap will have a far greater effect than masses of people following some program. And we don't know how great that effect can or will be.

If nothing else, each of us should attempt to become acquainted with and to accept/acknowledge "The Shadow", which is a basic prerequisite ("grounding") for connecting to higher spiritual consciousness. (BTW, Eagle Flys is an EXCELLENT mind-therapist and can help you get in touch with your hidden self. See  )
Be aware that the lizard-critters/Illuminatti/TPTB did NOT want us to understand this, so they inserted in the religions the concept of repressing, hiding and being consciously unaware of "The Shadow". This repression  created the False Ego, which is exactly the mechanism they needed in order to exist on this plane.

The "Lizard-Critters":

My point being that whatever or whoever "they" are is a projection of our repressed "Shadow". WE have created this mess, all stemming from our own internal psychological "messes".

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Re: Take Out the Matrix

Certainly, on the mundane plane, if more of us were aware of the true situation, we couldn't be, en masse, so manipulated and abused.

On an esoteric level, these controller-beings literally need US in order to exist in this reality, and, if we were in better shape spiritually, mentally and emotionally, they simply wouldn't be here.

Again, even ONE person functioning with increased mental clarity can have an enormous positive effect. Why? Because what we're living through now is primarilary a spiritual "war", so the way to affect the outcome is to operate/function on that level. AND, it doesn't require masses of people to do this.

Therefore, each one of us has the great potential to take this whole "house of cards" edifice down. What appears to be a hopeless situation isn't that at all, we've simply to begin thinking and acting in ways outside the general programming.

"They" (illuminati, TPTB, lizard-beings, whatever you want to call them) are terrified that we will discover this simple and elegantly effective solution to our dilemma, which is to clear ourselves of the artificial construct of the False Ego.

Plain old meditation will help you begin to access your true self. In fact, many ancient tried-and-true spiritual practices (fasting, Vision-Quests, walking meditation, Right-Living, etc.) will help you get there. The information to solve our present problems has been right in front of us all along, but we, many of us, have discarded religion because of it's corruption from the original teachings, and, in that discarding, "threw out the baby with the bathwater".

Another method, other than psychological work,
(I recommend )
to achieve that mental/emotional/spiritual clarity required is to drink and cook with the "Dawn Water":
This water is simply charged/treated with words and hands for a second or two in the light of the just-rising sun. Drinking and cooking with this re-formatted water raises the frequency of all the cells of the body. The Essenes at Engedi, 2,000 years ago, practiced this modality.

"Essenes at Engedi":

Eagle Flys told me that the article on the Shadow describes somewhat what he does in his "Mind Transformation" work, see

Subconsciously, we all know exactly what's in store for us. Hence, "The Willies".



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Re: Take Out the Matrix

There are two kinds of future events:

(1) Those events that have reached the point of (almost) inevitability - that's what's got us jumpy now, (See )
(2) Those events that are probable, but might still not occur because the necessary precursors are not in place yet, i.e., we can still affect the outcome.

There are two kinds of fear:
(1) Deep down bone-chilling incapacitating fear, which appararntly serves no useful purpose
(2) "Fear" as awareness.

The second type of "fear" is NOT to be disregarded, we've used it to survive for millions of years. The trick is to be able to access that awareness without falling into the first type of "fear", maintaining a certain poised balance, maybe somewhat detached.

Theresa wrote, "Here is something that helps....
The feeling that you/we call "fear" inside our physical body.
Is the same feeling the physical body gets when increasing it's own vibrational rate.
We have only been taught to understand this feeling is fear and so we label it as such and then hold/trap the feeling down in our solar plexus.
Try something....
Try relaxing your body and moving that feeling that you call "fear" up and out of your body through the top of the head...up up out.
It is amazing what happens.
Hope this helps,

As I understand, she's talking about manipulating body energy (and "fear" is simply energy), using that energy resource to raise our consciousness.
Yep, consciousness, that's what the game is all about:



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Re: Take Out the Matrix

The Pure Compassionate Heart
By Lorae Ireland

We exist in a dream of distorted energy. Our human consciousness calls this "Reality???. It is as if we were in a hall of mirrors, and we see all around us confused muddy colors swirling about.

To keep our balance in this dizzying environment, to exist properly in this distorted energy, we can chose to be warriors, warriors with pure hearts and clear intentions. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't be aware of the distortions around us, but rather, that we perceive clearly, not being distracted by the glamours of this world.

A warrior moves in this world with (to quote Don Juan) "perfect impeccability???, which is, of course, with clear intention and a pure compassionate heart.
If the warrior slips from that state, he becomes instantly vulnerable. The greatest danger comes from our own resident demon, the False Ego. When we feel fear or self-doubt or pride, the False Ego is controlling us, and we are not Warriors of Impeccability.

To be a proper warrior, we, most importantly, must have a pure open compassionate heart, compassion so infinitely soft, so open. This is the Christ Consciousness, which has no place for any conception of the False Ego. (See )

The False Ego is not our being, and it's not big and powerful - it's small and insignificant. The False Ego seeks to destroy us and this beautiful world that we live in. The False Ego even seeks to usurp God!

The False Ego can be seen controlling our lives when we do not listen to "that Still Small Voice Within???. An example: when we respond to the teachings of the Spirit with "Oh no, that can't be. That’s preposterous.??? Or, when we tell our friend what we heard from Spirit, and when their own False Egos laugh at us, we backtrack immediately, saying, "Oh, that's just, uh, hypothetical!"

The False Ego tells us that we are not divine immortal beings, that we are, instead, IT! Oh please! How could we be so stupid as to let such a ridiculous imposter run our lives?

page 2, "From the Last Years"

We are perfect as we are, with all our imperfections. These imperfections are the doorway, or portal, for change, through which the energy of the universe will move.

So, we are indeed perfect. This doesn't mean, however, that our perfection is static. It is perfect for the simple reason that it is a vehicle for the energy of change, through the portal of imperfection!

Our imperfections are the portals for the entry of this distorted energy of the dream, our present reality. Existing in this state of perfect clarity and having a pure compassionate heart, we can function within this matrix of distorted energy that we call our world.

And that is how we can change the dream! That is how we can affect the distorted matrix that we call our reality. Through the doorway of our imperfections, we bring this distorted energy into us. We then transform and change this energy with our clear intentions and our pure compassionate hearts. This is related to breath:

From … 6&st=0
"The Second Spring Festival"

We breathe in what is, then, before the out-breath, we create what will be. The out-breath manifests that conception.
Staying in the Christ consciousness of pure compassion keeps us free of the tribulations of the False Ego. In this state of higher consciousness we never want to return to the state of ego-consciousness. 

Our senses become acute, and we can feel and see and hear new colors, new sounds and feel new sensations. In that state of heightened consciousness, we become aware of our psychic abilities long ignored - and the world becomes a magic wonderland as we experience it with the clear mind of a little child.



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Re: Take Out the Matrix

Are WE creating this present nightmare of reality as projections of our repressed "Shadow"?

The following article on the Shadow written by Rebeca Eigen was printed in the Indigo Sun in the August 1999 issue and an edited version was reprinted in Conscious Living Magazine in their Winter Issue 2000.

The Shadow Dance—Understanding Repetitive Patterns in Relationships

“The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate. That is to say, when the individual remains undivided and does not become conscious of his inner opposite, the world must perforce act out the conflict and be torn into opposing halves.???


What is it that constitutes a good relationship? Is it getting along harmoniously, being loving, truthful, honest, supportive? These are certainly virtues and ideals that we all strive for. And yet despite our most valient efforts, we continually come across problems and situations that puzzle us about our relationships.

A very interesting thing about life is that it all starts repeating at a certain point and those of us who are willing to live a reflective life, have to ask ourselves some very important questions. What is this about? Why did I attract him or her? And why is this repeating in my life?

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that who we fell in love with at 20 can be eerily the same person at 30, and even 40. We also know that the same kind of person keeps showing up as our boss, as a coworker and even as a friend, even if we decide to leave and distance ourselves from their presence.

We can continue to do that for a long time. We can leave one relationship and find another, and we can certainly leave a job, or a friendship, or even a sibling who we have decided is causing us pain. We can continue to blame others for our negative experiences, or we can muster up the courage to take a long, hard look at our own Shadow.

The Shadow

The Shadow, is a psychological term introduced by the late Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. Carl G. Jung. It is everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped and denied. These are dark rejected aspects of our being as well as light, so there is positive undeveloped potential in the Shadow that we don’t know about because anything that is unconscious, we don’t know about.

The Shadow is an archetype. And what an archetype simply means is that it is typical in consciousness for everyone. Everyone has a Shadow. This is not something that one or two people have. We all have a Shadow and a confrontation with the Shadow is essential for self awareness. We cannot learn about ourselves if we do not learn about our Shadow so therefore we are going to attract it through the mirrors of other people.

Taking Responsibility for Our Lives

The first thing we have to do in order to begin to see our Shadowsides, is to take 100% responsibility for our lives. This is a very difficult thing to do and no one does this overnight so we have to be patient with ourselves.

Being in the human experience, we have all had many painful, difficult experiences where it clearly looks like it is the other persons fault, or bad luck in life or whatever else we want to call it. So taking total responsibility for what appears to come to us is no easy task but it is well worth the effort because when we take responsibility for what happens to us, we can then learn and grow from our experiences and make new choices for ourselves.

Changing our attitude from blame to responsibility will change what happens next in our world. Our destiny is of our own making and what goes on inside of us will be reflected outside of us all the time.

I am very fond of this ancient axiom given to us by the alchemists of long ago: “As above, so below, as within, so without, so that the miracle of the one can be established.??? What it is saying is that what is within us, will also be oustide of us. Inner states of consciousness will be reflected in outer situations time and time again. If we are willing to look at the significance of these repeating patterns, we will see the syncronicity of events and situations and ultimately once integrated the miracle of the one is established as we become one with ourselves.

So What Does This Look Like in Real Life?

We have all had experiences with other people that really irritate us. Whenever we feel ourselves over-reacting emotionally to a quality or characteristic in someone else that pushes all of our buttons (and there will be a repulsive element to it), we can be sure that we are seeing a part of our own Shadow.

We will not be able to stand this other person or be around them at all. The reaction is usually extreme distaste as these characteristics or qualities that we despise or hate in others are our own and they are usually operating outside of our awareness. They are in our unconscious and usually they will be the exact opposite of what we believe to be true about ourselves.

Now a person carrying a light part of our Shadow we will be very drawn to, and may even fall in love with, and this is the ‘Gold’ part of our Shadow. So we can also project some of our very positive qualities when we meet someone we truly admire, but most of us have more trouble with the negative experiences as we encounter our Shadow. This is the psyche’s way of bringing itself into the light meaning the light of consciousness.

Projection and Denial

Projection is an unconscious psychological mechanism. We all project onto other people parts of ourselves that we disown, that we deny. We will usually not identify with the projected quality or characteristic at all. It’s them. It’s not us.

We will feel highly uncomfortable when we are around someone that is carrying a part of our Shadow. As I said before, and it bears repeating, there will often be a repulsive element to it. We will be repulsed by that person and whatever they stand for. It will feel like whoever they are is totally against our principles, moral values and ideals and we will be highly critical of their actions or way of being in the world.

So notice. Notice who comes into your life that irritates you or pushes your buttons. It’s usually something that is so unconscious within yourself, that it’s impossible to see that it’s about yourself. If it indeed is a part of your own Shadow, in time you are going to see how it’s going to start repeating in patterns.

Whatever we deem too negative to express, whatever goes against our highest ideals will be conveniently projected out into the world. Our energy is like a magnet and the unconscious is profound. It will draw to itself, itself over and over again. And generally the person receiving the projection is what analysts call ‘a good hook’ for the projection. They will be acting out that quality or characteristic themselves and usually they will be doing it to an extreme so it is easy to see that it is them doing it. But as the 12-steppers say, “if you spot it, you got it.???

Polarizing with Others

Jung believed that whatever we are highly identified with in our character, the opposite extreme will be in our unconscious. He called this the law of opposites. So unconsciously we will attract the parts of us that we actually badly need.

So notice extremes between yourself and other people, where you are polarized — one person is doing one extreme and you’re doing the other extreme. Notice how often this happens. If it happens often enough, then it is definitely something you are totally out of balance with.

Chances are that we are lopsided in our character and we need to learn how to do precisely what they are doing if we want to grow. Not to the extreme that they are doing it, but halfway. This is the answer to many of our relationship problems.

Doing Shadow work requires that both partners have to be willing to come to the middle of the polarization. It requires honest and authentic communication. Two people who trust each other enough to be vulnerable, and have a commitment to their relationship, can help each other see each others Shadow and bring about in each other a more cohesive state of integrity with the Self.

There are no accidents. Both people are attracted or repelled whatever the case may be by an unconscious collusion. There is an order in the Universe whether we can see it or not. According to Jung, the psyche is always striving for wholeness and if we can take our cues from nature we will see that wholeness is balance. As Marian Woodman, a Jungian analyst, so aptly put it: we have day time and night time. Which one of us would want no night time?

A Blind Spot

We all have ‘blind spots’ in our character as Dr. Liz Greene, PH.d., author of Relating: Living With Others on a Small Planet, points out. She says these inherent “blind spots??? in the psyche that we know absolutely nothing about are precisely what creates havoc in our relationships.

It can be really interesting when a friend points out to us something about our character, and we will say to them, “I’m not like that.??? We will resent them. We will be angry with them and we won’t want to have anything to do with them anymore because we will feel misunderstood.

So whenever you catch yourself saying “I’m not like that,??? if it gave you an emotional charge when they said it, — you probably are like that, you just don’t know it. A really good way to bring your Shadow qualities into awareness is to ask a couple of really close friends to describe you on paper. They see our Shadowside way before we do. Our real friends love all of us, the light and the dark, and accept our humanity the way we accept theirs. And isn’t acceptance what we are all looking for?

Too Good to be True

We’ve all met people who seem too sticky and gooey. They are “too nice??? and sickeningly sweet. We sense that they are somehow being fake when we are around them and we feel we never really know them. They are, as the saying goes, “too good to be true.??? These people are barricaded behind their mask or persona. They will deliberately avoid any kind of negative reaction or emotion. They refuse to be real and suffer the acceptance of their own dark side and this can be a dangerous thing. We are better off knowing about our dark side because as Jung put it “Whatever one does not live, lives against one.???

Slips of the Tongue

How many times have you said something and then said, “I didn’t mean it that way.??? Well we did mean it that way and our Shadow decided to have it’s say. The Shadow side of us relates to life much more authentically and it will come out whether we like it or not.

Repressing or denying our Shadow can lead us into experiences where we are overwhelmed by it and it can take us over. Then we can end up with egg on our face, acting in the very way we have denied or condemned in others and saying to ourselves, “Why did I act like that? I am not like that.??? Well when we say it like that — “I’m not like that,??? — we are like that, we just don’t know it.

There are many hidden and undeveloped parts in all of us and in attempting to keep our self-image intact, we will completely deny their existence. We do this because we want to be accepted by our society, by our families and our peers. Our baser qualities — our hypocritical behavior, our excessive greed, our ruthlessness, our ability to be manipulative — go straight into the unconscious. But that doesn’t mean they are not active in our life, they just live in the unconscious (unsupervised), and periodically they burst forth into our awareness and propel us into situations that we would much rather avoid.

Choices Versus Denial

So the more we know about ourselves, the more choices we have. We can then choose not to behave in a certain way. When we don’t know about something, then it will take on a compulsive, automous element to it.

These are the embarrassing moments that all of us in the metaphysical or Christian movement can attest to when we say or do something which is the opposite of what we intended to do or say. We embarrass ourselves and can feel really bad about ourselves because we are not living up to our ideals. Ideals are important and certainly have their place in our world, but not at our expense. Not when it’s not the truth about how we really feel or who we really are.

So learning about our Shadows can bring us the real peace Jesus talks about when he says “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.???

"Everyone carries a shadow, and the less it is embodied in the individual’s conscious life, the blacker and denser it is. At all counts, it forms an unconscious snag, thwarting our most well-meant intentions."                   
— Dr. Carl G. Jung

We have to be willing to see the part we play in attracting certain relationship issues into our lives. We can’t change anything we don’t know about. And we certainly can’t change other people so we must be aware of our total Self, the dark and the light, and then at the same time make choices about our own behavior.

A Life-long Process

No one does this overnight. Shadow work is a life-long retrieval process and it takes years of patient inner dialogue with oneself to understand and even admit to ourselves that Shadow work is even realistic and necessary. It’s not easy to do and takes time and energy. Not always, but most often it begins at midlife when we become determined to see the truth about ourselves after a series of painful relationships. As the Greeks inscribed at the temple of Delphi “Know thyself??? and “Nothing in excess.??? Two very wise statements.

It is impossible to truly learn about our whole Self and grow into more conscious human beings without this kind of internal self-honesty and as Robert Johnson says in the book Owning Your Own Shadow, it takes a great deal of courage.

Rebeca E. Eigen is a graphic designer, public speaker and Astrologer specializing in the 7th house (marriage) and aspects to Venus and Mars. She uses astrology, psychology and personal stories to illustrate how we create patterns in our relationships. Her workshops make this difficult concept easy to use in our everyday lives. She is also available to do individual counseling sessions based on your birth data (time, place and date). Call her to schedule an appointment.

In Houston, Texas call: 281.920.4100
or TOLL FREE: 1-888-234-7542

or email me at



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Re: Take Out the Matrix

Fall, 1991 Written for a Metaphysical Group with some “Star Performers???:     


By Lorae Ireland, an expert on the subject, 1991


As we progress upon the Path, we undertake various spiritual exercises to begin to see ourselves and to rein in our negative ego.  (This entity I prefer to call the False Ego, because it is very phony and leads us to all kinds of illusions.)  During this small glimmer of enlightenment, our False Ego begins to feel very threatened.  It, therefore, attempts to usurp the knowledge that we have gained (often precepts that we will totally repudiate twenty years later), and proceeds to lead us on a great crusade to SAVE THE WORLD!  Oh my, oh my.

In the guise of greater spiritual service to others, this rotten little false ego actually can grow in us to magnificent proportions! We have seen the light!  We (and I do mean we, because by this time the False Ego has definitely grown to the stature of a second self) have many answers.  Many.  And we know exactly where to look for the rest!

If others gently chide us for being overbearing, intolerant or just plain pushy, well, they just don't understand!  It's not us!  It's the Spirit, the Christ, the God Within, etc., that speaks!  We are mere vessels for a greater power!  Boy, is that the truth; for by now, the small, false ego has grown to a truly amazing size and power within
us.  We have become just a living container for this monster.


Now, one would hope, in a nice, well-balanced world, that all this ranting and raving would eventually lead to total isolation of the particular crazed individual carrying on so.  Unfortunately, too many weak souls are all too eager to follow anyone who professes to have all, or most of, the answers,  anything but think for themselves!  So, they attach to and follow this seemingly powerful person, and further feed his or her megalomania, often leading to the creation of whole institutions!  This just goes to show that this is an imperfect world which gives us total freedom to totally screw up!

Any organization with a top-down structure is an example of this kind of institution: most religions, governments, corporations, and all dictatorships.  We are all familiar with religions gone berserk, leading to absolutely wonderful death and destruction: the witch hunts in New England, the inquisition of the Catholic church, the crusades,
the jihad, the communism of Russia and China.  Stalin and his gulag and Hitler and his ovens are simply extreme examples of this phenomenon.  Oh, the list goes on and on.  A very tiresome, repetitive story of man's infinite stupidity.

Now, enough negativity.


Our goals in this country are freedom of speech, thought and religion. Further, there is an ecumenical movement afoot to bring all faiths together to affirm each others' dignity and right to their particular version of the spiritual path.  This is wonderful, and I totally support it.  In order for this tolerance and mutual respect to manifest, we must all practice the good conversational manners we should have been taught in kindergarten.

These conversational manners are:
1. Speaking sincerely.
2. Not speaking out of place and rudely interrupting others.
3. Listening carefully to others and attempting to empathize with
4. Above all, not hogging the conversational space and attempting to
    make converts!

* Speaking sincerely means speaking from the heart, with real meaning, rather than letting the false ego blather on and on just to feel important.

* Not speaking out of place and rudely interrupting others shows not only good manners and class, but a true attempt at affirming others at what they are and what they could become.

* I don't mean affirmation in a Sunday school phony "you are perfect  and we all are so lovely," way, but a true affirmation of the whole person, accepting their earthiness as I accept my own, with no shame or apologies for being in a physical world in a physical body, and all the lapses in behavior and thought that this perceived vulnerability leads to.   (Sex?  Oh my gosh, we don't even think of that. Or eating too much or smoking a joint or being selfish or not exercising or  drinking a beer or just being in a rotten mood.  Shocking!)

* Listening carefully to others, rather than hearing one's own counter-arguments.  (It's almost impossible to not be judgmental because judging others pushes many of our self-hateful little puritanical buttons.  So we're neurotic; at least we can try to do better.)  If they are speaking sincerely, there is often an insight, a new way of looking at things that can be learned.

* Not hogging the conversational space and attempting to influence others.  Surely, we would not attend a dinner and proceed to eat everything, leaving only scraps for the other guests.  Just so, we should not be selfish and rudely piggy about using most of the conversational space of a group for ourselves.  This shows that we have little regard or respect for others, and our little False Ego is definitely in control of us!  Often, the filibuster is a method used to completely destroy a group.

* If one has an overwhelming urge to proselytize, one might consider Mother Teresa.  She is a powerful light to many, yet influences only through the example of her life.

The American Indians had a method of letting everyone speak in council, often consisting of many different and disagreeing tribes. This was the Talking Stick.  Only the person with the Talking Stick could speak, but he could grant others conversational space while he held it.  (What they did with the tiresome ones who went on and on too long I do not know.  I, for one, refuse to subject myself, in the context of being a polite listener, to that kind of abuse.  Listening to a sincere speaker is one thing, but giving unwilling energy to another's False Ego is a totally different situation.  How about a thump on the head with the Talking Stick?  Sorry, I know that's not a nice thought!)

So, when meeting with those of diverse ideas, we should all make an extra effort to remember our conversational manners and keep a special watch out for our sneaky False Ego and its "blah, blah, blah".  I admit that I often break these common rules of conduct.  Tolerance and mutual respect may not come naturally to us, so we must practice, practice, practice.  It's time to grow up.



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Re: Take Out the Matrix

THE FALSE EGO continued

Journal, Summer of 1991:

The advent of these dark ones (the Lizards, which, apparently, are intimately connected to our egos) is a seeming mistake and disaster, which may yet destroy this earth, the Jewel of the Universe.  Surely we have learned our lessons from these sons of Lucifer, and I pray that they take their miserable selves back to the destroyed planet from whence they came.  I see them in the pyramid in the center of blazing yellow fire.  I hope I'm viewing their exit.

I have fought them millions of years ago, in other galaxies.  On this world, now in non-materiality, they are reptilian in form, much like a smaller, rather skinny Tyrannosaurus Rex.  At one time on this Earth, they inhabited that particular animal, but, having been exterminated in that physicality, for a time they hung about the ether in a slightly different frequency.

Before they were banished altogether, they discovered that they could inhabit the bodies and minds of their antagonists, the humans; but only if certain of these foolish ones asked them to enter.

Easily possessing a human body and mind if the person desires power or has envy or hatred of his fellow humans, they can thus masquerade in human form.  (This little trick is performed in complete defiance of Cosmic Law, but the lizards have never been known to respect any law; a code of behavior is completely beyond their capabilities.)  Some people have them riding on their shoulders, but others are so completely possessed that they are beginning to look reptilian, even developing beady eyes and heavy, ugly features. 

These pathetic humans can certainly be recognized by their behavior.  Many politicians and CEO's of large corporations have these characteristics.  What a sad state of affairs. 

Down through the ages, humans have been seduced by a combination of fear for survival and promises of power and riches.  The lizards try to make humans believe that they, not our Father in Heaven, are the source of all material wealth, and that they are, in fact, the controllers of our very ability to survive on this planet.  That is why they're still here, existing in illusion and lies, but in an even more deadly form than T. Rex.

We think they are evil, because what they do, we define as evil.  They, the lizards,  however, have no sense of evil because they have no souls and, therefore, do not have our immortality.  They came from a destroyed planet and want our Earth, and to that end, they are destroying it so that we will eventually die.  We can't survive on a ruined planet, but they will be quite comfortable living in a chemical wasteland.  For millions of years, and with enormous patience, the lizards have applied themselves to the objective of complete ownership of this beautiful place.

In these last days, these evil creatures, the lizards, who desire the annihilation of the human race, have, through the possession of willing humans, almost completely taken over many of the world's governments, corporations, financial institutions and almost all large organizations of great power.  (Which serves us right for setting up such pyramidal structures in the first place.  To ruin us, all they have to do is possess the top positions.  Positions of power are always a magnet for evil.)  Masters at creating fear and hatred in humans, they have the ability to possess and manipulate weak human minds, which fits their grand plan to take over our world.

"I AM here.  Listen:  You must listen until the end of your days, for God is in His Heaven and all is Holy."


"To learn to hear the trees as they speak to thee, to feel the rocks tell thee of the history of your earth.  To float as a water (sprite-molecule) down the stream, experiencing the complete joy of pure energy expressing itself in matter"

I am in matter.  It is not pleasant.  I want out.  Matter is lovely; it's very nice, but I don't feel good.  Kinesthetic body feedback is not pleasant.  What is wrong?

VIBRATION.  You are being bombarded with frequency control.  It will drive all of you to drugs or alcohol.

I ask now for your help.  Help us!  Help us!  This beautiful world feels uncomfortable.  No Joy.  Help!  I thought it was only I who felt this way--that my body-mind frequencies were out of adjustment.

NO, ALL ARE.  Frequency control very strong right now to stave off rebellion.  The authorities are clinging with violent methods and in desperation to their disappearing power.  Their time is finished.  This is an end game, and you, dear humans, are the prize.  It is well that you ask for our help, for, by cosmic law, we cannot interfere without permission.  WE ARE HERE AND WE DO LOVE THEE.  Do not despair.  Have no fear.  We are by thy side at all times.  LISTEN:  We have sent thee hawks [angels] and many other birds as a sign.  Look for signs in the skies.  Know that all is well.  The lizard is to reign no more.  He will be returned to primal matter.  We will no longer permit him to oppress humans.

What of those humans who have asked to be one with the lizards?

That is a complicated question, not given to simple answers.  All will decide their own treatment.  There is no judgment.  All are free to choose.

What of the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune?

A new civilization with completely different paradigms.

How?  Tell me.

You, yourself will create.  There are many paths of reality to follow.  We do not know which you will choose.  You are the power, the glory and the expression of the magnificence of the Creator.

Me?  Ridiculous.  I'm an idiot.

That is because of the frequency control.  We will disrupt it soon.  ASK!

I ask that all controls by the lizards be lifted from humankind now!
And God created the world by speaking.  From the void of nothingness, all was created by thought and voice.

Never in the Holy Books of any religion is Evil given credit for the ability to create.  Evil is sly, and quick to appropriate and use the creations of the Good, but Evil can only copy.  True creativity is beyond its capabilities because, in order to create, the mind must be in harmony with God's LOVE, infinite creativity, ever expanding.  Evil, by its very nature, cannot ever harmonize with God's Love.  Evil hates and abhors love.  Love destroys Evil.  Love is creativity.  Evil likes to use the fruits of creativity, but Evil can only dissipate that energy.  Evil cannot tap into it directly because pure Love destroys Evil.

Evil (and the lizard-beings) cannot create.  Evil can only destroy.  Only good can create, that is to bring into manifestation something new that has not existed before.  True creativity in humans is developed and demonstrated when a person aligns his consciousness with the higher realms of infinite knowledge.  Geniuses down through history have spoken of this alignment.  Descartes, Tessla, Mozart, to name a few, spoke of being in a mind state of receptivity for new information. To be given to them and for them to communicate that information to their fellow man.

As to a statement such as "What about the atomic bomb?  That was evil."  The existence of the physics of the atom has always been.  The men who undertook to understand this were truly creative, listening for the information available from the higher realms.  The use to which this knowledge was put is another matter.  One cannot say that the invention of the wheel was evil because it led to the use of war chariots.

The Old Testament idea of a vengeful, jealous (psychotic) God is false.  Our true Father in Heaven is the expression of pure love.  We all know and understand this.  Yahweh was an impostor-space being, and most definitely was not God!  The serpent in the Garden of Eden was a teacher who helped liberate the first Earth-people from slavery to this impostor.  The early Gnostic writings taught this, and that is why those writings were opposed and suppressed by the early Christian Church, which by then had been co-opted by the forces of the Evil One.

(Note:   Gods of Eden by Bramley, also Sitchen, The Wars of Gods and Men

As to lizards, dragons and snakes:  The Brotherhood of the Snake (Christos) is pure and good.  Lizards  have always been the evil adversaries of the Snake Brotherhood.  The dragon force of the Earth is pure electrical energy.
(I did not have a computer nor access to the internet when I wrote this.)

The early writings have been deliberately confused as to the identity of the lizard and its good opponent, the Snake. The lizards always corrupt the language so that communication becomes garbled.  They especially like to create the situation where a positive statement is twisted to their ends.  The TWIST is their specialty.  BE AWARE!

Know, also, that wherever a light-being of the Snake Brotherhood attempts to create an anchor of light on Earth, the Luciferian--again, ask yourself who benefits from the doctrine that Lucifer is an immortal light-being who is only here as a teacher--forces will be immediately drawn to that light and its energy.  They will not attempt to put it out, but rather, will use human envy, fear and desire for power to insert their human underlings in positions of control in that light anchor.  You will observe this happening over and over.

For instance, someone will establish a good institution with high aspirations and goals.  At first, only the good is attracted, increasing the light.  Because of its intensity, this light comes to the attention of the dark forces, and they proceed to descend on it en masse.  They love to ensnare humans in deceit, confusion, complexity and lies.  Therefore, for some time, this same institution will appear to be of the light and for forces of good, pulling in more human light-beings.  However, in actuality, the lizards will have already gained control behind the scenes (They flourish in secrecy and darkness), and will use the energy of the good-hearted humans to their pleasure.  Eventually, the organization becomes so corrupt that all can see.  At that time, the lizards abandon it and move on to better feeding.

They must feed off the energy of the light-beings.  They have neither light nor life of their own.  They especially have a feast in situations of suffering.  War and torture feed them greatly.  (In Hitler's death camps, the Nazi overseers watched through peepholes as people were gassed to death.)  They are not immortal, as are we, and are in a constant pressure to live by feeding off the suffering of humans.  They enjoy hatred.  You have observed lizards in human form absolutely glow from the hatred of their employees or others in their power.  DO NOT FEED THEM WITH YOUR HATE.  It makes them stronger.
Here is their credo, in the words of a demon:  "Fight, screw, rule the world" (C.S. Lewis?).  They are incapable of logical reasoning and have a hatred of all things spiritual.  They do not live life after life as you do.  They have only one life, and they behave with a complete lack of morality in that one.  Until (maybe never) they learn or desire to possess a code of ethics, they will remain soulless and mortal. 

In a sense they are quite pathetic and are masters at eliciting your sympathy.  Do not give them any credence.  Their every word is a lie!  They will torture and kill you as soon as they no longer need you.  Know this.  Do not feel sorry for them.  Be aware that when someone tries to get you to feel sorry for them, they are quite likely a lizard dragging you into their snare.  They absolutely must have your energy, because, being creatures of complete darkness and cold, they have none of their own.  Sorcerers devote much of their efforts into cording humans as "energy food" for these demonic entities.  BE AWARE!

This doesn't mean, however, that you are not to assist your human brothers and sisters on the Earth Plane.  Discrimination is needed.  In general, those who publicly plead for sympathy are not what they seem to be.  Those who suffer privately need your love and help.  Do not become hard-hearted and cruel simply because lizards are begging you for mercy.  Develop discrimination.  Always help your brother or sister in distress.  This is the highest expression of your humanity.  You know this.
All are but temporary residents on this Earth, in truth, owning nothing.  All that you are given to use is by the grace of the Earth Mother and the Heavenly Father.  DO NOT FORGET.  THIS IS IMPORTANT:  Ownership of physicality is fraudulent.

Evil is in a desperate position.  Because each demon has only one life and is not immortal, to sustain that life, Evil must feed off the energy of the Light (being pure darkness, it is devoid of energy of its own).  It is in a constant state of anxiety for existence, always looking ahead for the bit of light-energy to feed from.

Now, because this world at this time is in the sad state of apparent complete control by Evil, Evil has convinced almost all people that Evil is the source of the very existence.  In actuality, God created them and the world they live in, and God, and God only, pure Goodness and Love expressed in infinite creativity, sustains their very day to day and minute-to-minute existence.

Evil lies.  Evil always lies.  Evil is incapable of speaking Truth.  (This is true of that saboteur within us, our False Egos, also.)  In fact, Evil uses the fears and terrors of the false ego to control and use us to feed Evil.  Evil must have the energy of the Good in order to exist.  Evil can actually expand if fed the emotions of terror, hatred, jealousy and despair; therefore, Evil is constantly manipulating mankind to produce those emotions.  You cannot negotiate with lizards, because pure evil can only lie.  It wants to feed on your suffering.  It absolutely has to create this suffering in order for it to survive.  There is no possibility of reciprocity.  Know this.

Mankind now lives in the illusion of separation from its creator, God.  This separation is the function of the False Ego, which also has the goal of complete annihilation of humans.  (We do, indeed, harbor a saboteur within us.)  This is exactly the same goal of Evil.  Now, if Evil needs humans in order for it to exist, how can Evil exist without humans?

Evil is jealous of the relationship of humans to God.  Evil, being basically unintelligent, thinks that by eliminating humans, Evil can receive all of Gods love and energy now lavished on His human children.  Evil intends to use all that energy to usurp God.  Evil desires only power, but does not understand the responsibilities of power, and has no desire to ever do so.

Is the plan to destroy our souls, but retain our bodies for Evil to dwell within?  Or to possess our souls through terror, jealousy, hatred and despair?  Evil does very well as long as a Child of God lives in the illusion that Evil is all-powerful and that Evil rules the world.

What is the relationship of our false ego to Evil?  Let's compare:


FALSE EGO                          EVIL
always lies                        always lies
consumed by jealousy               consumed by jealousy
incapable of love                  incapable of love
desires power                      desires power
selfish                            selfish
incapable of giving                incapable of giving
feels inferior                     feels inferior
is fearful                         is fearful
capable of any outrage             capable of any outrage
denies God                         denies God

Therefore, our False Egos are easily used and controlled by the larger Evil that appears to exist.  Now, can this larger Evil manifest in this world other than through humans?

"Yes--unseen demons which can possess animals and matter."

Why do humans have this weakness?  Why are humans here?  What in the hell is going on?

"INITIATION.  Only until you are tired of it, then you can let it go."
I'm TIRED OF IT.  But I can't seem to let it go.  I don't like it here.  Goddammit, let me OUT!  "

Be careful what you ask for.

OK.  Not yet.  Sorry.  Strike that.

So--we must eliminate the False Ego within ourselves or we're dead ducks.  We have been led to believe that this False Ego is our very being, that it is us.  When, in fact, it is something alien with us that will destroy us.  Help!  I'm confused!

"No, you're not.  You're only beginning to think."

Did Evil insert the False Ego in us?  Or did we foolishly request it?  What?  How did something so destructive get within our very being and consciousness?  Are we humans basically flawed, but too good to throw away?  Are we only useful as slave labor in a penal colony?  Is our very flaw, the False Ego, what is used to control us?

"Now, if Evil needs humans in order for it to exist, how can Evil exist without humans?"

THAT'S THE KEY!  The answer is, it can't. 

I got an "AH HA!" when I read the "Shadow" article. Here goes:

Our repressed "Shadow-Self" projects out into our present reality. Not only that, we create the construct of "The False Ego" as a reaction to that repression. AND, both are very much related to our present predicament vis-a-vis our reptilian oppressors/controllers.

It's possible that by changing ourselves, we can become free from
this nightmare.

So it took me seventeen years to "get" this!

Ha, the False Ego not only controls us, but  CREATES the controllers!


My account of beginning (FINALLY) to deal with my False Ego, which is a creation/defense/reaction mechanism to deal with the enormous energy of the repressed "Shadow":
November 17, 2008:



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Re: Take Out the Matrix


Flippin' Primo !!! Would Be A Massive Understatement !!!

The Names, Ways And Means Might Vary

But This Speaks To The Essence Of

THE FAMILY Light … 780#p32780   #2

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Re: Take Out the Matrix

Yes, Lorae...Honor and Wisdom and Love and Gratitude to You!!!
Gotta follow through with SiriArc...I have said it on other threads but You ARE the REINFORCER of Our Light here!

Oh So Glad that You came over and joined in on Our Light Tribe Team here at Blue's Noble Dreams...and Thanks Again SW : )

You ARE Spiritually Reinforcing everything WE are doing together through this site and in Our Own Lives actively! IS Time for Us to take Our Planet AWAY from the Manipulators in Real Time Right Now!!!


We are helping Mother Earth Replenish Herself in turbo-time!

2010 IS the Catapult Year...Feel It Sooo Deeply In My Spiritual Bones!!!

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"Let Your Spirit Soar!"



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Re: Take Out the Matrix

Welcome to the forum, Lorae. If you can't tell, we're all delighted to have you here. applause

You're a force of nature. I'm still getting caught up on all your wonderful material, but this particular thread gives me a shudder (in a good way). Very synchronous for me, as the Topic of the Week seems to be the foreign installation/archons/false beliefs.

You've probably seen all this already, but many of us here enjoy the work of John Lash, a Gnostic scholar and utter genius. Here's a link to some of his work on the archons:

I have a feeling you would really resonate with his research, if you haven't already come across it.

Thank you so much for all your wisdom.

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